Supply List

Easily create with crayons, pens and office paper… or

gather more supplies, here is a suggested list.

Supply List:

Composition Book


Glue Sticks

Pens and Pencils

Pieces of colored construction paper
Fancy Paper
Glue stick
Red thread, yarn, string, embroidery thread

Water Color paper

14 x 18″ Canvas

Stabilio Pencil

Fun to create with:

Artist Tissue Paper


Extra Supplies:

Liquitex Gel Matte Medium / or Golden Gel Matte Medium

Gel Pens ie: paper mate Ink Joy .07

Quality paper for making Transfers

Create the Container, personally I enjoy working in a designated Cosmic SmashBook here are the Basics.

Begin with a composition book and a glue stick , and a pen : Honor your book with written intentions; write on the inner covers, front and back as well as the outer covers.

Keep the first & last page of the book empty and free to glue to the cover. All of your writing will be covered up or you may leave some letters peaking thru…this book will hold the vibrations of your intention.

Glue every two pages together, this creates a sturdier page. Approach this as a meditation, to soothe and ground you. With mindfulness…glue, scrunch, smash those pages. If you have energy to clear, put it in the process of the smash., add essence , like an essential oil spray…put your prayers and intentions into the smash of the pages. This is the beginning…now you have a container. Scroll further to see making the cover.

Each book you make will carry a theme of energy and frequency. As you create your studio resources plan so to get a set of MoonCircles™ and JourneyCircles™

Making the Cover: Kendall style:

Instructions for Bookcover Kendall style: to hold layers of paint and molding paste or joint compound

  1. take an office manilla folder and smear it with Liquitex Gel Matte medium and adhere it to the composition book, this achieves two things…strengthens the book and creates a substrate that can hold the next layers
  2. of course, write inside the folder your positive thoughts and intentions, write on the outside too. this is the vibration that goes into your book
  3. once the cover is in place, add a layer of color or your choice, I use Golden Fluid acrylics or several colors
  4. pick a stencil
  5. using either a heavy matte medium or joint compound create your stencil , let it dry
  6. once dry then add your color

use whatever you have .. it is all perfect! Use what you have right in front of you … regular journal or plain paper, even a paper bag