How Story Speaks

Inquiry: Do you inhabit your stories or do your stories inhabit you ?

Benefit of creative group experience ~ shared field energy wherein you create your unique imagery within the current theme curated by the guide.

Benefits of establishing a steady creative practice – keeps you on self connected and on your toes!

Observation: This page of How Story Speaks is a moving work in process, as energy moves me, I will add to this page. You may want to create your own journal page of for your inquiry into how Story Speaks to you.

When our Stories are seen, felt, & expressed they can be transformed, and “moved out of” inhabiting mental and emotion space within our being.

Benefit of transforming your story: More potential inner space for possibilities, for “breathing” space for creating new Story.

Spiritual Benefits: Clarity, Forgiveness, Connection

We communicate in many ways thru our senses, the basic and the unseen more nuanced perceptions.

Unseen story can be revealed in a variety of creative ways as we are our own guide thru our unique self created imagery.

Benefits of exploring more creative pathways as an established or beginning intentional creator:

Inspire fresh content, clear out old material, get in the Now

Until recently I preferred to work in a specific type of container, such as creating an altered book , or journal making the book as with the composition book was really satisfying so that I could feel the sensual qualities of the physical item.

However, I’ve discovered the digital world…and have been experimenting.

The question~ how can I translate & implement Expressive Depth Art Elements into digital medium, holding the space for art as process.