Madonna: Contemporary Ally Retreat 2018

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        Madonna: Contemporary Ally

“An exploration into the symbolism and meaning of the ever present Divine Feminine with emphasis on the Madonna as a contemporary ally for these times.”

As the awakening continues, both personal and collective, we have an opportunity to gather in circle for contemplation and inquiry in a experience of deepening our creative voice.

So much inner access to our content as creative beings can be accessed thru the harmonies of creative play… writing or art making experience is required to include yourself in this delightful experience.

This is an invitation to join us, Heloise and Kendall in a Women’s Only Retreat which will take place at the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains on March 1st – 4th this coming Spring of 2018 , on what will be, a beautiful Full Moon weekend.

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Summer Solstice 2017

Last night She came, the Bringer of Balance, the Woman of Night and Day. Illuminating us thru golden rays of our star shining ever so brightly.  Pulsing heat radiates across our lands as our Earth shifts, spirals and expands in change. Change man- made and change Cosmically ordained.  The Mysteries prevail, the secrets of Feminine Time yet to unfold her guides yet to reveal,  from the celestial waters into her embodied presence here on Terra Firma.

Within our daily flow, we experience our own personal sensibilities of feminine time ( with small capitols) in embodiment of the wisdom teachings of the Cosmic Feminine, from Sophia to Isis, Isis to the Magdalene and the Mary’s, these cosmic sisters have walked a path leaving star prints in sand and sky.

As we unfold into our learning with the Seasons, dancing as Nymph’s engaging with the Elements let us ponder the Stations of the Gates at this time of the Summer Solstice. Flow as you will on a ribboned pendulum thru the frequencies of being.

Conscious Sun:   Shadow;Gift; Siddhi:       Gate 15      Dullness ; Magnetism; Florescence

Dogbane Beetle

Conscious Earth:  Shadow; Gift; Siddhi:   Gate 10     Self-Obsession; Naturalness; Being

Sub Sun: Shadow Gift Siddhi:             Gate 25     Constriction; Acceptance; Universal Love 

Sub Earth Shadow Gift Siddhi:          Gate  46    Seriousness; Delight; Ecstasy



New Year 2017

Happy New Year Blessings to each of you. As our cosmos expands cycling thru star-fields of possibilities, our earth continues her dance marked by the seasons on the symbolic medicine wheel of life.

In Human Design, the Rave New Year begins when the sun enters the 41st Gate, which is the corresponding hexagram for the start codon in our genetics. Look to celebrate as Capricorn shifts to Aquarius in the symbolic zodiac ~January 20/21, 2017

Consider refreshing your Venus Sequence passage as you walk into this new year on your lightning path, feeling into your presence of your Life’s Purpose for this is where you stand, gentle or fierce.

“The hidden Gift, your Purpose, lies hidden deep within your DNA. When you trust in your highest dreams and have the courage to manifest them through your Life’s Work, then your Purpose begins to nourish you from deep within your being.

When you ignite the Gift of this Gene Key then you activate the forces of synchronicity and grace in your outer life. Your Purpose is all laid out for you already, and all you have to do is unlock it. This can only occur as you embrace your own inner nobility and express it through selfless service and unconditional love.”

You enter your Venus Stream from your earthly purpose, deep in the Mystery of the Goddess herself. She is here to nourish and ground each of us as we move into various relationships with emotional and cosmic forces, our inner mysteries revealed as veils are lifted and initiations met.


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Not a Straight Line


Not a Straight Line
Discovery revealed that once upon a time, to stretch from goal to goal worked.
In a straight Line, we moved from childhood to adulthood, from first kiss to parenting.
Living now in new geometries, the circle reveals her qualities, dips, swerves, curves,
the feminine is in the mark making, yet not in a straight line.
She lives within, in hidden code

venpic2and thus our new lives, our new stories unfold as we yield to deeper mystery.

“Under daylight’s glow, we walk beneath a canopy of stars, which more visibly shine upon us as the Sun, our solar star, sets in the western sky.  The myths are far and wide, stories reach from the Ancients to arc into our awakening modern identity. Our Ancestral pathways ,within our DNA Spiral, were birthed under these same stars. Constellations identified, glorified and mystified, set as beacons by the storytellers of old, sparkle as wise beings above.” excerpt from StarAlchemy by Kendall S. Scott

wishing on a star sung by Rose Royce

cancer-constellation-jamieson-1822-smWe enter the constellation of The Crab on June 20

the energies of The Wanderer meet us here in the Channel of Entertainment 56/11 , the power source of galactic center infusing this mid way point of Summer. The 11th Gate of the Visionary Shaman is known for the way of Light and seeks the 56th to meet in Story.

Gene Key 56

Siddhi:   Intoxication

Gift:     Enrichment

Shadow:     Distraction

Inquiry for this time ~ what story is carrying you ? Are you being carried away ?

Freedom by Kendall

Freedom by Kendall

The Earth at this time is will be grounded in Gene Key 60 as a contemplation into our Evolution.

Siddhi:      Justice

Gift:          Realism

Shadow:      Limitation

Under the surface, behind the veil of stars our Radiance pulses:

Radiance point at this juncture is:

Gene Key 3

Siddhi : Innocence

Gift: Innovation

Shadow: Chaos

Holding us to Purpose in the dense warm Earth

Gene Key 50

Siddhi: Harmony

Gift: Equilibrium

Shadow: Corruption

The Crab carries its home on its back, moving in sideways motion. Sacrificed in ancient battle and placed amoungst the stars as its reward. Representing safe harbor of home yet oftentimes also abandonment, The Crab is a deep dark sign, allowing a place for our emotional depths to rest and be nourished.

Nautilus provided by Wikimedia

Nautilus provided by Wikimedia