Messy Musings

One thing I know for sure, it is all Messy. No way around it, more simple, more mess

I have a curious even grasping mind, I want to know and understand many topics. I see them as interrelated elements to a whole. The study of such leads to more messy bits.

Now, oddly enough that Human Design training and study all comes back to haunt.

For instance, I want to do things, well and right…right a long time ago meant, correct…I think social conditioning placed a veil over my thinking mind, I’ve really become stuck in getting things “right”. Doing things “well” , what does that even mean ? I often find that rut within where I get stuck doing it right…or thinking it should be other than it is.

Now, I’ve taken a leap into Web-3 spaces, probably due to the fact that I get bored and the winter nights are long plus I have a vision of something that has tugged at my imagination for years. But, what am I committed to ?

Can you feel the trend here ? I may be about to go into some free flowing swirl writing. If you’ve caught on to my swirl writing , it’s about free flow and connecting the dots of the inner conversation, yet there may not be any seemingly connected dots, therefore you’ve accomplished getting your thoughts out and hopefully feel expressed and perhaps a solution has risen off the pages.

I can take that energy into an altered book, as a page and work it imaginally ( is there such a word ? )

Social Media = Messy Website=Messy Art=Messy

And you can pretty much bet, that if it is Messy, it is also Complicated, which indeed may stem from Chaos.

Chaos, a truly feminine expression can lead to impeccable innovative applications. ie: a chaotic art table full of paints, paper, materials leads to a contained imaginative sketch or collage, etc.

More messy bits, how to market your talents ? That’s a question I ask myself. I really don’t have an answer. For instance: I would like to sell my paintings to collectors, this does happen occasionally but my question is am I doing it right or well ? hmmm, a wise man would say, look at the results. But, I don’t want to do it conventionally, ie, set up a pretty website shop, blah blah blah…I have tried for years and it doesn’t feel right. Which leads to the thoughts of how unique each of us are…or is it how unique each of us is… ? I have an ongoing disagreement with grammar and syntax.

I think also that I have an ongoing debate with all these technical digital tools as well. Now there is Substack, yup, I have that one too…what and how I am going to play over there ?

This may be a many part conversation with my Messy Muse. Recently thru synchronicity, I discovered another aspect Muse, she is the Enchanted Muse. , she seems to know what she is doing in here arena over in the Web3 landscape, more to follow on her …

Once a month I hold a New Moon Magic creative circle, where we work with emergent themes under the glow of the new moon becoming ~ link here

Note to Self: the season of Aries has begun.

Private one on one Depth Coaching Packages, reach out to me by email for a conversation if you are interested in this type of relational coaching deep dive.

For the more advance Deep Diver, integration with Gene Keys and Human Design Archetypal exploration is available as a Sacred Journey™

Interested in your unique Sacred Journey ? Connect with me…

My work follows a narrative and conversational approach and is client led.

As life would have it, the printer just broke , need to run out to create a replacement solution.

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