On Winged Feet

Michigan’s Spring is becoming a glorious event.

My joy overflows in daily discovery of the variety of greens that grace the outlying landscapes and neighborhoods.

Today I discovered that wild violets dapple the lawns in purple clusters.

Magnolia blossoms now flutter to the grounds as the fruit trees burst in full blossom splendorMay has unfolded under the watchful gaze of the Bull gracing us with Beltane, a Solar Eclipse with a dance of surprise and wonder of so many celestial bodies all the while the grace of the seven sisters has blessed and guided us.

While centering myself today, to create my calendar and New Moon Class announcement, I was following my inner voice.

My first inner message was to take a morning walk, then I was to settle in at my desk. Well, you know that’s not quite what happened.

I have a good friend who has a query in her healing work…”What want’s to happen ?” Well, what wanted to happen was to read my emails, which let to thinking about sending out my community email, which led to looking at images, which led to finding that I was choosing a lot of blue and gold images…and then…as tracking would have it, I discovered this image from Nasa of the planet Mercury courtesy Wikimedia Commons

This mosaic of the Caloris basin has a monochrome mosaic from a previous post overlaid with an enhanced-color composite. The colour mosaic was created using photos taken when the spacecraft and the Sun were both overhead, which are the ideal circumstances for detecting brightness fluctuations.

I was surprised to learn that Mercury is never seen in the dark of the night as he rises and sets within a few hours of the Sun. Historically he once was called Apollo, rising with the sun and Hermes ( classic Greek) setting with the Sun. He becomes Mercury in Roman culture.

Classic Mercury

The cult of Mercury is ancient, and tradition has it that his temple on the Aventine Hill in Rome was dedicated in 495 BCE. There Mercury was associated with Maia, who became identified as his mother through her association with the Greek Maia, one of the Pleiades, who was the mother of Hermes by Zeus; likewise, because of that Greek connection, Mercury was considered the son of Jupiter. Both Mercury and Maia were honoured in the Mercuralia festival on May 15, the dedication day of Mercury’s temple on the Aventine.” excerpt from the encylopedia Britannica

We gather a few days early in our creative circle to keep our weekend open for wonderment.

This month’s New Moon, travels quickly from Taurus to Gemini

5/18 Moon in Taurus Gate 27 Food of the Gods

5/19 Moon in Taurus Gate 23 Alchemy of Simplicity.

5/20, Rubbing horns to feathers from Gate 23 Gate of Simplicity to Gate 20 The Sacred Om Moon shifts from Taurus to Geminii

5/21 Moon is in Gemini holding their own in Gate 35 Wormholes and Miracles

5/22 Moon Gate 12 Gemini

5/22 The Sun shifts from Taurus into Gemini as communication is happening in a big way as their degrees travel thru the Sun’s Gate of Exquisiteness in Taurus into the 20th Gate of the Sacred Om to meet the Moon in so much possibility.

The magical sign of the Messenger blesses the Sun on 5/22 in Gate 20 The Sacred Om herself, and the Moon meets her that day while in Gate 12 Pure Heart , as a Gift of Discrimination, as the planet Mercury rules the sign of Gemini, our Star will be experiencing Mercury as it’s guiding planet.

Hermes/Mercury carries quite a role as his mythological persona is blessed to travel between the worlds with winged sandals.

He engages in quite a few plots and stories with heavenly beings and their myths. He carries a caduceus as a symbol of peace once symbolically represented with olive branches and garlands of ribbons.

Fleet of foot, clever, known to be a trickster and communicator. He even influences the chemical symbol of mercury. Hg, derived from the Latin name for the element, hydrargyrum–literally, liquid silver.

The Talaria of Mercury (Latintālāria or The Winged Sandals of Hermes Ancient Greek: πτηνοπέδῑλος, ptēnopédilos or πτερόεντα πέδιλα, pteróenta pédila) are winged sandals, a symbol of the Greek messenger god Hermes (Roman equivalent Mercury). They were said to be made by the god Hephaestus of imperishable gold and they flew the god as swift as any bird.” excerpt Wikipedia

Again, the violet bows to the lily.
Again, the rose is tearing off her gown!

The green ones have come from the other world,
tipsy like the breeze up to some new foolishness.

Again, near the top of the mountain
the anemone’s sweet features appear.

The hyacinth speaks formally to the jasmine,
“Peace be with you.” “And peace to you, lad!
Come walk with me in this meadow.”

Again, there are sufis everywhere!

The bud is shy, but the wind removes
her veil suddenly, “My friend!”

The Friend is here like water in the stream,
like a lotus on the water.

The narcissus winks at the wisteria,
“Whenever you say.”

And the clove to the willow, “You are the one
I hope for.” The willow replies, “Consider
these chambers of mine yours. Welcome!”

The apple, “Orange, why the frown?”
“So that those who mean harm
will not see my beauty.”

The ringdove comes asking, “Where,
where is the Friend?”

With one note the nightingale
indicates the rose.

Again, the season of Spring has come
and a spring-source rises under everything,
a moon sliding from the shadows.

Many things must be left unsaid, because it’s late,
but whatever conversation we haven’t had
tonight, we’ll have tomorrow.

(translation by Coleman Barks)

We are creating a few days ahead of when energies align per ephemeris on 5/20 when the Moon will meet the Sun. The New Moon in the sky is actually in Taurus on 5/19/2023, but my creative self wants to explore the Planet Mercury…and you know , the Muse will have her way.

New Moon Magic, is a monthly deep dive into emerging energies guided by heavenly archetypal symbols, such as the planets and the stars. We meet on Zoom, each participant creates from the energies that are unique to them as influenced by the month’s theme. Suggested supply list here

Our expressive arts process is informed by Intentional Creativity and Creative Depth work.

StarDust Blessings,


Visual Voice

Songs of the Pleiades

Taurus New Moon online Creative Circle

Friday, April 21st   7:00pm EST

~ Sacred Voice ~

The Pleiades, known as the Seven Sisters, bless us with their presence as springtime skies twinkle in resonance with Venus in a dance with the Twins, Gemini.  Our sacred voice, unique & ever present is enhanced within the dark nights prior to the birth of the New Moon’s field of becoming.

Dipping into Creative Depth as art process, gather in Zoom Circle on the Day of the New Moon. Each participant is guided to connect and create with their emerging images.

Activate, explore  transform your archetypal connections to sky and earth thru imagery & creative playfulness with symbols and surprises in blended expressive arts of Come to the Story™ .

We shall ponder the myths of Taurus; fertile, abundant, sensuous.

Supply List

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Messy Musings

One thing I know for sure, it is all Messy. No way around it, more simple, more mess

I have a curious even grasping mind, I want to know and understand many topics. I see them as interrelated elements to a whole. The study of such leads to more messy bits.

Now, oddly enough that Human Design training and study all comes back to haunt.

For instance, I want to do things, well and right…right a long time ago meant, correct…I think social conditioning placed a veil over my thinking mind, I’ve really become stuck in getting things “right”. Doing things “well” , what does that even mean ? I often find that rut within where I get stuck doing it right…or thinking it should be other than it is.

Now, I’ve taken a leap into Web-3 spaces, probably due to the fact that I get bored and the winter nights are long plus I have a vision of something that has tugged at my imagination for years. But, what am I committed to ?

Can you feel the trend here ? I may be about to go into some free flowing swirl writing. If you’ve caught on to my swirl writing , it’s about free flow and connecting the dots of the inner conversation, yet there may not be any seemingly connected dots, therefore you’ve accomplished getting your thoughts out and hopefully feel expressed and perhaps a solution has risen off the pages.

I can take that energy into an altered book, as a page and work it imaginally ( is there such a word ? )

Social Media = Messy Website=Messy Art=Messy

And you can pretty much bet, that if it is Messy, it is also Complicated, which indeed may stem from Chaos.

Chaos, a truly feminine expression can lead to impeccable innovative applications. ie: a chaotic art table full of paints, paper, materials leads to a contained imaginative sketch or collage, etc.

More messy bits, how to market your talents ? That’s a question I ask myself. I really don’t have an answer. For instance: I would like to sell my paintings to collectors, this does happen occasionally but my question is am I doing it right or well ? hmmm, a wise man would say, look at the results. But, I don’t want to do it conventionally, ie, set up a pretty website shop, blah blah blah…I have tried for years and it doesn’t feel right. Which leads to the thoughts of how unique each of us are…or is it how unique each of us is… ? I have an ongoing disagreement with grammar and syntax.

I think also that I have an ongoing debate with all these technical digital tools as well. Now there is Substack, yup, I have that one too…what and how I am going to play over there ?

This may be a many part conversation with my Messy Muse. Recently thru synchronicity, I discovered another aspect Muse, she is the Enchanted Muse. , she seems to know what she is doing in here arena over in the Web3 landscape, more to follow on her …

Once a month I hold a New Moon Magic creative circle, where we work with emergent themes under the glow of the new moon becoming ~ link here

Note to Self: the season of Aries has begun.

Private one on one Depth Coaching Packages, reach out to me by email for a conversation if you are interested in this type of relational coaching deep dive.


For the more advance Deep Diver, integration with Gene Keys and Human Design Archetypal exploration is available as a Sacred Journey™

Interested in your unique Sacred Journey ? Connect with me…

My work follows a narrative and conversational approach and is client led.

As life would have it, the printer just broke , need to run out to create a replacement solution.

Star Magic Moon Wisdom

Aries New Moon

Thursday, March 23rd   

2:00 pm EST

Celebrate Spring Equinox !

Red Thread Circle 

 Activate  Inner Wisdom and Knowing thru Expressive Art Process

Sign up Link

As we evolve together, our unique energy signatures expand their depth and awareness. Approaching the creative path as a Sacred Journey enhances the transformational process, whether from wounded to healed, from broken to whole, from curious to knowing into the treasure within. 

 Creative Journey allows for expansive possibilities within your StoryField.

 How do you discover hidden stories ?

Spring of 2023 marks a new beginning, a fresh threshold to cross over within the framework of wonder and mystery.  I invite you on a monthly journey in the darkened fields of the New Moon Becoming

Under the guidance Star Fields as well as the Sign of the Moon…. guided by totems and oracles, ancient wisdom with a contemporary touch we shall make creative pages of our unique vision and story

Increase your capacities of resilience for these times thru your inner journey creative workflow.

Class dates will flow to the Moon’s Cycle, while a wee bit inconvenient for our linear schedules, following her rhythm supports our attuning to natural cycles. 

Pisces Swirl

The mythic nature of star lore continues to capture my imagination, sometimes new AI technology does too! And this pondering of stars, Pisces, fish and our cultural spin is taking an interesting turn as I am swirl writing again.

On the 18th our Sun entered Pisces, some say that at 0 degrees Pisces marks the beginning now of the Aquarian age. We certainly are in motion of moving times and events. Days so full of creative options and stimulation that is may be challenging to center into the “Now”.

It seems that embracing acceptance of the moment anchors a core presence. Each inhale inviting a space in between the known and unknown, exhale to find yourself in the next Now moment.

“We breathe in and out about 22,000 times a day. We are powered by breathing. Our lungs fuel us with oxygen, our body’s life-sustaining gas. Our lungs breathe in air, then remove the oxygen and pass it through our bloodstream, where it’s carried off to the tissues and organs that allow us to walk, talk, and move. ” https://www.lung.ca

As we have entered the sign of Pisces, naturally a question arises, How do fish breath ? https://www.livescience.com/how-do-fish-breathe Yes, they have gils, hmmm, how does a mermaid breathe ?

Lungs are said to be the organ of grief, lungs massage the heart, these organs have quite a relationship of give and take, Gemini rules the Lungs, Leo the Heart and Pisces the Feet. The medicine way says that we heal thru our feet…imagine that your feet have a soulful (soleful) relationship with your heart and breath, how present are you in your feet ?

When your mermaid self transforms to walk on land She must become present in her feet, more purposeful and connected to terra firma, her gils more than likely undergo a metamorphoses for land breathing… How is your land breath ?

Join me on Monday for a bit of Swirl Writing in our Creative Pages, taking the form of journal, altared book or Cosmic SmashBook, Visually explore how your are landing in and on your feet….or taking to the waters with a mermaids tail…

Swirl writing allows space for pop up thoughts, seemingly unrelated,

grammatically challenging yet important creative journey play.

New Moon Magic Creative Pages

Monday, February 20th 2:00 pm EST Sign up link here

Sighs, Sorrow, Hope

Writing a blog is not so easy.

What more is there to say in this world of non stop information ? I wonder as I free write this morning.

Well, as ever, there is always more to express.

This week my community felt the sorrow of mass shooting. It was more close to home than was comfortable as tho any violence anywhere is comfortable.

Our tears are flowing. The city and campus grieving. Praying from a state of shock and prayer that my area would be spared, as the city just didn’t know the next unfolding eruption of violence. Sheltering in place, lights out, I reached out to long distance friends for support, am so thankful that it was there. Then the arc of concern grew as the news revealed the sorrows that families will bear for those who were harmed, killed & injured in the physical statement of ones life ending. For those in close proximity to the event, they will be dealing with reverberating fears for some time to come, perhaps forever.

Take your sorrows, sighs and hope to the Creative Page

How do we live thru changing times, within this compression of experiences in this mystery of expansion & becoming ?

Can we weave hope into our communities thru the sorrows of the mental illness & trauma that grips our psyches and cities ?Becoming into wholeness takes intentional focus, self care and patience.

Ponder resilience.




  1. 1.the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”the remarkable resilience of so many institutions”
  2. 2.the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

The Sigh

by Ted Kooser

You lie in your bed and sigh

And the springs deep in the mattress

Sing out with the same low note

Mocking your sadness.

It’s hard.

Not the mattress, but life

Life is hard. All along

You thought you could trust in

Your own bed, your own sorrow.

Your thought you were sleeping alone.

Then we take to the page, either written or visual, perhaps it is to music making, we take our feelings to Creative Expressions to transform, to express, to work it out, to land into a new sense of being and Self. A place to connect with our Soul.

Next New Moon Magic Creative Circle, Monday 2:00 pm EST

We gather monthly in the dark creation fields of lunar essence to create on the page, together, expressing our unique approach to emerging symbolic topics of the time.

sign up here class is offered via Zoom