Red Thread Musings….

There can be no mistaking that in our global and personal cultures we really are in the midst of a great change. Having my MoonBeam tea this morning, contemplating last night’s spectacular sky, tho chilly I stood in wonderment underneath the crescent moon’s glow stunned by the brilliant light of planets of dancing around her.

I do enjoy Christmas…each and every year that I can recall, the December Earth energies of this time of year thrill me. That we string lights and celebrate our beliefs adds to Earth’s splendor, the cold air, crisp nights, tree lights beaming in thru the neighborhood windows. When I moved to Santa Fe, I was so surprised that the city was fully decorated by the day after Thanksgiving…that was 36 years ago and since then I have followed the same tradition, although I do take my time. The Plaza trees are fully wrapped in lights, the luminarias are going up…I have my sand pile and candles ready to make my own. ( A luminaria or farolito is a small paper lantern which is of significance in the southwestern United States at Christmas time, especially on Christmas Eve.)

There are so many moments filled with memories of family and friends who have moved on from this world, Christmas is tender and special with friends still here and filled with hope of calling in healing and wholeness. The possibility of mending differences lies in the energies of these days.

Not a day goes by now that isn’t shadowed with deep and active change. Which is why I work with art. Art making stabilizes my Being supporting an expansion into timelessness, I can skim surfaces or dive deep into process, or just play and be silly, laugh or cry.

Since Covid came, my world has migrated even more to online interactions. Not is a zillion years did I ever think that I would be hosting online Creative Circles. Another memory flashback to my childhood when the neighborhood women would gather in their embroidery circles…with thread and needles they would teach me the art of threading and design.

” It is said, that an invisible red thread connects

those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance.

The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never be broken”

                                                                       Ancient Chinese Proverb

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