New Moon Magic ~ Scorpio

Vaisilisa by Ivan Bilibin

As this season shifts in splendid color taking us into our deep winter, the New Moon in Scorpio arrives on November 4th.

Imagine…you are in the forest deep…with a lighted torch lit by Baba Yaga’s Fire…what are you seeking?

Currently the tale of Baba Yaga stirs my imagination, there are a variety of stories associated with this hag, this Cosmic Crone. Sometimes horrid and awful, sometimes beneficent, her wild ways stimulate inventiveness and mystery. Achieving the impossible our compromised innocent, Vasilisa overcomes the witches’ challenges with her magical doll.

With vivid imagery , natural forces of nature, the Dawn, Day and Sunset are personified by magnificent horseman. And what tale would be a tale unless we had the naughty step mother and step sisters taunting their new sister ?

On that note, I invite you to join in a New Moon Magic Creativity Circle, where you are guided thru creative prompts and conversation to create in your art journals or Cosmic Smash Books, the tale as it relates & inspires you.

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