Visual Voice

Songs of the Pleiades

Taurus New Moon online Creative Circle

Friday, April 21st   7:00pm EST

~ Sacred Voice ~

The Pleiades, known as the Seven Sisters, bless us with their presence as springtime skies twinkle in resonance with Venus in a dance with the Twins, Gemini.  Our sacred voice, unique & ever present is enhanced within the dark nights prior to the birth of the New Moon’s field of becoming.

Dipping into Creative Depth as art process, gather in Zoom Circle on the Day of the New Moon. Each participant is guided to connect and create with their emerging images.

Activate, explore  transform your archetypal connections to sky and earth thru imagery & creative playfulness with symbols and surprises in blended expressive arts of Come to the Story™ .

We shall ponder the myths of Taurus; fertile, abundant, sensuous.

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