Healing with Art

As the days flow by…I rummage thru memorabilia, boxes of photos reveal stories of so many days gone by. I have about 50 journals of poetry and insight that I have written over time, sketchbooks also await my reflective visitation.  I have set an intentional vision in place to review my journals and create an illustrated book of insights.

My mom passed in 2007,  I am still working thru papers of memorabilia from her interests. She loved cooking and recipes. I am fond of her cookbooks and although I have lightened my shelves a wee bit, I have kept many as I find comfort in their presence. She didn’t stop at cookbooks, she clipped and saved recipes. One of my recent projects was to get those loose recipes put into one place, mission accomplished; there are hundreds ! Now, to create a special box to hold them.  I particularly enjoy finding her hand written notes in the recipes, notes and names of the wonderful women who shared their treasured secrets. Cooks are alchemists of the greatest kind.

Creative projects seem to stack up, so now I actually calendar them so that I don’t get too distracted and I take action steps in small ways to achieve these goals.  I find that now my grief at her passing has lightened that it is easier to read her papers. Grieving knows no end and has no time markers. Fluid and real, it can bubble up at anytime. Taking that bubbling emotion and putting into art making can support your being in the experience , that is what I discovered over these past many years.

Which leads me to my journey into the Color of Woman Method of painting, a certification course I took in 2012.  The Color of Woman Method has also evolved into a larger container called Intentional Creativity, created by Shiloh Sophia McCloud.  I discovered Shiloh’s work at  around the time my mom was transitioning back in 2006, also that Autumn I attended my Venus Sequence Practitioners in person training in San Diego…( see I am reflecting again )  and I do pop around in my writing, so bear with me I think can tie this together.

I share this because all of these systems and pathways that I have been studying lead to deepening your relationship with your Self.  And in this time of what I will call a Renaissance, discovering how your inner compass directs you is of prime importance.

Just like with recipes, we add ingredients to our living experience.

Intention.   Hold that word lightly and think about what intention means for you….

Here is a little movie of one of my paintings using a blend of intentional creativity and the creative depth coaching process




There it is, the page.

There it is, in front of you, the page.

Empty, Waiting….sshhhhh, whisper softly…the page awaits…

A blank page can be overwhelming in its potential…shall you write, draw, paint or walk a way  ? Today’s topic began one way, in a blink it became about trees.  Creativity often works that way…you may think it will be one way but the variables start to dance about and presto, another way presents itself.


Imagine the nature of trees as they give so much to us as environmental friends and symbolic allies. The breath of life flows thru them from root to tippy top branch. How are you honoring your inner tree ?   Do you live where there are trees or parks ?  Have you touched the bark of a tree lately ? Visited a tree farm ? Watch how a backhoe digs a very wide and deep hole in the earth to plant a tree ?  Maybe you have observed trees over time, from sapling to maturity ?

As the trees are transforming into the spectrum of colors this season,  how are you connecting to the change of seasons within you ?  Your leaves may also be changing colors and shedding,  what are you noticing this season ?


Mini-Journal prompt:  Tools: Pencil or charcoal and paper or any creative tool that calls to you….. Take the paper outside to a tree place it on the bark…rub the lead of the pencil/charcoal over the bark…notice the patterns that are left… in your journal either trace or re-draw the bark, do the first on slowly…like really really slowly….then increase the speed of your drawing….attend with your observable awareness your fingers, the pencil/paper and bark designs….

Observe your awareness as you participate in this process, notice what you are feeling or seeing that rises up in your imagination….either write your observation or just write one word which has come into your mind.




the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

synonyms: dedicationdevotionallegianceloyaltyfaithfulnessfidelity

“her commitment to her students”
an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.
“business commitments”
synonyms: responsibilityobligationdutytieliabilityMore

This morning I was pondering Commitment, I was also pondering Human Design  (which which is a system deeply based in choice. There are 5 Body Types in the system… ( basically 4, but there is a 5th much debated about). Each Type has a way that they can respond  and/or accept ( or not ) an action step or direction that carries them on their way. There are start and stop codons just as in DNA and there is a starting gate as well.


I am a Generator with a response of ahh ha…meaning yes  or un un meaning no……A Generator has a defined Chakra or Center deep in its Sacral Center…and if the vehicle( your body = the vehicle in HD lingo ) expresses Ahh ha , yes, deep visceral response that is an Affirmative  and the deep visceral response of the Un un is the opposite… as mentioned this is deep in the Sacral Center.  You make want to practice with a friend to discover what your deep sacral responses feel like.

Sacral Session Handout 

Now what has that got to do with commitment?  I am really not too sure, but what I am thinking is that as a conditioned being it can be really challenging to integrate Human Design into your life.  What if you said yes….and then don’t feel the yes any more ? What do you do with your commitment ?   I sense that there is an evolution that occurs from commitment to devotion when your passion ignites.  Of course their are distinctions  between commitments from the mundane to one’s world overview.

Human Design is complex, yet when you learn it layer by layer and weave it into your world you begin to have some insights and expanded experiences in your consciousness and also in the directions that your life may or may not unfold into.

Subtle shifts occur for us when we introduce transforming awareness technologies into our lives , we also enter into unfamiliar landscapes of change.  This is where art and particularly working with Art as Process is beneficial.

Art as Process is an approach within art making that holds to no visual end goal.

~  Kendall Sarah Scott; Artist with an inquiring mind ~



The weekends can be a magical time of no time. Time for a movie, time for walking without destination. Time to sketch and journal without an end goal.  


There is a pleasure in moving “with time” and also in being ” in time” without pressure . I enjoy spending hours researching and learning.  I often take a moment on the weekend to learn new software technology, even if that is just learning how to grok Instagram or create an Etsy store. 

The weekend is a time where there seems to be some freedom of choice for how I spend my time. I can rest, read, pursue study, catch up on projects, go with the flow.   I can bounce from project to project, the “have to” pressure is off.   Yet, in actuality, I often work on weekend to catch up the “have to ” commitments and self promises.






Venusian Stargates

Venus ~ Archetypal Goddess of Love ~  creates a rose in the heavens which sweetly holds our planet.

 She is poised to enter the underworld today in the 44th Gene Key, where she will travel for 42 days and nights, out of sight ,under the horizon she will emerge in November as a Morning Star in the 32nd Gene Key.  During her journey in the underworld, she will visit several Stargates; 

                               Siddhi               Gift                            Shadow

10/5          44      Synarchy              Teamwork             Interference                            

10/16       28     Immortality         Totality                     Purposelessness

10/29       50      Harmony             Equilibrium             Corruption

11/19        32     Veneration          Preservation          Failure

I haven’t written about this much lately so for those of you new to my hearth, here are a few notes. 

The I Ching , an ancient divination system, has re-awakened in our time through two refreshingly inspired systems, one, the Human Design System, the other, the Gene Keys ~ The Golden Path.   Each compliments the other as well as stimulates the conversation of the Kabbalah, Tree of Life, Astrology and the Chakra systems.  Essentially , these systems are portals into the celestial world of metaphor and symbol. Each offers a unique application template.   You are the vessel, your birth time determines the placement of your codes also correlating to the astrological zodiac.

This is a special Venusian retrograde for me, as the hidden gift in my sequence is the 44th Gene Key, at the time of my determined codex…Mars was in this Soul Code of the 44th Stargate.  This leaves me a bit speechless. All I feel I can do right now is watch the movie, as I have been contemplating the mystery of my Venus Sequence for years.  Sometimes with deep focused attention and at other times holding the entire mystery in wonderment.

Inspired Gene Keys Journey Painting ~  https://thevenussequence.com/

Collage for WP



Spectrum of Consciousness , Richard Rudd © Gene Keys Publishing   The Gene Keys



Changing Colors

Continuing the blog challenge :  I discovered that , yes, my resistance is still present. My inner critic’s very healthy voice yammering about content and quality of thinking. In the Dreamtime, I had an odd experience of seeing red square spiders speckled with black dots…they were everywhere in a golden hued log cabin…is there some meaning in them ? I have never seen a square spider, hmmmm. 

Now, I could take myself to my watercolors and sketch one out…but will I ?  What creative act is bubbling up for you today ?  Maybe a sketch ?  Maybe a sentence in your journal as you write a fresh article for you or others ?  What descriptive images  and phrases are dancing in your mind  ?

As a child I was introduced to Art thru my mother’s love of art.  My brother was adept at painting lovely still lifes , my grandmother’s watercolors were delicately crafted landscapes. Mine…wow….line drawings…only…abstract and indecipherable.  My mother’s youthful story wove her history with an Artist, I met him when I was 17, his work was stunning, how I longed to paint…but as I was told, like so many at the time, ” You will starve if you pursue this path”.   In my heart I knew I was an Artist yet I didn’t have a clear path for that discovery to learn the meaning of this inner knowing. I had taken college courses only to become even more discouraged as clearly I didn’t have the “it” factor & also it was expressed to me that art school would only teach me many things that would then need to unlearn.  Little did I know that I was a late bloomer !  

Evolving Woman 2011

Therefore, I learned the business of art; selling, hanging shows, marketing, archiving, record keeping, gallery management etc. ,  eventually I found myself in the accounting end of business (bread and butter ). Corporate bookkeeping and cashflow management became my economic earning strength. I adore working with spreadsheets and with the computerization of same,  all of that has something to do with a love of solving puzzles.   In my free time I delved into the ” Lands of Inquiry & Transformation” ….(another subject) !

Recently it occurred to me that I was separating my Left Brain accounting skills from my Right Brain creative skills. I also don’t speak or share very much about my obsession with Cash Flow Management,  Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss reports. Well, now I am weaving the two with great intention for creating a balance within myself. What that weave will look like in the end, I don’t really know…

Here is an Inquiry for you….what paradoxically seen/unseen imbalance (s) are you experiencing ? 


Whirling Days of Autumn Day 1

I am waking up from my slumber much like this little red fox (peering out ,perhaps, from behind an imaginary oak tree) to write this post. Have been nestled in my internal world for quite awhile, watching the global world as it plays out a variety of dramatic tales while integrating my own growth and changes. 

Recently ( last night) reviewing my blog , pondering its raison d’etre and my writing.  I accepted a 31 day October Blog Challenge, this is day 3 for the challenge but day one for me…a flury of blog posts will begin to hit my followers and I do hope that it isn’t too much, yet I sense it will be a revealing learning experience.  I began at 6:00 this morning with the plan of writing and now that it is 15 hours later, I just couldn’t put it off any longer.

I also have been painting, sketching…drawing, scribbling, enjoying background music, hot tea and beautiful colors that the artist’s palette brings to my hearth. Instead of codes and mysterious cosmic gateways tonight…let’s talk artist studio ( more on codes and keys to the universe later, it is after all a 31 day challenge !) But, if you are a Human Design enthusiast and a Generator to boot, you might understand that pause,  that struggle before the energetic go-button saying “Launch !”  is pushed ~ 

Back to the studio, do you have one ? For many years my studio was my easel at foot of my bed in a lovely but tiny studio room…it was good to have my art making right there, so that at any inspired moment  or spontaneous impulse in the continuation of a project,  I could reach out and roll into the canvas or onto the page.  Times have changed, more space came as a natural evolution, now there is art making in dedicated areas ~ I am surrounded by the chaotic wonderment of possibilities.  My easel has it own room and I have more resting space. Studios are a marvel, they can inhabit much square footage or the space of your lap. A studio can even reside just in your heart, where you make your images, as your Soul Self dreams, where the images and expressions rest waiting for you to discover them and their connections to your mystery.

 Intentional Creativity opens up our world within, tapping our imagination allowing for easier access to those dreams and insights. Solutions may arise as a surprise. The invisible reveals itself thru color and metaphor, on the canvas, on the collage circle, in your journal, in your Life ~ in your Heart. This is the beginning of how we come into our stories. We find the path, focus on a direction to make that first step , not always knowing that we have answered some mysterious call that will take us on a Journey ~





Madonna: Contemporary Ally Retreat 2018

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        Madonna: Contemporary Ally

“An exploration into the symbolism and meaning of the ever present Divine Feminine with emphasis on the Madonna as a contemporary ally for these times.”

As the awakening continues, both personal and collective, we have an opportunity to gather in circle for contemplation and inquiry in a experience of deepening our creative voice.

So much inner access to our content as creative beings can be accessed thru the harmonies of creative play…..no writing or art making experience is required to include yourself in this delightful experience.

This is an invitation to join us, Heloise and Kendall in a Women’s Only Retreat which will take place at the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains on March 1st – 4th this coming Spring of 2018 , on what will be, a beautiful Full Moon weekend.

To learn more please visit this Link:




Summer Solstice 2017

Last night She came, the Bringer of Balance, the Woman of Night and Day. Illuminating us thru golden rays of our star shining ever so brightly.  Pulsing heat radiates across our lands as our Earth shifts, spirals and expands in change. Change man- made and change Cosmically ordained.  The Mysteries prevail, the secrets of Feminine Time yet to unfold her guides yet to reveal,  from the celestial waters into her embodied presence here on Terra Firma.

Within our daily flow, we experience our own personal sensibilities of feminine time ( with small capitols) in embodiment of the wisdom teachings of the Cosmic Feminine, from Sophia to Isis, Isis to the Magdalene and the Mary’s, these cosmic sisters have walked a path leaving star prints in sand and sky.

As we unfold into our learning with the Seasons, dancing as Nymph’s engaging with the Elements let us ponder the Stations of the Gates at this time of the Summer Solstice. Flow as you will on a ribboned pendulum thru the frequencies of being.

Conscious Sun:   Shadow;Gift; Siddhi:       Gate 15      Dullness ; Magnetism; Florescence

Dogbane Beetle

Conscious Earth:  Shadow; Gift; Siddhi:   Gate 10     Self-Obsession; Naturalness; Being

Sub Sun: Shadow Gift Siddhi:             Gate 25     Constriction; Acceptance; Universal Love 

Sub Earth Shadow Gift Siddhi:          Gate  46    Seriousness; Delight; Ecstasy



New Year 2017

Happy New Year Blessings to each of you. As our cosmos expands cycling thru star-fields of possibilities, our earth continues her dance marked by the seasons on the symbolic medicine wheel of life.

In Human Design, the Rave New Year begins when the sun enters the 41st Gate, which is the corresponding hexagram for the start codon in our genetics. Look to celebrate as Capricorn shifts to Aquarius in the symbolic zodiac ~January 20/21, 2017

Consider refreshing your Venus Sequence passage as you walk into this new year on your lightning path, feeling into your presence of your Life’s Purpose for this is where you stand, gentle or fierce.

“The hidden Gift, your Purpose, lies hidden deep within your DNA. When you trust in your highest dreams and have the courage to manifest them through your Life’s Work, then your Purpose begins to nourish you from deep within your being.

When you ignite the Gift of this Gene Key then you activate the forces of synchronicity and grace in your outer life. Your Purpose is all laid out for you already, and all you have to do is unlock it. This can only occur as you embrace your own inner nobility and express it through selfless service and unconditional love.”

You enter your Venus Stream from your earthly purpose, deep in the Mystery of the Goddess herself. She is here to nourish and ground each of us as we move into various relationships with emotional and cosmic forces, our inner mysteries revealed as veils are lifted and initiations met.


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How Will the Moon Speak to You ?


Refresh Your Point of View as you Discover your Personal Moon Myths

How will the Moon Speak to You?
Creative inner journey art making, make a Cosmic Smashbook and expand your 
visual language with Moon Circles™!

Monday, May 13th

10am -2pm   $ 45.00

Location :      Prana Blessings Metaphysical Shop    1925 Rosina Street, Santa Fe, NM

                                                             RSVP: Kendall  505-210-0554

Materials Supplied, but if you have images special to you, make copies and bring them for collage making.                                       

   ~Pack a lite lunch ; wear art making clothes, we may get artistically messy ~    


Cosmic Smashbooking ~ Santa Fe ~ April

brushes-3129361_1920                              Cosmic Smash Booking    

Cosmic Smash Booking is a playful twist on Art Journaling and Intentional Creativity ®

This process embraces a fun and heartwarming approach to uniquely transform the way you create. We will write a bit, smash a bit, paint and collage a bit ~

In this three-week series; you will make your own sacred container – a Cosmic Smash Book – and learn ways to spark your creative fires with a whimsical approach.

Each session will offer a fresh viewpoint into the mystery of art making, inner work and your unfolding transformation.

Infused with your own energy and intention, this workshop will open portals of possibilities.

                                                 When:     April 4th; 11th and 17th    6:15 pm to 8:00pm

                                                 Place: Prana Blessings  1925 Rosina St., Santa Fe, NM  87505

                                                  Price: 3 week series $ 100.00   (tax included)

No prior art skill needed; materials included yet you are welcome to bring magazine images for collag

RSPV by phone or email…..workshop space limited to 25 participants

tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite look for Cosmic Smashbook Journey or pay at the event

email:  kendall.visionarywoman@gmail.com

Santa Fe Artist, Kendall Scott happily brings you this innovative approach to intuitive and expressive creativity.  Images seen here are from a variety of her personal Cosmic Smashbooks. Not all pages are of faces, this is just what she love to paint! Kendall is a Certified Creative Depth Coach and Intentional Creativity Teacher. She has been creating as a Cosmic Smashbook artist for several years and is celebrating her certification overseen by its originator Catt Geller.