Temple Space

Faced with immense changes and shifts in her orientation, She persevered. Whew…what a way to begin every day these past 16 years let alone the more intense collective shift that we are all experiencing these past two.

Since the last new moon when I was story walking with Baba Yaga, I took action an a committed goal, that of “going thru” what I will call “my archives” , you know , those boxes of hidden papers, closets and files and stuff that you are going to someday organize, or reorganize…. Well, I did it. It was intense in a new way. A different kind of review…who was near and dear, all those cards and letters refreshing the memories of many loved ones who didn’t live to see these more stressful pressured times.

And, I went thru all my education files…organized them, blessed them, filed and threw away…acknowledging what a journey this phase of life has been as I prepare for the next phase. Having an independent spirit is no easy thing. Being a visionary and mystic child isn’t easy either, oftentimes behind the wave …or way ahead of the curve seeking middle ground and harmony. It’s been a challenge…oh yes, and then there is the Rebel aspect of the Muse Gone Rogue…where, I am going to do life my way…still learning that one…

Which leads me exploring an explanation of a feeling I have and have had for a very very long time…against all the odds of everything that is so wonky , now, in our NOW, I really heartfully feel that we can have this shift that we are working towards, or living into….and I really do heartfully experience that active creativity supports us in our personal flow of change , integrating the new and old….creating the yet unseen, bringing the unseen into form and messages that are deep within to the forefront.

And this is why I work with my clients one on one and in group, plus with myself to create Temple Space so that I have a “Room of my Own” beyond what used to be a child’s diary. The contractions of time/space/ and physical spaciousness are mitigated with setting aside creative space. Your StoryTime Smashbook is a container created and filled with heart. This past year we’ve created Moon Wisdom books beginning with the Full Moon, then the Lion’s Gate offered a new portal, the New Moon Magic Smashbook Oracle….and now, for 2022 StoryTime, a Come to the Story Journey Book…where the old will meet the new thru Fairytales, Myths and Stories of Old….we will reframe our stories with alchemical vision and artistic exploration. StoryTime, our first StoryTime begins January 22, 2022 with a 5 week creative exploration of the Crescent Moon Bear, StoryTime purchase includes New Moon Magic…for the New Moon theme will initiate the journey….

Each month begins with a New Moon portal...here is the link Next New Moon Sunday, January 2nd,2022

Join for StoryTime December 11th Saturday 12:00 pm MST with a recording,

Storytime Sign up Link here recording sent next day so you can story walk anytime….

Full Moon Wisdom celebrated December 18th 2:00 pm MST Moon Wisdom Free class Time Zone Muse below….

Coming in January 2022 StoryTime with the Crescent Moon Bear, a 5 week visual and narrative Story walk

price includes New Moon Magic for January ….

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