New Moon Magic

Out of the water, onto shore, the vibrant pulse of new life

finds us in the balance of zero degrees Aries, a fresh starting point for Springs arrival.

Re-Claim, Re-Imagine, Re-Story

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Embrace your visual Story

as the Magical New Moon rises

spin & weave in unique imagery with renewed vision.

Activate mythic imagination thru art, conversation and contemplation

2023 finds dynamic energies whooshing thru our collective imagination as circumstance and possibilities converge into a new world becoming.

The importance of inner journey work becomes as a key supporting this experience of shifting times.

no prior art experience needed…

Explore your archetypal connections to sky and earth thru imagery & creative playfulness with symbols and surprises thru blended expressive art practices.

As you create over time thru prompts and participation and emergent symbolic archetypal fields, chances are you’ll begin to experience an inner shift, perhaps even more bandwidth for your evolving Self

Creativity shifts Story

which creates pathways of healing and wholeness.

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