“I did not know what to expect from the activation sequence, but I do know I was guided intuitively to connect with Kendall. My activation session with Kendall was incredibly illuminating, and in an environment that was gentle, light, and magical. With Kendall’s loving guidance, I was able to look deeply into the crevices of my fears, and witness the affect these deeply seeded feelings have had on me. I was able to make clear distinctions in how my shadows have kept me from living my life fully and authentically, and I feel our session created a clearing for me to see myself as I am. Moreover, this experience with Kendall has helped me to be in a place of appreciation for who I AM. Kendall’s vast understanding and expertise of working with the Gene Keys allowed me to delve into the subject matter of my Prime Gifts with uncomplicated guidance.

Thank you Kendall for being the instrument that pulled the sliver out, so the wound could begin to heal.”
– Michelle, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

had my Activation Session with Kendall this morning. What a gift! Kendall is such a loving, validating Presence and I feel blessed to have had my session with her. She opened my understanding to a higher level and gave me much information that validated things I already “knew that I knew” — Her knowledge of GeneKeys as well as other modes of Spiritual growth were exactly right for me. It felt like we have known each other for a very long time and I am so grateful to her for guidance and deep understanding. From my Heart to yours, Kendall–THANK YOU SO MUCH.
– Sue Gass

My activation session with Kendall, was quite a
turning point for me. Her absolute presence,
compassion, gentle sense of fun and humour
combined with direct honesty helped me to move
into a space of wholeheartedly embracing my
shadows – and from there begin to reveal the pearls
hidden in the depths. Kendall lovingly and generously
supported me to find the courage within to go the
whole way in order to emerge purged and feeling freer
than ever before in my life, no longer afraid to dive
back into the shadows if needed. She intuitively
knew exactly where I was at and from there lovingly
guided me in the right direction.

My activation session happened at exactly the right
time, since then I’ve been able to move out of my
Inertia, completing projects that I’ve procrastinated
over for a very long time. I feel clearheaded and fully
present in my life, much more willing to slow down
and allow things to unfold at their own pace. Now well
over a month later I can still feel the activation
continuing to move deeper.

Dear Kendall, my sister, I am forever grateful.
– Pia Mark, Scotland

I just loved the Activation Session with Kendall!
It felt like she was ‘right there’with me and it just
flowed and flowed…like an evolving dialogue that
wove deeper and around and through. Plus, she is
so easy to laugh with that we were immediately
connected from the beginning and it just got better
and better. She wove insights from Human Design
into the Prime Gifts revelations and that helped me
understand even more. Already I am experiencing
shifts the day after the session and really feel
“primed” for the Deep Dive. What a blessing!
Thank you, Kendall!
— Cheryl Salerno

Kendall Scott and I had our activation session.
We have the same gift.
The experience of her
session was beautiful and secretly powerful.
We used the power of sacred geometry, the matrix/program to send vibrations through and to
connect to the crystal that was shared between us.
The information still resonates within my auric field
and continues to vibrate through my being, activating
things slowly and abruptly.
Yes, poetic. Kendall is
warm and patient, offering space for words to resonate, as she helps grow your consciousness of terms and the understanding of the gift. Her vast knowledge of psychology, astrology, human design, and now genekeys offers a global and integral approach to the session and to unlocking the pure gift!
Thank you
Kendall! The moment was magic.