Discovering Treasures

The Wisdom Goddess Sophia  resides deep within the Archetypal Heart of our History, as She came before the before.

For I am knowledge and ignorance.
I am shame and boldness.
I am shameless; I am ashamed.
I am strength and I am fear.
I am war and peace.

The Thunder, Perfect Mind [1]

An excerpt above from the poem , Thunder Perfect Mind ( written before the before ) from the Gnostic manuscripts of the Nag Hammadi  discovered  in  1945 near the Upper Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi … The buried manuscripts date from the 3rd and 4th centuries.

The Wisdom Goddess is speaking to me today on raindrop waves that have left the sweet scent of water to earth & trees that only rains can activate.   This special time , this Covid Time,  has touched us all with Change.

Within this initiation  which we are individually experiencing collectively, our world is shifting in front of our eyes…not from behind closed doors.  From home life to  work life, from village to city, from county to state to country the great change has arrived and will be here for some time.      Tomorrow the 4th of July will find us reflecting and celebrating, or not, in many different ways.   My heartfelt condolences goes out to those who have lost loved ones and those who are suffering, as this is also a time of deep grieving.

I am entering into a phase of sharing more of my work in the world. For many years I have been collecting , researching, training,  learning & now integrating Knowledge with Wisdom, plus I have been cultivating an active Creative Practice.  This takes work !

With our extended “Nesting in Place”  surrounded by my books and papers. I am learning the back office  of Zoom while creating my teaching site on the Kajabi platform, I am taking my own dare to devotion more seriously.

Having rediscovered my extensive library of Human Design Courses . Once I get my calendar set, I will begin with a free class of Living Your Design .  This complementary series will be : Introduction to Bodygraph Basics, the Centers & Types.

The Gene Keys Golden Path integrates with Human Design; both systems illuminating  the path of self knowledge to Wisdom. The Divine Feminine; Stargate Alchemist  lives within these teachings.

Thru various creative processes we shall travel the fractal lines of archetypal mystery  to reveal to ourselves treasures that lie within.

We will begin however, with a bit of conversation over a cup of tea.


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The Thunder, Perfect Mind [1]

Welcome , July !

Welcome July !

I have joined the Paul Taubman’s Ulimate Blog Challenge for the month of July.  I shall strive to post each day, although , I was sidetracked yesterday with all the construction noise in my neighborhood.  Despite Covid 19, a new development is underway up the hill from my place and backhoe’s were busy opening up waterlines close to my backyard the thrum of the machinery shook the the area for hours, then the boom of night time firecrakers topped off the evening.  Today is more relaxing with just the hum of road traffic and the occasional birds chirping. The clouds are moving across the Mesas , I do hope that they bring rain.

Actually, I chose my theme for the month over this past weekend, I will reveal it in a day or two.  Today I will write post two blogs to catch up into the blog challenge ~ and offer you inqueries for your journaling practice and contemplation,  we shall begin with the word, Devotion , it resonates with the 29th Gene Key , which holds the Gift of Commitment and in its highest expression emanates Devotion.  Of course there is that Shadow piece, HalfHeartedness; as the pendulum swings from Shadow to Light, remember, every Shadow holds a Gift.

Inquiries: How do I transform my Half-Heartedness into Commitment ?   How do I experience Devotion ? What am I Devoted to ?

My initial inquiry into Devotion reveals that I am steadily drawn into the realms of History and Mystery which then takes me down many rabbit holes of exploration.  Covid Time has redefined how I spend my days, as I am sure it has affected so many of us in reorienting our time and focus.


2020 Summer Soltice

New Portals opened these past few days.  Keeping up with the rapid pace of change finds me moving in Time my own way. I am simply unable to race with the changes.

There actually is no competition with Time, even tho it may seem so.

Many years have been spent contemplating my Human Design , I contemplate this knowledge with the Gene Keys wisdom, always working the weave of insights which are more pertinent in the Now.  Well, as close as I can get.

Waiting.  Yes, the insight to the concept of waiting.  Meditation can take you so far on the waiting game as you watch and wait for your next inhale or images from monkey mind to cloud your thinking as you sit, watch and wait.     Human Design has Profile, each Profile has its strategy and authority, the majority of us are Generators, we are designed to respond….and in that learning , we also can attune to the the Waiting , our response waits to be felt in our being , our body, deep within the belly.

Feminine Time,  yin energy, Goddess of the Pause. She allows spaciousness to enter this compressed world of yang , go go go….Covid Time…..we enter into a stop gap, an opportunity for Pause.  Reconfiguration time, as national shadows are turned, just as the ocean turns the deep to the surface.  We learn, struggle, suffer.  We all are suffering the great shift in our year of 2020,  with the gains of more possible applied wisdom strategies for a more fair tomorrow.

Ok, I wasn’t going to write all that. I just wanted to mention that I wanted to note that we crossed a threshold.   I am going to draw a medicine wheel ( in my new journal )  to mark make, so that I remember.  And this post is a mark, to remember.   Link posted below to listen to Richard Rudd’s Solstice Meditation to also note the mark.

There is more to come, a teaching site, a guided Living Your Design course, so you can access Human Design basics.  Guided Creative Cartography videos in the making….and a bit more.

Stay safe, take care, onward…..






Creative Cartography ™

What is Creative Cartography™?

As story arises as if out of the ethers, so does your creative expression resulting in your Creative Cartography™ practice.

During this renaissance of transformational times, we are becoming more collectively aware of the story within our genetic codes, our Bones Stories, thru various archetypal and ancient wisdom teachings our underlying stories are waiting to be told.

Sometimes they are obvious, on the surface, sometimes they are deeper.  Even when we have been working on ourselves for many years, finding ourselves (now ) at the chopping wood carry water state of being and service.

We often think, I‘ve done it all….yet, life has a way of being a mystery and within that mystery are deeper layers and ways of knowing.

This is where Creative Cartography ™ weaves a blend of Art, Science & Transformational Wisdom Teaching into a tapestry, your tapestry of the mysterious wonders with the Body/Mind connection with the Divine ~ For you to discover your Living Mythologies. You are a living myth full of Archetypal stories, your Anatomy holds the keys and clues , and will reveal more of your Story Path.

Story Prescription™ founder Melanie Weller and I have teamed up to present Finding your Sacred Voice, the first in our series of Sacred Anatomy/Sacred Story offerings.

 The curious thing is , only you hold the secret treasures of your Sacred Voice yet yours is a vital voice in the chorus of Humanity.

Please join us for three weeks of Creative Exploration  of Finding your Sacred Voice   Begins on April 29th.

Click here to link to the sign up page.


Sacred Beauty

I spoke in the past of creating an area of Sacred Space in your home. This sacred place amplifies the sacred nature of your heart. This lovely video supports a sense of an altar which I can hear…. not only is it visually exquisite , the music touches  my emotional self during this unprecedented collective change.

As we discover new ways to flow with the great shift whilst in  the great pause , we will more than likely stumble & trip over parts of our Self.  May you find solace and peace in the rocky spaces as the days unfold.