Wisdom Goddess Matrix

Do you live with a Visionary ? Would you be able to recognize the Visionary thinkers around you ? Can you trust a Visionary ? What is a Visionary Person ?

Now, what is a Creative Visionary ? These are the questions I am asking myself this morning. As an Active Dreamer, which for me is, a Lucid Vivid Dreamer, I have always, even as a child , dreamt in visions and landscapes. My visions reveal to me, inform me, and sometimes they even become real in the world.

My mom would call into my room,,, get up get up, time to wake up…I would sleepily murmur wait wait, I have to wait, I am seeing something, I have to finish …shhh, go away….

Artistically, some of that visual information finds its way to the sketch book, into poetry or story…maybe onto a canvas.

The marvel of modern times brings to global society the ability to work with 1 and 0 creating computing language which correlates to our DNA language….whew…that is some creative potential ! We now have video games, we have what Dick Tracy always used….the cell phone…apple watches….streaming tv…due to visionary thinking and then implementation, but it had to have belief and implementation to become real into form.

Well, let’s take those Visionary Impulses and place them in our Cosmic Smash Books…to connect in real time thru the senses to explore our unique symbolic language, thru the mediums of writing, crayons, and paper . To bring into the now, into embodiment. Getting a bit out of must do, must have thinking , into the flow of hmmm, I think I will tear this magazine to shreds and reassemble into a dragon, which may lead to building a fort for your sons that looks like a dragon !

Epiphanies occur in relaxed time/space

Now, imagine the constellation of Virgo…she is illuminated in our September skies. Imagine that her stars are portals to feminine imagination ….. symbolically she resides in the Western Zodiac at this time of year. Each New Moon, is in the native place of that month…ie Leo New Moon when the Sun is in Leo, Cancer New Moon when the Sun is in Cancer….then when the Full Moon rises in Leo, that Full Moon is in its opposite sign, that of Aquarius….and in Virgo, the Full Moon will be in Pisces.

Collectively we are in the great change of ages…ok, what do we do with that on a personal level ? A community level ? I don’t know…I am just asking the question…

What if, the New Moons can reveal more information to us as we journey thru these changes ? What if we approach this deep dark that come with this cycle and take it more deeply into our BodyMind ? What if we created a personal culture of inquiry and creative response thru creative practice ?

What if our creative practices influenced our family and neighborhoods , ultimately our larger countries in the most positive of ways, leading to innovation, empowerment & expression, what if we could find our best voices thru the gentle acts of artmaking ?

What if allowing the quiet of the concentrated dark revealed that perhaps darkness is tightly bundled light that will inform and come to illumination and fruition in the light of the Full Moons?

This September, I am choosing to create with the Constellation of Virgo as a portal, as a connection to the Wisdom Goddess Matrix….back to the Lion’s Gate in August…imagine that the doors opened to the Archetypal energy of the Mother Matrix…that of Isis, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene… and then now….the doors open even wider to bring more connection to the Shekinah & Sophia the Wisdom Goddess ?

What if….as this last quarter of 2021 were the best ever in terms of personal illumination, thru the journey of Shadow to Light…what if every Shadow was a Light ? What if the journey into the New Moons , in October , November, December, were to reveal to you more of your inner landscapes as seeding potentials into the future times ?

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