Honoring & Silver Linings


To begin, I extend my prayers to all, wishing ease & grace with the variety & various  wavelengths of circumstances that you may be finding yourself in ~ the list of unfortunate circumstances is long, yet I sense that the list of silver linings is growing too.

I want to introduce your to my friend and fellow Intentional Creativity Teacher, Ellison James.  She and I had a conversation last month and as we were sharing our paths and visions, a new vision emerged. ( that is often the case with creatives !) .  Ellison is joining my website as an contributor with her gifts.  As the next year comes, I hope to have more contributors with their unique points of view and offerings.   My new website is almost ready for launch, but I want to get this announcement out to you today.  

Ellison is a talented and remarkable Wisdom Guide offering us her insight and guidance of the changes for this point on the Wheel.   She is experienced in the Sacred Ways of the Medicine Wheel and is going to lead us in this Season’s Circle of Honoring.

The Event is Free, our gift to you ~



The Circle access opens at 5:45 pm PST we shall begin at 6:00 PM PST

Register here :  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0tfuipqT4uGt2SzOcRwak68eVfvbJir70M

Bring pencil and paper and if you have craft/ journaling supplies available, bring those too, as we always love to dip into a bit of active intuitive intentional creativity.

If you have issues with the link; questions or would like to join the mailing list, please email me at kendallsarahscott@gmail.com


Last night we lost our National Treasure, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  In her honor, thank you for the gifts that you gave our country, that you gave to each of us.

image courtesy of Getty Images



These shifts and events are happening so quickly that we hardly have time to pause and integrate.  We may be witnessing our community in any variety of disaster or we are holding steady. Holding steady takes work, responding to an overwhelming shift in circumstances takes work. Whatever side of the situation we find ourselves in, we are together, holding prayers, activating healing, grieving.   Sacred Time is your ally as the hours pass.  I will say that again, Sacred Time is your ally , your supporter, as the hours pass.  

Once again, here is the Zoom link to register: Monday Night



In the meantime, we move on at a pace we cannot quite comprehend . I hope that you can take time for a cup of tea, for a sacred pause.




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