New Moon Magic ~ Scorpio

Vaisilisa by Ivan Bilibin

As this season shifts in splendid color taking us into our deep winter, the New Moon in Scorpio arrives on November 4th.

Imagine…you are in the forest deep…with a lighted torch lit by Baba Yaga’s Fire…what are you seeking?

Currently the tale of Baba Yaga stirs my imagination, there are a variety of stories associated with this hag, this Cosmic Crone. Sometimes horrid and awful, sometimes beneficent, her wild ways stimulate inventiveness and mystery. Achieving the impossible our compromised innocent, Vasilisa overcomes the witches’ challenges with her magical doll.

With vivid imagery , natural forces of nature, the Dawn, Day and Sunset are personified by magnificent horseman. And what tale would be a tale unless we had the naughty step mother and step sisters taunting their new sister ?

On that note, I invite you to join in a New Moon Magic Creativity Circle, where you are guided thru creative prompts and conversation to create in your art journals or Cosmic Smash Books, the tale as it relates & inspires you.

Wisdom Goddess Matrix

Do you live with a Visionary ? Would you be able to recognize the Visionary thinkers around you ? Can you trust a Visionary ? What is a Visionary Person ?

Now, what is a Creative Visionary ? These are the questions I am asking myself this morning. As an Active Dreamer, which for me is, a Lucid Vivid Dreamer, I have always, even as a child , dreamt in visions and landscapes. My visions reveal to me, inform me, and sometimes they even become real in the world.

My mom would call into my room,,, get up get up, time to wake up…I would sleepily murmur wait wait, I have to wait, I am seeing something, I have to finish …shhh, go away….

Artistically, some of that visual information finds its way to the sketch book, into poetry or story…maybe onto a canvas.

The marvel of modern times brings to global society the ability to work with 1 and 0 creating computing language which correlates to our DNA language….whew…that is some creative potential ! We now have video games, we have what Dick Tracy always used….the cell phone…apple watches….streaming tv…due to visionary thinking and then implementation, but it had to have belief and implementation to become real into form.

Well, let’s take those Visionary Impulses and place them in our Cosmic Smash Books…to connect in real time thru the senses to explore our unique symbolic language, thru the mediums of writing, crayons, and paper . To bring into the now, into embodiment. Getting a bit out of must do, must have thinking , into the flow of hmmm, I think I will tear this magazine to shreds and reassemble into a dragon, which may lead to building a fort for your sons that looks like a dragon !

Epiphanies occur in relaxed time/space

Now, imagine the constellation of Virgo…she is illuminated in our September skies. Imagine that her stars are portals to feminine imagination ….. symbolically she resides in the Western Zodiac at this time of year. Each New Moon, is in the native place of that month…ie Leo New Moon when the Sun is in Leo, Cancer New Moon when the Sun is in Cancer….then when the Full Moon rises in Leo, that Full Moon is in its opposite sign, that of Aquarius….and in Virgo, the Full Moon will be in Pisces.

Collectively we are in the great change of ages…ok, what do we do with that on a personal level ? A community level ? I don’t know…I am just asking the question…

What if, the New Moons can reveal more information to us as we journey thru these changes ? What if we approach this deep dark that come with this cycle and take it more deeply into our BodyMind ? What if we created a personal culture of inquiry and creative response thru creative practice ?

What if our creative practices influenced our family and neighborhoods , ultimately our larger countries in the most positive of ways, leading to innovation, empowerment & expression, what if we could find our best voices thru the gentle acts of artmaking ?

What if allowing the quiet of the concentrated dark revealed that perhaps darkness is tightly bundled light that will inform and come to illumination and fruition in the light of the Full Moons?

This September, I am choosing to create with the Constellation of Virgo as a portal, as a connection to the Wisdom Goddess Matrix….back to the Lion’s Gate in August…imagine that the doors opened to the Archetypal energy of the Mother Matrix…that of Isis, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene… and then now….the doors open even wider to bring more connection to the Shekinah & Sophia the Wisdom Goddess ?

What if….as this last quarter of 2021 were the best ever in terms of personal illumination, thru the journey of Shadow to Light…what if every Shadow was a Light ? What if the journey into the New Moons , in October , November, December, were to reveal to you more of your inner landscapes as seeding potentials into the future times ?


It’s been an unusually long and oddly interesting week, for me, I am happy that it is Friday ~

This Sunday , the New Moon reaveals herself thru the Lion’s Gate. I am planning a Cosmic Smash Book Evening to create in my book, creating Alchemical Visions for the future.

Hope that you can join me.

There will be more stories to share about this cultural event.


When I was young, if I can recall that far back, I think that I thought all was possible. The world was full of magical wonder, my parents were larger than life…my story as I learned later was even larger than life, for me anyway.

My Mom was pure enchantment. There are more story lines wrapped around her aura and mine, those are for another time. I recall how much she enjoyed the material world…books, books, books, dresses, fine china, good furniture. excellent design and Art.

I was about 9 years old when she got me my first calendar book which featured many masters, Picasso, Monet, Degas, Kandinsky… I wanted to be one of them…from that age. When I was even younger, she brought me all sorts of language books…I also wanted to be multi lingual….

Seated Harlequin Picasso Metropolitan Museum of Art

In school, 1967 we learned a bit about drawing, I recall collaging Veruschuka…her image had been on Life Magazine…..( mom adored magazines ) I cut the image in half and drew her in pencil on the other side…Perhaps as any curious 10 year old does…I moved on into Brownies , Girl Scouts…etc… When I tried to draw again…I couldn’t make anything look real. Every attempt was abstract and bizarre…

And the story continues, Art, Art Making, developing confidence, continuing exploration, mistake making…Art History, trying to find Women in the Arts, which now is much easier than in 1970’s….

This weekend in my Moon Wisdom group, we gathered in Circle, talked story, shared , drew animal totem cards and laughed, cried and created. In my personal creative practice, I am in a course exploring Lost Child Archetypes. I was having trouble coaxing them into presence…collage is the medium used as well… as I am the hostess of the Moon Wisdom Circle…I am present for all 6 hours of creating…this devotion builds focus as I create more pages…asked more questions…guess what, a Lost Child revealed herself…the one that enjoys water, Summer and fun even as her older self reaches for rungs on the ladder.

I discovered the quilting genius of artist Crisar Bono

Our gifts of art and wisdom inspire one another…the times are more than interesting..may your gifts be shared widely and your devotion to your passions continue.

Blue Flowers by Kendall Sarah Scott©2021

Stardust Blessings,

Touch the Heart

Each Morning I awaken with many thoughts or lyrics singing across my mind. Does this happen for you ? These past months the songs activate memories, whether long ago or the recent past. This Summer I am most grateful for the return of songbirds. A family of finches has made their home in hanging lanterns on my porch, even when the sun’s hot heat is beaming on them, they rest and pause during the afternoons. Their morning song merge with my imaginal songs as the day begins.

I discovered an abandoned birdbath in the backyard and relocated it to the front, where now the birds can play and drink more easily. My cats, Gigi & Cookie observe the birds quite closely as if they are watching tv screen. The weeping willow across the street was removed last week, it stood there so courageous in its nakedness this year, it had died during the winter…now that it is gone, I marvel that it was even there…I miss her swaying branches of sparkling leaves.

Still in shock over the massive changes that we are collectively experiencing, these simple pleasures of birdsong and memorable soundtracks bring comfort. As stepping into each day feels, well, different.

This week I am contemplating 31st Hexagram. The 31st Hexagram is called Mutual Attraction. If I usually have an idea when I start my explorations into the rabbit hole that is the I Ching/Gene Keys/Human Design archetypal world, that I “know” what I am choosing to study, I soon discover that….

No, I don’t .

If I approach with beginners mind I will find that I will be surprised.

According to Master Huang-Ching Ni: Guidance of the 31

Guidance: ” Mutual Attraction brings joyful love. One will benefit by being upright and persistent. Marriage brings good fortune” Lake is above Mountain, Mountain is the youngest son of Nature. Lake is the youngest daughter. Therefore mutual attraction of love occurs naturally. Lake represents Gentleness. Mountain represents strength and firmness” Lake’s movement is downward and Mountains is ascending. They meet in a movement of Communion, while each retains their natural characteristics” he goes on to say ” The ancient sages called this interaction “to touch the heart”

The Lines of this Hexagram resonate to our forms:

“Good Fortune will result from remaining centered”

Line One: “Attraction begins at the toes

Line Two: “Attraction reaches the calf: disturbing, Now is the time to remain calm”

Line Three: “Attraction reaches the thigh. One who is too anxious and responds quickly meets trouble”

Line Four: “Attraction reached the heart. A correct response occurs and remorse disappears.”

Line Five: “Attraction reaches the upper back. Neither response nor trouble”

Line Six: ” Attraction reached the mouth. Conversation is brought about.”

Now this journey leads me to the Gene Keys, where the Gift of the 31st Key ( Hexagram) is called Leadership, truthfully, I am not to clear on how the Mountain and the Lake meet here in the ” Key of Sounding Your Inner Truth” within exploration of this Gene Key. What I am imagining within, is that the flow of receptivity between strength and gentleness takes us to a place of ebb and flow, give and take. Human Design identifies this as a Gate, the Gate of Leading. Shall we lead with our hearts ? Shall we lead with our Minds ? How shall we balance the two ?

I began to this blog post with a title, Feminine Leadership., perhaps, it still is…”Feminine Leadership to Touch the Heart”. I enjoy exploring and contemplating Wisdom teachings across time to find, discover, rediscover my truths and to jog my thinking.

You are welcome to join me this Saturday as I visually explore these questions in my Cosmic Smash Book

Creative Contemplation on July 24th

Come to the Story Community :

Stardust Blessings,

Discovering Frida along the Creative Path

Along the Creative Path, Artists meander, linger, emulate, learn, express….stumble, discover, reveal , complete…and repeat.

This Friday Evening July 2nd, Celebrating Frida event ( Free ) and on Saturday, July 3rd, a painting workshop delivered in two sessions. You will discover that creating in two sessions activates and inspires more of the Muse !

Thru the month of July, you are invited to join me energetically and sometimes online in the discovery of iconic energies that we find along the Creative Path. This month I am following the spirited icon known as Frida Kahlo.

To prepare for the journey ~

Suggestions :

Go wild and google Frida Kahlo , find her images, photos and paintings on Pinterest too !

Over these next few days, attune yourself to your environment, to see what shows up…what synchronicities are aligned with the discovery of yourself with Frida ?

Prepare an inspirational Altar for your Creative Self and Frida.

Begin a visual and written journal dedicated to this month.

Inner Weather

I am forever surprised at how my inner weather moves. Not feeling very poetic these last few weeks, feeling , well not quite stuck, but in a calm, a quiet calm, yet, not really…an inner storm ? Occasionally. Indifference ? Sometimes. Kind of like…well, waiting for my Muse to return from Safari. Her Safari would be a visual one, a painterly one.

June has never been an easy month for me, feeling the Summer’s seasonal shift has been historically uncomfortable. Do you relate to your inner shifts with the changes within Nature too ? Is there a month that is just , different in tone and presence ?

For a few weeks this month ( until the 20th) I am exploring the element of Air as it relates to the obvious shifts in natural air flow movement as well as the metaphoric. Wind, breezes, gales….tornados….stifled air… all the while taking that Air element into conscious consideration , allowing Air to support my mental activities, noticing my stop and go patterns.

Words travel upon the Air. Over the Air Waves….planes ….now that is an idea….Planes are lifted into the Air as if by Magic. Then we get to Magic Carpets…

Something did happen…something always is happening. Someone else’s magic carpet delivered a gift, this gift was full of surprise. The surprise is requiring some integration by me, and here I am feeling abandoned by my Muse.

We Intentional Creativity devotees follow our Muses very very closely, in fact, our Muses more often than not are the ones who have taken control of our lives. However, when she goes on Safari, it takes some effort to call her back.

My favorite audible book this month is “Smoke Hole” by Dr. Martin Shaw; Smoke, another Air quality, something that become within it…very mysterious from wood to Air to ash. He narrates the most beautiful rendition of “The Handless Maiden” that I have ever heard. I wept. Several moons ago, I painted my Handless Maiden.

And like the Air that moves , swirls and plays, so do my words and thoughts. How to summon my Muse this June ?

As a creative with an intention of Devotion to Art as a Sacred Practice, I challenge myself to keep showing up. I notice the threads of many coded keys of Being tugging at my consciousness. The Shadow Keys of Inertia and Indifference , for instance…

A willingness to be awkward with my writing may call the Muse back. A willingness to continue to step into the next moment , may call her back. Even if she doesn’t return as I wish, I am still Cosmic Smash Booking today.

Here is the link if you would like to join me;

Releasing Your Genius

I am going to be Releasing My Genius onto the page, transforming my Air Shadows, honoring awkwardness.

ps: there is an evening session tonight too….Smash the Shadows….Release Your Genius ~


A big thank you to all the responses to my website this past month ! April certainly brought a lot of sweet surprises. I learned about branding, I restructured my website and am actually learning how to work Mailchimp. For each question of “how do I do that” there is a training, boy it is quite a spinning whorl to shake off once you have gone thru it.

This coming week, May 12th a special Cosmic Smash Book class is planned “Reveal Your Genius” with Value as our theme. Read more here on the class page. More events are brewing in my Cauldron of Creativity that will be announced next week. ( maybe even in a newsletter ! )

“Reveal Your Genius”

I wish you a blessed healing weekend .

With Stardust Love,


How does today’s artist have the opportunity to stretch beyond their limitations ? Take my website for instance. It began as a vanity site for me to voice my thoughts regarding my various interests, then it became an endeavor in braiding those interests into the visual world, now , as with the seasons, my site continues to refresh and reorient itself to take itself into the marketplace.

Am I the captain of my ship ?

Where does our creative self meet the page and the circle ? At home, we meet the circle of our family…(in my case, my cats) Now, that we have been home alone for a bit, many of us very much isolated, what inner circle did we meet inside the home of our Soul ? Some of us lost our jobs, our community of colleagues ( I did ) . All of us have lost friends to the end of life, or softly said “over the rainbow bridge”. I can only guess at the pressured changes for those who were outside the home, creating homelike circles within their working areas, such as our healthcare providers and all the supporting retail staff a the markets and cafes.

How do we come back from all of this under turning ? Can we give ourselves and our communities the time we need to rebalance and regenerate from the ever churning belly of change ?

I had thought that I would pour myself into artmaking, such as actually at the canvas. Instead my focus went into riding the waves of 2020 in daily surprise, resting quite a bit and exploring the next steps. I did consistently work in my watercolor journals and my comic smash books. There also seemed to be endless amounts of time and uncertainty. Seasons continued to shift , the earth continued to rotate , now I am in an active unfolding of so much dreaming that my schedule is almost out of control.

As an artists we can stretch even further to gather circles in our virtual neighborhoods. Making art doesn’t require perfectionism or judgement…getting to the page with color & crayon, moves our energy, helps the body and soul. Writing doesn’t have to be exquisite…although I do wish that I could turn a phrase like Martin Shaw !

Artwork on this page is that of Kendall Sarah Scott ©2021

Creative Changes…

Collectively we have been tightrope walking.

There I said it, we pray for change; it does come, although change seems to be guided by the hands of Nature and Folly, perhaps the Fates really do exist. I am praying for good changes. Am grieving for the difficult changes. The tightrope of duality is more than obvious these days.

So….sigh. This is what I am doing …I am creating gatherings, creating altars and prayers. Adapting better selfcare practices and reinventing my environment. I am also guiding and teaching classes which brings my heart so much joy and lightness, while also grappling with my cranky ornery side. ( as in “some hogs are just mean and ornery”)

This weeks schedule:

Thursday, April 22 ” Reveal Your Genius” Cosmic Smash Book class , this week’s theme “Gifts of Caring”

We are going to activate our “Planetary Healer”

“The 27th Gift has many insights for us. It is a profound and magical Gene Key. The most important Gift it brings is this unselfish attitude that comes from knowing the connectedness of all life. If we have the 27th Gene Key, or feel mysteriously drawn to it, then we’re fortunate. We’re a carer, a planetary healer.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways

Saturday, April 24th Gates of Taurus – Creative I Ching will begin at 11:00 am MST

Sunday, April 25th Moon Wisdom Creativity Gathering Moon Circles & Cosmic Smash Book

Gigi & Cookie, napping by the computer

I am learning so much about Social Media marketing, much has changed in technology and there is a lot of ground to cover, yet I am steady on track with my efforts. I think that my cats, Gigi and Cookie, think that the computer is another pet !

Cosmic Smash Booking is becoming quite popular ! A big shout out to its founder Catt Geller for sharing about the teachers of this fun and effective healing art form, my email list swelled and I still haven’t learned how to manage Mail Chimp !

Oh, one other note. Last night, I was, well, you know. I was scrolling on my Iphone…on Instagram there was this post…I clicked, I listened, I was captivated by this embodiment of loveliness. The voice and presence of Melody Gardot, a true instrument of Beauty.

I leave you with this charming video, listen twice…or more….

“If The Stars Were Mine”

Signed in Stardust,

Golden Keys

April days are so very beautiful, I am enjoying a sense of renewed warmth and keeping busy with creating courses ! Last Autumn a new cycle began in my world as I began to offer classes and now the Moon Wisdom / MoonCircles ™ monthly class is gaining popularity. .

Soon, I shall announce the next offering of this “Human Design – The Basics”. We journey thru the Human Design Bodygraph of the Self/Not Self, with one on one guidance, group interaction and creativity prompts.

All my work and offerings involve Intentional Creativity, from journal to canvas with a good dose of collaging in the round with JourneyCircles™ and Expressive Arts Integration including ( yes ! ) Cosmic Smashbooking. The nicest aspect of working with these approaches, is that No Experience is needed ! We simply begin where we are at.

I would like to invite you to join into an exploration around the Sacred Circle, the wheel which holds many codes.

Creative I Ching and the Nine Petal Path ~

This month: day one: Presentation day two: Merging with the Moon Wisdom Creativity Circle , time slots are scheduled for two hours .

Saturday, April 24th am MST ; we shall explore codes, symbols & stories embedded within the month of Taurus.

Play and explore with rising

Suggested Donation: $ 64.00

Sign up here:

Read more here:

Journey Circle™ story cards…

As the spring days lengthen and before we change signs. The new moon will be in Aries soon. I am contemplating this season of The Ram .

Within the Circles of Wisdom, code holders such as the I Ching, the Zodiac…and all matters of secret knowledge….there are also Mythic Codes, Story Codes…many under the guardianship of the patriarchy…which , as I understand is now gone. Yes, declare it conquered; gone.

How can that be ? Is the patriarchy really gone ? Let us imagine it so. As a speed boat leaves waters in its wake…so does the patriarchy leave a wake of reverberating patterns and stories. In years to come, let us integrate those changes tugging at the edges of our awareness venerate what needs veneration and create new sacred pathways, lay reclaim to nourishing habits and re-imagine our unfolding futures… now that is a funny phrase…re-imagine our unfolding future ?

Yes, our past often pulled into a recreation cycle creates our present, our Now…so lets ( if we are into it), lets re-imagine, reclaim, restore and renew. While I move forward, I enjoy looking I went to Ancient Greece to pull a story.

Here is a delightful rendition of Jason, Medea and the Golden Fleece.

My inquiry…what is the Golden Fleece to me ? I am not sure of my answer…just letting this percolate for a bit…if you watch the video you will see that a dragon is guarding this mystical hide…hmmm….

Signed in Stardust,


Wind, Ships, Sails, perhaps futuristic Airships too ?

How do we navigate now ? 2021 is well underway with more mystery and wonder into new ways of being.

We deepen into our personal themes of practice, whether they be sitting in stillness, reorganizing our households, establishing / continuing / expanding an inquiry or creative practice. Many of us are multi tasking, embodying several new frameworks of self expression. We will know more next year, when we reflect back as we create in the now.

I read a new piece of information this past week ( I paraphrase here and this is how I took the information in ) basically due to the way the light is measured, the dance between the Sun and the Moon happens in such a way that we see it 8 minutes after the fact…so we are seeing all time into the past… such a two step that life is, moving forward , projecting on ward, reflecting back.

Art supports a sense of visual record keeping as well as serving as a method for moving our stories, our emotions and memories. I think this allows for more “space” in our bodies ( our emotions too !) , more openness for us to breathe into.

These past months I began teaching / guiding a Living Your Design group, with inquires and discussions of what is a 9 Centered Being, what are the details, the hows and why that matters and how we integrate that awareness into our lives. Many moons ago, I called this the Path of the Nine Petals; that is how I saw it then, a lotus unfolding, the petals connected , each of us flowering into our unique ways of being.

Here is a link to our next step: The Creative I Ching ~

Monthly Moon Wisdom Creative Circle Free Cosmic Smashbooking/MoonCircles ™ gathers Sunday March 28th 3:00 to 4:30 PST

Next Moon Wisdom class link Zoom Sign Up:

A new round of The Art of Living Your Design will be posted soon, I think they will be taught in several smaller modules , please sign up for my newsletter for announcements.

Also, private one on one guidance thru your Living Your Design/ Human Design sessions are available with me, email me for more information:

New Kind of Time

Wowza ~ it has been a new kind of Time and a new kind of Different. Firstly, prayers and compassion to all going thru various shades of change. Joy/Grief vibrating in the same moments almost in the same breath.

What is the Color of Love ? Our Cosmic Smash Booking community has pulled together a Valentine’s Day Hop for this coming Sunday, February 14th, the classes are our gift to you.

Even if you don’t have a Smash Book, come join us ~ grab some paper and coloring crayons , no experience needed ~

Here is the reminder sign up link for the group.

I’ve been creating more and more in my Cosmic Smash Book, I do have some classes coming up, the technology gremlins have me in their grip, so I am delayed in announcements.

The class Art of Living Your Design has been so much fun, this first wave of Human Design based classes blending Art as Process & Cosmic Smash Booking will be ongoing.

Would you like to be kept in the loop ? Please sign up for my NewsLetter , once the gremlins release me, I will be able to create with more ease.

Until then, Signed in Stardust ~

ps, I almost forgot ! Every day I am learning how to integrate these platform of website and social media ~ I have a website just for purchasing my art. Now that I am a stay at home for a long time lady, I have a chance to focus on bringing my work out into the world…that includes my art work too…there are a lot of playful products on this site that Fine Art America produces with my original images as well as art reproductions for your walls. Also, Greeting Cards are available , will be uploading fresh images soon ( yes, once the gremlins let me ) Hopefully, my Esty store will get linked in soon. In the meantime here is


As a young girl, I tried out for the balance beam…I wasn’t good at gymnastics, however, I could walk a balance beam. Seems that it is really necessary now to activate all of our balance beam skills.

My creative practice, from housekeeping to art making , is what gives my world structure and pleasure…hmmm, perhaps I could change the order of those words…pleasure and structure. Artistic processes bring me satisfaction, however the processes usually unfold as a sacred journey of trials along a winding pathway !

A few months ago I declared a to offer a class. As is the new way in conscious creating, you build the canoe as you are floating down the river….in this case, I am floating with a black swan, my canoe seems to be out for repairs.

As I was promoting my class in Living Your Design ~ The Basics to my groups, the desire and interest to actively create in a Cosmic Smashbook became a hot topic. So, now my LYD will be with Cosmic Smashbooking: Here is the copy I wrote for the event page, when I realized that Facebook changed their event policies…and now I have to go learn all that ! Adding a paddle or two to the canoe ~

In any case, here is the course description ~

Discover your 9 Centers thru Art and Inquiry of Cosmic Smashbooking, a unique approach of Intentional Creativity and self exploration applied to the Human Design System.

Embodiment thru knowledge and applied creative experience, grounds the Body, relaxes the Mind to move into the Flow of this New Age.

Classes Begin Saturday January 23 11:00 am MST scheduled for 9 weeks with class break on the week of February 20th

Class schedule will include: Visualization, Living Your Design presentation, Art Lab after presentation with room for sharing, questions and discussion. Plan for two hours.

Class Dates:

Jan 23rd, Jan 30th, Feb 6th;Feb 13th (Feb 20 no class )Feb 27th, Mar 6th, Mar 13th, March 20th Final Class.

Your journey into Human Design can be approached in a few ways. You can follow a straight path or meander. Whichever road you take, a wise navigator learns to read their map. Learning your Openness and where your conditioning is influenced reveals the legend to your Map.

We shall be working with the traditional IHDS LYD course .

No Art experience needed, I shall be guiding our group thru the process, step by step.

Click this link to register for the class via Paypal ~ Zoom links will be provided the week of the class.

Special Pricing for our time $ 150. (Course Price regularly $ 350 )

This is  9 week journey thru the Bodygraph of Human Design System, interactive with journaling processes for supportive integration.

We shall celebrate the Rave New Year in a free call on January 21st 11:00 am MST

This link it to the FREE Call, were we will hangout & introduce ourselves.

Payment plans available, please inquire.

email :

Classes Begin Saturday January 23 11:00 am MST scheduled for 9 weeks with class break on the week of Febru

She Would Become

She would stumble, trip and fall
that is how she would learn to walk a new path
She would scribble and scrawl

mix her words, make up new grammar,

even learn a little syntax;

one day… she would learn to write, to paint, to soar with the Muse
She would throw paint….finger paint….

scribble again and again;

one day She
would claim her Creative Self

         courageous, outrageous,stubborn

                   She would become
more of herself with each day, with each step, each scuffle,

brushstroke and mark


Contemplating the blanket of early morning snow as dawn kisses our southwest high desert mountains, it feels like this will be a long white winter. I often imagine my posts before I write them, waiting for inspiration to find me, which means sometimes that could be months or even years. Yet today, I feel an extension of Thanksgiving prayers, gratitude, and reflection.

This morning began with a good hot cup of coffee and reading Martin Shaw stories…which led to ordering a book…which led to being on Facebook…it is not even 7:00 am !

Yesterday, I moved bookcases into one room, shifting how I’m going to enter 2021 in my physical space, which we know is a shift from within the bodymind…rearranging furniture…a bit more clearing of clutter and poof, into the new days. Books represent history and friends for me, each holding memories, stories, knowledge. The day was spent in slow motion rediscovery with winter promises of deep time reading.

Let’s loop back to what was revealed to me so quickly this morning…and I shall add some links here for you too…

Heart wrenching article of 17th Century female artist Artemisia Gentileschi …..


Touching beauty of Andrea Bocelli…

Rhythmic prayer song of Ashana…

To end this post, my prayers to each of you , thank you for reading my blogs and signing up too along the way. Extended prayers for those in grief and loss, may our memories bring us succor and time bring us ease.

You are invited to join a creative Moon Wisdom circle this Sunday. It is a free event, the details are in the invitation link.

Onward ~


Come to the Story

Storytelling, one of our oldest cultural forms for wisdom sharing and adventuring ~

My world revolves around story, I often don’t see it that way, yet over time it occurs that it does. I enjoy Archetypal Stories, Myths, Fairytales, Tales of Truth & Dare. I get wound up in my own whorl of story, my fears and dreams reveal themselves thru art and archetype.

Somehow, in the spin of the tale of what is possible, I believe ( maybe naively ) that we create our reality….this may or may not be true. One question I ask myself , what if ?

What if , once upon a time, this were true ? What if in a world that once was and always will be, this happened ? What if in a land that everyone lived in, but no one was there, a visitor arrived to discover …

Il etait une fois….once upon a time….

Once upon a time, I met a person who would become a teacher who would connect me to another teacher who would connect me to another…and another…thus creating a chain of story wisdom. This chain attached to a boulder at the cave of possibility once pulled opened into a chasm wonder as wide as the Grand Canyon, a chasm of possibilities.

Equal to the chasm, Celestial realms opened above, reinforcing the term ” As above, so below” the magical phrase that opens as a key to all that is within and that is without.

My world became dappled with light as tho the sun were shining thru a stained glass window, an array of light rainbows sparkling from a 1000 sided Crystal Prism.

This is the world of Human Design & The Gene Keys as I experience it. A world of Codes, Maps , Archetypes, Symbols, Guidelines, Mystery….and some of it may even be True. The Founder of The Human Design system qualified the teachings as an Experiment, he qualified the system as being Mechanical. ” Don’t take my word for it” he would often say, suggesting… Go and discover for yourself.

After 17 years of exploration, I am still on the trail.

To be continued ~~~

Honoring & Silver Linings


To begin, I extend my prayers to all, wishing ease & grace with the variety & various  wavelengths of circumstances that you may be finding yourself in ~ the list of unfortunate circumstances is long, yet I sense that the list of silver linings is growing too.

I want to introduce your to my friend and fellow Intentional Creativity Teacher, Ellison James.  She and I had a conversation last month and as we were sharing our paths and visions, a new vision emerged. ( that is often the case with creatives !) .  Ellison is joining my website as an contributor with her gifts.  As the next year comes, I hope to have more contributors with their unique points of view and offerings.   My new website is almost ready for launch, but I want to get this announcement out to you today.  

Ellison is a talented and remarkable Wisdom Guide offering us her insight and guidance of the changes for this point on the Wheel.   She is experienced in the Sacred Ways of the Medicine Wheel and is going to lead us in this Season’s Circle of Honoring.

The Event is Free, our gift to you ~



The Circle access opens at 5:45 pm PST we shall begin at 6:00 PM PST

Register here :

Bring pencil and paper and if you have craft/ journaling supplies available, bring those too, as we always love to dip into a bit of active intuitive intentional creativity.

If you have issues with the link; questions or would like to join the mailing list, please email me at


Last night we lost our National Treasure, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  In her honor, thank you for the gifts that you gave our country, that you gave to each of us.

image courtesy of Getty Images



These shifts and events are happening so quickly that we hardly have time to pause and integrate.  We may be witnessing our community in any variety of disaster or we are holding steady. Holding steady takes work, responding to an overwhelming shift in circumstances takes work. Whatever side of the situation we find ourselves in, we are together, holding prayers, activating healing, grieving.   Sacred Time is your ally as the hours pass.  I will say that again, Sacred Time is your ally , your supporter, as the hours pass.  

Once again, here is the Zoom link to register: Monday Night

In the meantime, we move on at a pace we cannot quite comprehend . I hope that you can take time for a cup of tea, for a sacred pause.




Event 7/23/2020

SiStars, you are invited to Join Kendall Sarah Scott and the Red Thread Creatives for a virtual Red Thread Circle** and creative class entitled, ” Nest of Love; Your Place in the Garden”.

1:00 pm PST
** Contact me on Facebook for the Zoom link

We find ourselves Nesting this year, a bit more than usual. Art accesses the energy within our hearts, we shall honor our symbolic Nest today as we identity our place in the garden of our heart. How we nest, express our cozy comfort and even take flight from the nest and back again.

This class offers you an opportunity, with color, form and symbol, to creatively imagine thru your own unique expression. Tips on collaging with paint (acrylic, water color, or pastels) will be offered, along with ideas of how you can delve into the depths of your magical imagination.

Bring your Tea and snacks, red thread or ribbon, and join us virtually for this creative fun & sisterhood. (No charge for this event!)

Supplies: surface to paint on (watercolor paper, canvas paper or journal page), paint (acrylic, watercolor, watercolor crayons, pastels.. you choose!), and magazine pictures, old photos, rice paper, ribbon … stuff that you love! You will also need brushes, glue, scissors, spray bottle, towels and water container, a stapler too !

Invite your friends!
(No “experience” or “talent” necessary – really!!)

**In Red Thread Circles, we come together and interweave the common threads of our stories. Circles are held around the world, and are for women who wish to gather with others as we share stories and a simple creative project which holds the energy of our visions for ourselves and the future.

** Contact me on Facebook for the Zoom link

Artist & Garden

Imagine that each flower in your garden is a potential project…unique yet a part of the flower bed.  As the garden is tended, one area weeded, another area becomes the more  pressing need.

These past several days, my computer became my garden in need of weeding and tending.  In order to more effectively create my blog post, the new website & course materials,  organization was called for, that and back up systems too !

As with large garden beds, the email account, hiding under some shade, needed clearing out as well.  I discovered that I had been unaware in a pin pointed way of seeing just how many emails the marketing machine generates.  It is unbelievable.

Now I know why I have so many, I just ignore them; thinking, oh, I’ll get back here, but I don’t and then three or four years pass leaving 20000 ( yes ) in my email account.  I have my favorite saves and favorite blogs.  I love a library,  from hardbound books, to kindle to even emails.  Saturday was spent reminiscing over a variety of emails.  I have a romantic soul….oh no…to delete or archive…but you need space….etc etc.

Do some of you remember when we had pen pals ?  Long before home computers, we had mail.  My delight with mail was collecting foreign stamps and pen pals from far away places…   over the summer vacation, friends who had gone off to Europe would send postcards…or even call !  Oh my , so exciting to get an overseas call, so romantic !

Well, the weekend experience led me to thinking about this 31 Day Blog challenge…it is a lot of mail.   Although I am not leaving the challenge , I am relaxing the delivery….the idea of the challenge is to get attention, that attention is to have you read my blog  and then in the current of the times…eventually I would invite you to a class or one of my Zoom calls. some free offerings some paid events.

I have spent the last few months re-inventing my lifestyle. Now that I work and live at home full time. I signed up with a Kajabi site and just had the best support call ever in creating the landing pages and getting them onto Facebook and in other places.

I belong to a terrific Art Community that has several handles….Cosmic Cowgirls ~ as created my Shiloh Sophia McCloud.  I have belonged for a…hmmm ( everything now is a really long time ) In any case, the pace of time and art  has moved along.  We have a wonderful community called The Red Thread Cafe ( Classroom ) we meet up on  Facebook to share our art and stories as we engage with Intentional Creativity.

( read about the Legend of the Red Thread here )

We also have a Red Thread Tribe , I will be leading the circle on July 23rd more details to come, and if you sign up for my newsletter you will get an announcement direct to your inbox.

Hence my work on my website and pages to get all these announcements together so that we can create and play in all areas of the garden of creativity !

More to follow in the days to come ~ I wish you ease as you begin your week, good health and to some , blessed recovery.   Step by step, that is how we will build our new future.   

Spirals, Circles & Squares

Under “stay at home ” , I am at home.  As we know,  there are many many details that make a home.   Now many of us have home offices; our family members now have work/schools spaces ; creatives also make their art spaces sometimes carving space out of no where .  We call these spaces our Studio (someday I will have a 1000 sq foot studio maybe even more ! )  With some surprise arranging,   I re-imagined my workroom and created several  art making surfaces.  I ordered a firm table ,currently I use card tables,  the table should arrive next week , then I can film some demos for the blog.

I have two cats, Cookie and Gigi; well, Cookie found my cleared space just perfect for her lounging !  There is an invisible vortex phenomena.  The space is clear, all is in order and in a blink of an eye, there is chaos..

Yesterday, the morning revealed a spark of inspiration, happily I got to my work table;photographed images and went to the computer to document my collage.

Which led me to a spiral experience, first I had to unwind the files….clear out to make space on the computer…I tripped into ancestry files, cleared and organized those, then on to the image files to back up the system this weekend.  Before you know it, Gmail sent me a notice that my storage was full and please clear those files.

I was working in circles.  I have noticed that if I don’t fight it , I find a flow .  I didn’t get the collage made, but it might get done during this post.  If I relax from working in a straight line, allowing myself to move from what is arising, then circle back , holding the vision, while surrendering to response in the now, I do get somewhere, even tho there are linear mini steps along the way.   This is like scribble art,   allowing the pencil to move direction with a non destination destination.  You know it when you get there.  You step into the unknown , something magical happens. Quantum Alchemy , where you have created space to express; to achieve, to just be and then you just know what you may not have known before. You have entered the Pause, the Wave, the Flow.

I work in several collage styles to work with Expressive Arts, one of them is with Journey Circles™, another is in a Cosmic Smashbooking.  I keep many many visual journals, processing my dreams and feelings thru visual expression.

Working with image is a uniquely individual experience, we can create our own fresh, or use magazine or digital images. I keep a good printer to replicate images for collage, as magazines aren’t always accessible.

Creating anytime can be nourishing. Creating thru Covid Time, may be a way to keep record of the experience. 

Child of the Universe

The simple fact is that the world energies are immensely challenging.

The messages of the days are not always upbeat and cheery, that just isn’t real.


There is a continuum of expression within our Being.

My vocation is that of Depth Work.

Thru excavating  depths within, I find my Light and Radiance. Deep Diving.

Active participation with the mysterious Wheels of Life.

There is a popular notion that we are to become Embodied …what does that even mean ? Embodied into what ?  Release the Light within ?  Claim the Divine ?

This is where Art and Image come to Dance with Wisdom Codes.

Wisdom Codes around the Wheel of Life  unlock contemplative inner quests of Magic and Mystery.

Now , if I had all my IT  ( internet technologies ) together, I would link like mad to other resources.  This current website process is an Emergent One.  Just like our environment, our current world circumstances, they are Emergent, Quantum….Mysterious.   As the step is taken the stair appears.

We become Story Catchers.

We become Creative Cartographers with a Legacy.

                                                                                 This Summer, my world will become , as will yours.

Gene Keys Mandala

As we move into questioning and contemplating these notions  by embracing playfulness , a spark of embodied consciousness might reveal itself, I think this is called, Self Awareness.  Our evolution of Self and Other.

Some mornings I awaken with certain poetic memories floating thru my mind.  This one came the other morning.  I truly longed to hear it.  Today, I share it with you. It is at the end of the post.

I listened to this; became very sad.   Grief comes and goes.  Important to acknowledge one’s tears and pain within the HeartSelf.  I will go paint my tender grief today, and it will become expressed.  Expressive Art making supports moving energy thru and out of the body, embracing the flow of the moment to arrive to an expressed balance place.

And if that stirred me then this poetic video that is at the beginning of my postcame forth, and I really began to cry.  I am reminded of all those whom I have loved and continue to adore.  Tender , tender tender memories.  So, I will mark make on my canvas with my tear water, and paint my prayers into the canvas.  Prayers and memories.  Joys and wounds will make their way into a work called “Artifact”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This is the poem which tugged at me this morning….what is tugging your Imagination ?  Your Heart ?

Creativity isn’t a step by step process.  It is emergent, messy, touching….inspiring.

Creativity Spirals, like Feminine Time.  Deep Spirals , calling forth more for the journey within and without.

   Stardust Blessing,



I enjoy tracking my inspirations and signs from the natural world. For instance, I am kaleidoscope inspired , especially attracted to the vibrant purple in yesterday’s image…this led to organizing my watercolor paints to find which purples that I have on hand.

Today tho, the color search led to fruit…blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.  When blended together with Bing Cherry yogurt, they make a very colorful delicious smoothie.

Kendall’s Art Smoothie

Heaping serving spoon of Bing Cherry yogurt

Handful of frozen wild main blueberries

Handful of mixed frozen strawberries & raspberries

One small banana

Ground flax seed

Blend til smooth & enjoy !



My visual theme for July is Kaleidoscope.  Do you recall having one as a child ?

Mesmerizing and magical, the kaleidoscope provides visual surprises, perhaps inspiring Mandala making with vibrant paints or paper play.

Coined by its Scottish inventor David Brewster, “kaleidoscope” is derived from the Ancient Greek word καλός (kalos), “beautiful, beauty”, εἶδος (eidos), “that which is seen: form, shape” and σκοπέω (skopeō), “to look to, to examine”, hence “observation of beautiful forms.” (Source Wikipedia )”Kaleidoscope by William Leigh, sold at London Christie's in 2000 ...

Today’s post, short and visually vibrant…..Sunday is my day to ponder and fuss, not to think so much.  The winds have picked up with a surprising strong breeze, a good afternoon rain will come…perhaps I will be fussing with my water color paints to find the purple that is in this image below ;  or I may print this image and create a collage …. What creative endeavor will you be inspired to express today ?

Discovering Treasures

The Wisdom Goddess Sophia  resides deep within the Archetypal Heart of our History, as She came before the before.

For I am knowledge and ignorance.
I am shame and boldness.
I am shameless; I am ashamed.
I am strength and I am fear.
I am war and peace.

The Thunder, Perfect Mind [1]

An excerpt above from the poem , Thunder Perfect Mind ( written before the before ) from the Gnostic manuscripts of the Nag Hammadi  discovered  in  1945 near the Upper Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi … The buried manuscripts date from the 3rd and 4th centuries.

The Wisdom Goddess is speaking to me today on raindrop waves that have left the sweet scent of water to earth & trees that only rains can activate.   This special time , this Covid Time,  has touched us all with Change.

Within this initiation  which we are individually experiencing collectively, our world is shifting in front of our eyes…not from behind closed doors.  From home life to  work life, from village to city, from county to state to country the great change has arrived and will be here for some time.      Tomorrow the 4th of July will find us reflecting and celebrating, or not, in many different ways.   My heartfelt condolences goes out to those who have lost loved ones and those who are suffering, as this is also a time of deep grieving.

I am entering into a phase of sharing more of my work in the world. For many years I have been collecting , researching, training,  learning & now integrating Knowledge with Wisdom, plus I have been cultivating an active Creative Practice.  This takes work !

With our extended “Nesting in Place”  surrounded by my books and papers. I am learning the back office  of Zoom while creating my teaching site on the Kajabi platform, I am taking my own dare to devotion more seriously.

Having rediscovered my extensive library of Human Design Courses . Once I get my calendar set, I will begin with a free class of Living Your Design .  This complementary series will be : Introduction to Bodygraph Basics, the Centers & Types.

The Gene Keys Golden Path integrates with Human Design; both systems illuminating  the path of self knowledge to Wisdom. The Divine Feminine; Stargate Alchemist  lives within these teachings.

Thru various creative processes we shall travel the fractal lines of archetypal mystery  to reveal to ourselves treasures that lie within.

We will begin however, with a bit of conversation over a cup of tea.


Get your Free Human Design Chart:

Get your Free Gene Keys Chart :

If you would like coaching /guidance or a reading:  email me directly at  , prices are at a sliding scale, please mention that you read my blog post.



The Thunder, Perfect Mind [1]

Welcome , July !

Welcome July !

I have joined the Paul Taubman’s Ulimate Blog Challenge for the month of July.  I shall strive to post each day, although , I was sidetracked yesterday with all the construction noise in my neighborhood.  Despite Covid 19, a new development is underway up the hill from my place and backhoe’s were busy opening up waterlines close to my backyard the thrum of the machinery shook the the area for hours, then the boom of night time firecrakers topped off the evening.  Today is more relaxing with just the hum of road traffic and the occasional birds chirping. The clouds are moving across the Mesas , I do hope that they bring rain.

Actually, I chose my theme for the month over this past weekend, I will reveal it in a day or two.  Today I will write post two blogs to catch up into the blog challenge ~ and offer you inqueries for your journaling practice and contemplation,  we shall begin with the word, Devotion , it resonates with the 29th Gene Key , which holds the Gift of Commitment and in its highest expression emanates Devotion.  Of course there is that Shadow piece, HalfHeartedness; as the pendulum swings from Shadow to Light, remember, every Shadow holds a Gift.

Inquiries: How do I transform my Half-Heartedness into Commitment ?   How do I experience Devotion ? What am I Devoted to ?

My initial inquiry into Devotion reveals that I am steadily drawn into the realms of History and Mystery which then takes me down many rabbit holes of exploration.  Covid Time has redefined how I spend my days, as I am sure it has affected so many of us in reorienting our time and focus.


2020 Summer Soltice

New Portals opened these past few days.  Keeping up with the rapid pace of change finds me moving in Time my own way. I am simply unable to race with the changes.

There actually is no competition with Time, even tho it may seem so.

Many years have been spent contemplating my Human Design , I contemplate this knowledge with the Gene Keys wisdom, always working the weave of insights which are more pertinent in the Now.  Well, as close as I can get.

Waiting.  Yes, the insight to the concept of waiting.  Meditation can take you so far on the waiting game as you watch and wait for your next inhale or images from monkey mind to cloud your thinking as you sit, watch and wait.     Human Design has Profile, each Profile has its strategy and authority, the majority of us are Generators, we are designed to respond….and in that learning , we also can attune to the the Waiting , our response waits to be felt in our being , our body, deep within the belly.

Feminine Time,  yin energy, Goddess of the Pause. She allows spaciousness to enter this compressed world of yang , go go go….Covid Time…..we enter into a stop gap, an opportunity for Pause.  Reconfiguration time, as national shadows are turned, just as the ocean turns the deep to the surface.  We learn, struggle, suffer.  We all are suffering the great shift in our year of 2020,  with the gains of more possible applied wisdom strategies for a more fair tomorrow.

Ok, I wasn’t going to write all that. I just wanted to mention that I wanted to note that we crossed a threshold.   I am going to draw a medicine wheel ( in my new journal )  to mark make, so that I remember.  And this post is a mark, to remember.   Link posted below to listen to Richard Rudd’s Solstice Meditation to also note the mark.

There is more to come, a teaching site, a guided Living Your Design course, so you can access Human Design basics.  Guided Creative Cartography videos in the making….and a bit more.

Stay safe, take care, onward…..






Creative Cartography ™

What is Creative Cartography™?

As story arises as if out of the ethers, so does your creative expression resulting in your Creative Cartography™ practice.

During this renaissance of transformational times, we are becoming more collectively aware of the story within our genetic codes, our Bones Stories, thru various archetypal and ancient wisdom teachings our underlying stories are waiting to be told.

Sometimes they are obvious, on the surface, sometimes they are deeper.  Even when we have been working on ourselves for many years, finding ourselves (now ) at the chopping wood carry water state of being and service.

We often think, I‘ve done it all….yet, life has a way of being a mystery and within that mystery are deeper layers and ways of knowing.

This is where Creative Cartography ™ weaves a blend of Art, Science & Transformational Wisdom Teaching into a tapestry, your tapestry of the mysterious wonders with the Body/Mind connection with the Divine ~ For you to discover your Living Mythologies. You are a living myth full of Archetypal stories, your Anatomy holds the keys and clues , and will reveal more of your Story Path.

Story Prescription™ founder Melanie Weller and I have teamed up to present Finding your Sacred Voice, the first in our series of Sacred Anatomy/Sacred Story offerings.

 The curious thing is , only you hold the secret treasures of your Sacred Voice yet yours is a vital voice in the chorus of Humanity.

Please join us for three weeks of Creative Exploration  of Finding your Sacred Voice   Begins on April 29th.

Click here to link to the sign up page.


Sacred Beauty

I spoke in the past of creating an area of Sacred Space in your home. This sacred place amplifies the sacred nature of your heart. This lovely video supports a sense of an altar which I can hear…. not only is it visually exquisite , the music touches  my emotional self during this unprecedented collective change.

As we discover new ways to flow with the great shift whilst in  the great pause , we will more than likely stumble & trip over parts of our Self.  May you find solace and peace in the rocky spaces as the days unfold.

Finding Your Sacred Voice

Cisterns of Creativity and Innovation

Finding Your Sacred Voice

A free training in Conscious Creativity

with Medical Visionary, Melanie Weller  and  Artist , Kendall Sarah Scott

Thursday 23 April, 2020

3:00 PM EDT    2:00 PM CDT    1:00 PM MDT   12:00 PM PDT    17:00 GMT

Map yourself into your Zone of Genius

We all have a physical expression of our internal navigation – and an internal expression of our physical navigation.

What if you discovered a new way to approach your territory ?

Do you know how your navigation system lights up ?

How to read  your internal maps ?

What if you had a map revealing the potentials awaiting your discovery ?

What would your life be like if you discovered more enchantment, joy, self-acceptance, laughter and ease ?

Do you desire more conscious depth in your creativity or mind-body practice ?

Join us as we demonstrate how to use Story Prescription and Creative Cartography as navigation tools during these changing times. Click Link to sign up for our complimentary offering.

Finding Your Sacred Voice

Rave New Year Begins ~

Each year with the seasonal rotation of the wheel of life, we find ourselves marking experience with a variety of New Year celebrations.  When the Sun find itself in the realm of the 41st Gate, we are in the field energy of the start codon of the 41st Gate.

The Gene Key which holds the Gift of Anticipation.

As ever, I anticipate wonderful unfolding dreams, for the Winter season beckons my dreaming self . Ever surprised by shape and color, these past months have found me creating in a variety of blues.  My Dreaming Muse  is  still  in  the  realm of  imaginal  landscapes,  slowly  easing  her way to  coming  Spring.

Collectively , we shall be in this Emanation field for about 5 days.  With all the transformational energies pulsating in Capricorn, it will be interesting to watch what unfolds in our personal and collective worlds !




“Fundamentally, when the Sun enters the 41st Gate (around January 22), this signals the beginning of the Rave New Year. That 41st Gate is quite extraordinary. In its relationship to genetics, it is the only initiating codon. If you think about genetics as being written out as an alphabet, the very beginning of any genetic sentence, in fact every genetic sentence, would begin with the 41st Gate. It starts everything.

When you look at the 41st Gate within the BodyGraph, you see the essential purpose inherent in it. The 41 to the 30, this Channel of Recognition that leads into the 35-36, the Channel of Transitoriness, these two Channels form a stream called the Human Experiential Way. Every January, as the Sun enters the 41st Gate, we initiate a new human experiential cycle on this plane.”

2020 Journey into Sacred Story

Deep Dive into Genius

Welcome in 2020 ~ beginning with a bit of slow down dreaming; resting and art making.  Come to the Story has been my holding place  for integrating imagery, myth, metaphor and Inner Journey discoveries ; 2019 unfolded as my own heroine’s journey into a healing into wholeness story as I discovered hidden ancestors and unknown histories.

Now what ?

As you read this you may be asking what is the Gene Keys ?  Follow this link

This year, the Gene Keys will be hosting a deep dive into the Activation Sequence.   

The Activation Sequence is like establishing your StarGate Journey Coordinates, yes, I am flinging far out into the universe with this, as I enjoy tracking StarGate Activations while also walking the grounded earth.   

My Venus Gift is in the 44th Gene Key, with the Gift of Teamwork. I approach blending disciplines into my art making as much as I enjoy studying the stars.   As I attend this new 2020 Deep Dive, I will be holding 4  Creative Sessions via Zoom where we will visually weave the stories that rise up within the Activation Sequence.  

Please sign up for my newsletter if you are interested or join my Come to the Story FB page, you can private message me there;  these Activation Sequence creative sessions will be free and limited ; the times and date to be announced; Ideally you will be in the course with us to ride the transmission with Gene Keys author Richard Rudd. 

You can use any creative supplies, start harvesting images and poem, establish a sacred creative space for your contemplation and Creative Activations.  Top items, Glue stick, magazines, cardboard paper for making rounds, or gather cake rounds, pizza rounds. Ideally, obtain a Journey Circles Kit.  We begin at the end of January, so you have plenty of time to plan.  A private FB Group has been established called Journey Wisdom. 

In Art as Process, which is a term used Inner Journey  “work” ~ I use a product called JourneyCircles ™  A custom kit for this specific journey will soon be available .  

 There is no affiliate connection to the Journey Path Institute.  As a Certified Creative Depth Coach and JourneyCircles™ Facilitator, my work involves this process,                                                         which over time has proven to be insightful and encouraging. 

 My work also involves creating an altered books ~ in my case creating a Cosmic Smashbook which becomes home to my thoughts, processes and journey circles. My goal is to make a several sets of videos so that you too can follow along to create your own unique Smashbook ; which would be handy as you might enjoy following this 2020 Journey into Sacred Story; which will unfold mysteriously on its own terms.

If you are interested in Intentional Creativity, and painting your Activation Sequence and your Muse of Genius, please stay tuned for future announcements.

You will see a link to the Gene Keys Deep Dive , this is my affiliate link. I invite you to join the community in this Activation Sequence experience.  I have been Gene Keys deep diving since our first official community 2009 where I has the honor of being one of the original Gene Keys Guides . Now, 2020, time to step into more mystery!   Wishing you each a Blessed New Year ~


Questions ?  Email


Healing with Art



Here is a little movie of one of my paintings using a blend of intentional creativity and the creative depth coaching process




There it is, the page.

There it is, in front of you, the page.

Empty, Waiting….sshhhhh, whisper softly…the page awaits…

A blank page can be overwhelming in its potential…shall you write, draw, paint or walk a way  ? Today’s topic began one way, in a blink it became about trees.  Creativity often works that way…you may think it will be one way but the variables start to dance about and presto, another way presents itself.


Imagine the nature of trees as they give so much to us as environmental friends and symbolic allies. The breath of life flows thru them from root to tippy top branch. How are you honoring your inner tree ?   Do you live where there are trees or parks ?  Have you touched the bark of a tree lately ? Visited a tree farm ? Watch how a backhoe digs a very wide and deep hole in the earth to plant a tree ?  Maybe you have observed trees over time, from sapling to maturity ?

As the trees are transforming into the spectrum of colors this season,  how are you connecting to the change of seasons within you ?  Your leaves may also be changing colors and shedding,  what are you noticing this season ?


Mini-Journal prompt:  Tools: Pencil or charcoal and paper or any creative tool that calls to you….. Take the paper outside to a tree place it on the bark…rub the lead of the pencil/charcoal over the bark…notice the patterns that are left… in your journal either trace or re-draw the bark, do the first on slowly…like really really slowly….then increase the speed of your drawing….attend with your observable awareness your fingers, the pencil/paper and bark designs….

Observe your awareness as you participate in this process, notice what you are feeling or seeing that rises up in your imagination….either write your observation or just write one word which has come into your mind.




the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

synonyms: dedicationdevotionallegianceloyaltyfaithfulnessfidelity

“her commitment to her students”
an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.
“business commitments”
synonyms: responsibilityobligationdutytieliabilityMore

This morning I was pondering Commitment, I was also pondering Human Design  (which which is a system deeply based in choice. There are 5 Body Types in the system… ( basically 4, but there is a 5th much debated about). Each Type has a way that they can respond  and/or accept ( or not ) an action step or direction that carries them on their way. There are start and stop codons just as in DNA and there is a starting gate as well.

I am a Generator with a response of ahh ha…meaning yes  or un un meaning no……A Generator has a defined Chakra or Center deep in its Sacral Center…and if the vehicle( your body = the vehicle in HD lingo ) expresses Ahh ha , yes, deep visceral response that is an Affirmative  and the deep visceral response of the Un un is the opposite… as mentioned this is deep in the Sacral Center.  You make want to practice with a friend to discover what your deep sacral responses feel like.

Sacral Session Handout 

Now what has that got to do with commitment?  I am really not too sure, but what I am thinking is that as a conditioned being it can be really challenging to integrate Human Design into your life.  What if you said yes….and then don’t feel the yes any more ? What do you do with your commitment ?   I sense that there is an evolution that occurs from commitment to devotion when your passion ignites.  Of course their are distinctions  between commitments from the mundane to one’s world overview.

Human Design is complex, yet when you learn it layer by layer and weave it into your world you begin to have some insights and expanded experiences in your consciousness and also in the directions that your life may or may not unfold into.

Subtle shifts occur for us when we introduce transforming awareness technologies into our lives , we also enter into unfamiliar landscapes of change.  This is where art and particularly working with Art as Process is beneficial.

Art as Process is an approach within art making that holds to no visual end goal.

~  Kendall Sarah Scott; Artist with an inquiring mind ~



The weekends can be a magical time of no time. Time for a movie, time for walking without destination. Time to sketch and journal without an end goal.  


There is a pleasure in moving “with time” and also in being ” in time” without pressure . I enjoy spending hours researching and learning.  I often take a moment on the weekend to learn new software technology, even if that is just learning how to grok Instagram or create an Etsy store. 

The weekend is a time where there seems to be some freedom of choice for how I spend my time. I can rest, read, pursue study, catch up on projects, go with the flow.   I can bounce from project to project, the “have to” pressure is off.   Yet, in actuality, I often work on weekend to catch up the “have to ” commitments and self promises.






Venusian Stargates

Venus ~ Archetypal Goddess of Love ~  creates a rose in the heavens which sweetly holds our planet.

 She is poised to enter the underworld today in the 44th Gene Key, where she will travel for 42 days and nights, out of sight ,under the horizon she will emerge in November as a Morning Star in the 32nd Gene Key.  During her journey in the underworld, she will visit several Stargates; 

                               Siddhi               Gift                            Shadow

10/5          44      Synarchy              Teamwork             Interference                            

10/16       28     Immortality         Totality                     Purposelessness

10/29       50      Harmony             Equilibrium             Corruption

11/19        32     Veneration          Preservation          Failure

I haven’t written about this much lately so for those of you new to my hearth, here are a few notes. 

The I Ching , an ancient divination system, has re-awakened in our time through two refreshingly inspired systems, one, the Human Design System, the other, the Gene Keys ~ The Golden Path.   Each compliments the other as well as stimulates the conversation of the Kabbalah, Tree of Life, Astrology and the Chakra systems.  Essentially , these systems are portals into the celestial world of metaphor and symbol. Each offers a unique application template.   You are the vessel, your birth time determines the placement of your codes also correlating to the astrological zodiac.

This is a special Venusian retrograde for me, as the hidden gift in my sequence is the 44th Gene Key, at the time of my determined codex…Mars was in this Soul Code of the 44th Stargate.  This leaves me a bit speechless. All I feel I can do right now is watch the movie, as I have been contemplating the mystery of my Venus Sequence for years.  Sometimes with deep focused attention and at other times holding the entire mystery in wonderment.

Inspired Gene Keys Journey Painting ~

Collage for WP

Spectrum of Consciousness , Richard Rudd © Gene Keys Publishing   The Gene Keys



Changing Colors

Continuing the blog challenge :  I discovered that , yes, my resistance is still present. My inner critic’s very healthy voice yammering about content and quality of thinking. In the Dreamtime, I had an odd experience of seeing red square spiders speckled with black dots…they were everywhere in a golden hued log cabin…is there some meaning in them ? I have never seen a square spider, hmmmm. 

Now, I could take myself to my watercolors and sketch one out…but will I ?  What creative act is bubbling up for you today ?  Maybe a sketch ?  Maybe a sentence in your journal as you write a fresh article for you or others ?  What descriptive images  and phrases are dancing in your mind  ?

As a child I was introduced to Art thru my mother’s love of art.  My brother was adept at painting lovely still lifes , my grandmother’s watercolors were delicately crafted landscapes. Mine…wow….line drawings…only…abstract and indecipherable.  My mother’s youthful story wove her history with an Artist, I met him when I was 17, his work was stunning, how I longed to paint…but as I was told, like so many at the time, ” You will starve if you pursue this path”.   In my heart I knew I was an Artist yet I didn’t have a clear path for that discovery to learn the meaning of this inner knowing. I had taken college courses only to become even more discouraged as clearly I didn’t have the “it” factor & also it was expressed to me that art school would only teach me many things that would then need to unlearn.  Little did I know that I was a late bloomer !  

Evolving Woman 2011

Therefore, I learned the business of art; selling, hanging shows, marketing, archiving, record keeping, gallery management etc. ,  eventually I found myself in the accounting end of business (bread and butter ). Corporate bookkeeping and cashflow management became my economic earning strength. I adore working with spreadsheets and with the computerization of same,  all of that has something to do with a love of solving puzzles.   In my free time I delved into the ” Lands of Inquiry & Transformation” ….(another subject) !

Recently it occurred to me that I was separating my Left Brain accounting skills from my Right Brain creative skills. I also don’t speak or share very much about my obsession with Cash Flow Management,  Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss reports. Well, now I am weaving the two with great intention for creating a balance within myself. What that weave will look like in the end, I don’t really know…

Here is an Inquiry for you….what paradoxically seen/unseen imbalance (s) are you experiencing ? 


Whirling Days of Autumn Day 1

I am waking up from my slumber much like this little red fox (peering out ,perhaps, from behind an imaginary oak tree) to write this post. Have been nestled in my internal world for quite awhile, watching the global world as it plays out a variety of dramatic tales while integrating my own growth and changes. 

Recently ( last night) reviewing my blog , pondering its raison d’etre and my writing.  I accepted a 31 day October Blog Challenge, this is day 3 for the challenge but day one for me…a flury of blog posts will begin to hit my followers and I do hope that it isn’t too much, yet I sense it will be a revealing learning experience.  I began at 6:00 this morning with the plan of writing and now that it is 15 hours later, I just couldn’t put it off any longer.

I also have been painting, sketching…drawing, scribbling, enjoying background music, hot tea and beautiful colors that the artist’s palette brings to my hearth. Instead of codes and mysterious cosmic gateways tonight…let’s talk artist studio ( more on codes and keys to the universe later, it is after all a 31 day challenge !) But, if you are a Human Design enthusiast and a Generator to boot, you might understand that pause,  that struggle before the energetic go-button saying “Launch !”  is pushed ~ 

Back to the studio, do you have one ? For many years my studio was my easel at foot of my bed in a lovely but tiny studio room…it was good to have my art making right there, so that at any inspired moment  or spontaneous impulse in the continuation of a project,  I could reach out and roll into the canvas or onto the page.  Times have changed, more space came as a natural evolution, now there is art making in dedicated areas ~ I am surrounded by the chaotic wonderment of possibilities.  My easel has it own room and I have more resting space. Studios are a marvel, they can inhabit much square footage or the space of your lap. A studio can even reside just in your heart, where you make your images, as your Soul Self dreams, where the images and expressions rest waiting for you to discover them and their connections to your mystery.

 Intentional Creativity opens up our world within, tapping our imagination allowing for easier access to those dreams and insights. Solutions may arise as a surprise. The invisible reveals itself thru color and metaphor, on the canvas, on the collage circle, in your journal, in your Life ~ in your Heart. This is the beginning of how we come into our stories. We find the path, focus on a direction to make that first step , not always knowing that we have answered some mysterious call that will take us on a Journey ~





Madonna: Contemporary Ally Retreat 2018

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        Madonna: Contemporary Ally

“An exploration into the symbolism and meaning of the ever present Divine Feminine with emphasis on the Madonna as a contemporary ally for these times.”

As the awakening continues, both personal and collective, we have an opportunity to gather in circle for contemplation and inquiry in a experience of deepening our creative voice.

So much inner access to our content as creative beings can be accessed thru the harmonies of creative play… writing or art making experience is required to include yourself in this delightful experience.

This is an invitation to join us, Heloise and Kendall in a Women’s Only Retreat which will take place at the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains on March 1st – 4th this coming Spring of 2018 , on what will be, a beautiful Full Moon weekend.

To learn more please visit this Link:



Summer Solstice 2017

Last night She came, the Bringer of Balance, the Woman of Night and Day. Illuminating us thru golden rays of our star shining ever so brightly.  Pulsing heat radiates across our lands as our Earth shifts, spirals and expands in change. Change man- made and change Cosmically ordained.  The Mysteries prevail, the secrets of Feminine Time yet to unfold her guides yet to reveal,  from the celestial waters into her embodied presence here on Terra Firma.

Within our daily flow, we experience our own personal sensibilities of feminine time ( with small capitols) in embodiment of the wisdom teachings of the Cosmic Feminine, from Sophia to Isis, Isis to the Magdalene and the Mary’s, these cosmic sisters have walked a path leaving star prints in sand and sky.

As we unfold into our learning with the Seasons, dancing as Nymph’s engaging with the Elements let us ponder the Stations of the Gates at this time of the Summer Solstice. Flow as you will on a ribboned pendulum thru the frequencies of being.

Conscious Sun:   Shadow;Gift; Siddhi:       Gate 15      Dullness ; Magnetism; Florescence

Dogbane Beetle

Conscious Earth:  Shadow; Gift; Siddhi:   Gate 10     Self-Obsession; Naturalness; Being

Sub Sun: Shadow Gift Siddhi:             Gate 25     Constriction; Acceptance; Universal Love 

Sub Earth Shadow Gift Siddhi:          Gate  46    Seriousness; Delight; Ecstasy



New Year 2017

Happy New Year Blessings to each of you. As our cosmos expands cycling thru star-fields of possibilities, our earth continues her dance marked by the seasons on the symbolic medicine wheel of life.

In Human Design, the Rave New Year begins when the sun enters the 41st Gate, which is the corresponding hexagram for the start codon in our genetics. Look to celebrate as Capricorn shifts to Aquarius in the symbolic zodiac ~January 20/21, 2017

Consider refreshing your Venus Sequence passage as you walk into this new year on your lightning path, feeling into your presence of your Life’s Purpose for this is where you stand, gentle or fierce.

“The hidden Gift, your Purpose, lies hidden deep within your DNA. When you trust in your highest dreams and have the courage to manifest them through your Life’s Work, then your Purpose begins to nourish you from deep within your being.

When you ignite the Gift of this Gene Key then you activate the forces of synchronicity and grace in your outer life. Your Purpose is all laid out for you already, and all you have to do is unlock it. This can only occur as you embrace your own inner nobility and express it through selfless service and unconditional love.”

You enter your Venus Stream from your earthly purpose, deep in the Mystery of the Goddess herself. She is here to nourish and ground each of us as we move into various relationships with emotional and cosmic forces, our inner mysteries revealed as veils are lifted and initiations met.


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The Moon, She grows…

November’s StoryTime began with the tale of Vasilia, The Beautiful, often also called The Brave. At the end of this post is the story’s version written by Marianna Mayer ( thank you) .

Our New Moon Magic seeded this current storyfield with intentions & images drawn from the folktale in the forest deep of the flying hag (who lives in a house on chicken legs) Baba Yaga, Lady of the Forest.

StoryTime continues this Thursday Evening, Nov 11th 7:00 pm MST ( recording available next evening for those who cannot attend in group )

we shall explore Wisdom, Magic Spells, Frogs and Finding our Way…with Vasilisa the Wise

This week our StoryTime continues with Vasilisa The Wise, and frogs play a big part ! Sometimes also known as the Frog Princess. Research reveals that there are quite a few renditions of most of these folktales. We shall be explore nuances of the symbolism is this tale thru art making, inquiry and giggles!

Pondering Self Care and Story thru creative expression of folk tales, fairytales and myth is a favorite pastime, especially in the darkening months of Winter in our northern hemisphere, I hope that the same tales will be enjoyed as a Springtime play in the sisterhood of the southern !

Zoom call time is short which adds a unique pressure to the creative process, an Intentional Creativity Teacher and Guide works with her group simultaneously co-creating with the theme. The “quick fire” approach to collaging and creative depth work is also used…the rapid , “grab” and “tear” technique allows a space for the psyche to create with a free reign from the fixed mind of intended image choosing. Approaches of intentional and intuitive, slow paced /fast paced methods yield informing results.

Images from Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave:

Missed the 11/4 StoryTime ~ New Moon Scorpio ? Replay can be purchased here , link to Vimeo download will be sent via email provided, reach out to me at with any questions.

Guardian ~ Gaze of the GoatFish ~ 30×40 by
Kendall Sarah Scott©2021

My Canvas originals can be viewed at


Creativity, art making, deep diving into story ~ art can take us many places. Looking for a way to hold my thoughts and process, I discovered (many moons ago) an Intentional Creativity® process called Cosmic Smash Booking ™, I enjoyed that I could take my thoughts and a coloring crayon, add collage and paint to my musings and arrive at an expression that held meaning for me. Hope that you can join in and discover a fun way to express and decompress !