1. the quality or state of being tranquil; calm.
  2. “passing cars are the only noise that disturbs the tranquility of rural life”

I began this blog post on January 4th…thinking that Tranquility would be the theme of the month ~ little did I know that pace of living would quicken and the themes I was seeking, those of peace and contemplation, wouldn’t be met without a struggle.

In the Human Design Cosmology, the I Ching Hexagram 41 marks the beginning of the Rave New Year on January 22, 2022. I have been living this timing for awhile and have personally have validated the nuances for me. I quote the following that described the activity from January 1- 21st.

“These days can be difficult as we close out this past year and we deal with themes of obstruction, opposition, a drive for material success, mental pressure to find inner truth, wanting facts and a physical pressure for something new to happen only to be met by limitation.” quoted from Mary Ann Winiger.

Now we begin…to step one foot at a time into the wonderment of response or not into that of becoming, touching into the mystery of the gifts of these times.

As I chose the imagery for this winter’s StoryMoon a five week intentional creativity/cosmic smash book journey with The Crescent Moon Bear, I chose the soft color of pink to represent the tone, which so matched my mood in December. Now the Bear has become a new color, that of a vibrant red-orange…this color has been energizing and strengthening warming these cold days.

Now, Human Design is filled with Codes as is the I Ching, Gene Keys and the Mysteries…we each embrace the discovery our unique inner codes to awaken into a more deeply felt inner life or not. Art making allowing for inner space and time to integrate Story Codes…to discover them and work them out.

Today I am mapping out details of Saturday’s becoming more and more excited with each click on the keyboard.

This is an open enrollment course as is Devotion, so read the links to see what feels right for you, if you would like to join in you are more than welcome.

Creatively, we shall be making pages in our Cosmic SmashBook ™ engaging the folktale as a mapping legend into the mountainous landscape of our inner selves to tame the wild bear and perhaps meet some allies along the way. Paper Clay will be used, as well as transfer creation…also, we shall be painting from Smash to a very steady easy classic Color of Woman style of Intentional Creativity.

And to expand on the theme of Tranquility…my seeking of such…Devotion got off to a sweet start, also an open enrollment visit the Devotion page, is it any wonder that this month’s image also has dynamic coloring !

Thank you to each of you who attend Come to the Story Creative Circles making this work in the world a wonderful success with your presence, wisdom and amazing art work !

Happy Rave New Year! 2022 ( I really like this number !)

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