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This Sequence lies at the heart of the Golden Path. You can locate your free hologenetic profile at

For those of you who wish to take this journey, I offer a complimentary Facebook group as support for the process, as an add on we shall have the option in the group of visually mapping your journey with creative arts, easy peasy….gentle into a bit of Intentional Creativity & JourneyCircles™ discover how art as process can inform your journey as the Venus Sequence becomes alive within.

Email me if you have questions and for the Facebook group link once you sign up.

The next Let’s Talk Venus Zoom ~ October 24th 11:00 am MST

Golden Path Guidance Readings are available Tuesdays thru Saturday at sliding scale., allow for 24 hours to respond ( I take Sunday’s off )

The links here are my affiliate link to this 6 month long journey with Richard Rudd and Tanmayo Lawson. Your life will be enriched with new tools and deeper understanding of the Language of Love & Frequency and how this technology of language informs your experiences in all of your relationships, most importantly your relationship with yourself.

Here is a video introduction with Richard Rudd

Let’s Talk Venus

Pop up conversation on Saturday at 11:oo am MST

Register here for the call, a special conversation .

What is the Venus Sequence ?

It is a Love Language.

A language of Love and Frequency encoded in your Gene Keys profile,

Bring your Gene Keys Profile , a cup of tea and we shall chat Venus.

Hope to see you tomorrow !

Love, Kendall

Honoring & Silver Linings


To begin, I extend my prayers to all, wishing ease & grace with the variety & various  wavelengths of circumstances that you may be finding yourself in ~ the list of unfortunate circumstances is long, yet I sense that the list of silver linings is growing too.

I want to introduce your to my friend and fellow Intentional Creativity Teacher, Ellison James.  She and I had a conversation last month and as we were sharing our paths and visions, a new vision emerged. ( that is often the case with creatives !) .  Ellison is joining my website as an contributor with her gifts.  As the next year comes, I hope to have more contributors with their unique points of view and offerings.   My new website is almost ready for launch, but I want to get this announcement out to you today.  

Ellison is a talented and remarkable Wisdom Guide offering us her insight and guidance of the changes for this point on the Wheel.   She is experienced in the Sacred Ways of the Medicine Wheel and is going to lead us in this Season’s Circle of Honoring.

The Event is Free, our gift to you ~



The Circle access opens at 5:45 pm PST we shall begin at 6:00 PM PST

Register here :

Bring pencil and paper and if you have craft/ journaling supplies available, bring those too, as we always love to dip into a bit of active intuitive intentional creativity.

If you have issues with the link; questions or would like to join the mailing list, please email me at


Last night we lost our National Treasure, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  In her honor, thank you for the gifts that you gave our country, that you gave to each of us.

image courtesy of Getty Images



These shifts and events are happening so quickly that we hardly have time to pause and integrate.  We may be witnessing our community in any variety of disaster or we are holding steady. Holding steady takes work, responding to an overwhelming shift in circumstances takes work. Whatever side of the situation we find ourselves in, we are together, holding prayers, activating healing, grieving.   Sacred Time is your ally as the hours pass.  I will say that again, Sacred Time is your ally , your supporter, as the hours pass.  

Once again, here is the Zoom link to register: Monday Night

In the meantime, we move on at a pace we cannot quite comprehend . I hope that you can take time for a cup of tea, for a sacred pause.




Event 7/23/2020

SiStars, you are invited to Join Kendall Sarah Scott and the Red Thread Creatives for a virtual Red Thread Circle** and creative class entitled, ” Nest of Love; Your Place in the Garden”.

1:00 pm PST
** Contact me on Facebook for the Zoom link

We find ourselves Nesting this year, a bit more than usual. Art accesses the energy within our hearts, we shall honor our symbolic Nest today as we identity our place in the garden of our heart. How we nest, express our cozy comfort and even take flight from the nest and back again.

This class offers you an opportunity, with color, form and symbol, to creatively imagine thru your own unique expression. Tips on collaging with paint (acrylic, water color, or pastels) will be offered, along with ideas of how you can delve into the depths of your magical imagination.

Bring your Tea and snacks, red thread or ribbon, and join us virtually for this creative fun & sisterhood. (No charge for this event!)

Supplies: surface to paint on (watercolor paper, canvas paper or journal page), paint (acrylic, watercolor, watercolor crayons, pastels.. you choose!), and magazine pictures, old photos, rice paper, ribbon … stuff that you love! You will also need brushes, glue, scissors, spray bottle, towels and water container, a stapler too !

Invite your friends!
(No “experience” or “talent” necessary – really!!)

**In Red Thread Circles, we come together and interweave the common threads of our stories. Circles are held around the world, and are for women who wish to gather with others as we share stories and a simple creative project which holds the energy of our visions for ourselves and the future.

** Contact me on Facebook for the Zoom link

Artist & Garden

Imagine that each flower in your garden is a potential project…unique yet a part of the flower bed.  As the garden is tended, one area weeded, another area becomes the more  pressing need.

These past several days, my computer became my garden in need of weeding and tending.  In order to more effectively create my blog post, the new website & course materials,  organization was called for, that and back up systems too !

As with large garden beds, the email account, hiding under some shade, needed clearing out as well.  I discovered that I had been unaware in a pin pointed way of seeing just how many emails the marketing machine generates.  It is unbelievable.

Now I know why I have so many, I just ignore them; thinking, oh, I’ll get back here, but I don’t and then three or four years pass leaving 20000 ( yes ) in my email account.  I have my favorite saves and favorite blogs.  I love a library,  from hardbound books, to kindle to even emails.  Saturday was spent reminiscing over a variety of emails.  I have a romantic soul….oh no…to delete or archive…but you need space….etc etc.

Do some of you remember when we had pen pals ?  Long before home computers, we had mail.  My delight with mail was collecting foreign stamps and pen pals from far away places…   over the summer vacation, friends who had gone off to Europe would send postcards…or even call !  Oh my , so exciting to get an overseas call, so romantic !

Well, the weekend experience led me to thinking about this 31 Day Blog challenge…it is a lot of mail.   Although I am not leaving the challenge , I am relaxing the delivery….the idea of the challenge is to get attention, that attention is to have you read my blog  and then in the current of the times…eventually I would invite you to a class or one of my Zoom calls. some free offerings some paid events.

I have spent the last few months re-inventing my lifestyle. Now that I work and live at home full time. I signed up with a Kajabi site and just had the best support call ever in creating the landing pages and getting them onto Facebook and in other places.

I belong to a terrific Art Community that has several handles….Cosmic Cowgirls ~ as created my Shiloh Sophia McCloud.  I have belonged for a…hmmm ( everything now is a really long time ) In any case, the pace of time and art  has moved along.  We have a wonderful community called The Red Thread Cafe ( Classroom ) we meet up on  Facebook to share our art and stories as we engage with Intentional Creativity.

( read about the Legend of the Red Thread here )

We also have a Red Thread Tribe , I will be leading the circle on July 23rd more details to come, and if you sign up for my newsletter you will get an announcement direct to your inbox.

Hence my work on my website and pages to get all these announcements together so that we can create and play in all areas of the garden of creativity !

More to follow in the days to come ~ I wish you ease as you begin your week, good health and to some , blessed recovery.   Step by step, that is how we will build our new future.