Winter Schedule:


Full Moon Wisdom: Sunday, December 4th 1:00 pm EST Complimentary Creativity Circle Sign up Link

New Moon Magic: Friday, December 23rd 2:00 pm EST sign up here

Winter Rose Sacred Journey ~ December 17th 4:00 pm EST

A Come to the Story creative Journey Series with your Cosmic SmashBook™ read more here


Full Moon Wisdom: Sunday, January 8th 4:00 pm EST

Winter Rose Sacred Journey ~ Saturday, January 14th & Jan 28th

New Moon Magic ~ Aquarius Saturday, January 21st 4:00 pm EST Link TBA


Full Moon Wisdom: Sunday, February 5th 4:00 pm EST

New Moon Magic ~ Pisces Monday, February 20th 4:00 pm EST Link TBA

Winter Rose Sacred Journey ~ Saturday, February 11th 4:00 pm EST

Welcome to Come to the Story, where the Mystic Feminine meets our inner stories.

She speaks in beauty.

in poetry.

She speaks, softly, kindly, fiercely, compassionately.

How is She speaking to you ?

One on One Depth Coaching Sessions now available, book your free 20 minute Discovery Session

Inner exploration begins at surface levels, tapping into depth with patience and curiosity.

Intuition ~ Intention ~ Discovery

Engage in exploring your personal landscape of story, archetype and myth.

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Our inner world holds mysteries & wisdom well met in safe spaces and on creative pages.

Spirited, Creative & Curious, mixed media Artist, Kendall Sarah Scott has ventured into the transformative realms of intuitive conscious creativity thru her certifications in Intentional Creativity® and Cosmic Smash Booking™; She leads monthly Cosmic Smash Book Oracle Circles informed by Moon Wisdom, encouraging a fresh way of engaging with inner knowing thru symbolic journey work and blended practices