Event 7/23/2020

SiStars, you are invited to Join Kendall Sarah Scott and the Red Thread Creatives for a virtual Red Thread Circle** and creative class entitled, ” Nest of Love; Your Place in the Garden”.

1:00 pm PST
** Contact me on Facebook for the Zoom link        https://www.facebook.com/kendall.s.scott

We find ourselves Nesting this year, a bit more than usual. Art accesses the energy within our hearts, we shall honor our symbolic Nest today as we identity our place in the garden of our heart. How we nest, express our cozy comfort and even take flight from the nest and back again.

This class offers you an opportunity, with color, form and symbol, to creatively imagine thru your own unique expression. Tips on collaging with paint (acrylic, water color, or pastels) will be offered, along with ideas of how you can delve into the depths of your magical imagination.

Bring your Tea and snacks, red thread or ribbon, and join us virtually for this creative fun & sisterhood. (No charge for this event!)

Supplies: surface to paint on (watercolor paper, canvas paper or journal page), paint (acrylic, watercolor, watercolor crayons, pastels.. you choose!), and magazine pictures, old photos, rice paper, ribbon … stuff that you love! You will also need brushes, glue, scissors, spray bottle, towels and water container, a stapler too !

Invite your friends!
(No “experience” or “talent” necessary – really!!)

**In Red Thread Circles, we come together and interweave the common threads of our stories. Circles are held around the world, and are for women who wish to gather with others as we share stories and a simple creative project which holds the energy of our visions for ourselves and the future.

** Contact me on Facebook for the Zoom link        https://www.facebook.com/kendall.s.scott

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