Star Magic Moon Wisdom

Aries New Moon

Thursday, March 23rd   

2:00 pm EST

Celebrate Spring Equinox !

Red Thread Circle 

 Activate  Inner Wisdom and Knowing thru Expressive Art Process

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As we evolve together, our unique energy signatures expand their depth and awareness. Approaching the creative path as a Sacred Journey enhances the transformational process, whether from wounded to healed, from broken to whole, from curious to knowing into the treasure within. 

 Creative Journey allows for expansive possibilities within your StoryField.

 How do you discover hidden stories ?

Spring of 2023 marks a new beginning, a fresh threshold to cross over within the framework of wonder and mystery.  I invite you on a monthly journey in the darkened fields of the New Moon Becoming

Under the guidance Star Fields as well as the Sign of the Moon…. guided by totems and oracles, ancient wisdom with a contemporary touch we shall make creative pages of our unique vision and story

Increase your capacities of resilience for these times thru your inner journey creative workflow.

Class dates will flow to the Moon’s Cycle, while a wee bit inconvenient for our linear schedules, following her rhythm supports our attuning to natural cycles. 

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