The Moon, She grows…

November’s StoryTime began with the tale of Vasilia, The Beautiful, often also called The Brave. At the end of this post is the story’s version written by Marianna Mayer ( thank you) .

Our New Moon Magic seeded this current storyfield with intentions & images drawn from the folktale in the forest deep of the flying hag (who lives in a house on chicken legs) Baba Yaga, Lady of the Forest.

StoryTime continues this Thursday Evening, Nov 11th 7:00 pm MST

we shall explore Wisdom, Magic Spells, Frogs and Finding our Way…with Vasilisa the Wise

This week our StoryTime continues with Vasilisa The Wise, and frogs play a big part ! Sometimes also known as the Frog Princess. Research reveals that there are quite a few renditions of most of these folktales. We shall be explore nuances of the symbolism is this tale thru art making, inquiry and giggles!

Pondering Self Care and Story thru creative expression of folk tales, fairytales and myth is a favorite pastime, especially in the darkening months of Winter in our northern hemisphere, I hope that the same tales will be enjoyed as a Springtime play in the sisterhood of the southern !

Zoom call time is short which adds a unique pressure to the creative process, an Intentional Creativity Teacher and Guide works with her group simultaneously co-creating with the theme. The “quick fire” approach to collaging and creative depth work is also used…the rapid , “grab” and “tear” technique allows a space for the psyche to create with a free reign from the fixed mind of intended image choosing. Approaches of intentional and intuitive, slow paced /fast paced methods yield informing results.

Images from Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave:

Guardian ~ Gaze of the GoatFish ~ 30×40″ by
Kendall Sarah Scott©2021

My Canvas originals can be viewed at


Creativity, art making, deep diving into story ~ art can take us many places. Looking for a way to hold my thoughts and process, I discovered (many moons ago) an Intentional Creativity® process called Cosmic Smash Booking ™, I enjoyed that I could take my thoughts and a coloring crayon, add collage and paint to my musings and arrive at an expression that held meaning for me. Hope that you can join in and discover a fun way to express and decompress !

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