Welcome , July !

Welcome July !

I have joined the Paul Taubman’s Ulimate Blog Challenge for the month of July.  I shall strive to post each day, although , I was sidetracked yesterday with all the construction noise in my neighborhood.  Despite Covid 19, a new development is underway up the hill from my place and backhoe’s were busy opening up waterlines close to my backyard the thrum of the machinery shook the the area for hours, then the boom of night time firecrakers topped off the evening.  Today is more relaxing with just the hum of road traffic and the occasional birds chirping. The clouds are moving across the Mesas , I do hope that they bring rain.

Actually, I chose my theme for the month over this past weekend, I will reveal it in a day or two.  Today I will write post two blogs to catch up into the blog challenge ~ and offer you inqueries for your journaling practice and contemplation,  we shall begin with the word, Devotion , it resonates with the 29th Gene Key , which holds the Gift of Commitment and in its highest expression emanates Devotion.  Of course there is that Shadow piece, HalfHeartedness; as the pendulum swings from Shadow to Light, remember, every Shadow holds a Gift.

Inquiries: How do I transform my Half-Heartedness into Commitment ?   How do I experience Devotion ? What am I Devoted to ?

My initial inquiry into Devotion reveals that I am steadily drawn into the realms of History and Mystery which then takes me down many rabbit holes of exploration.  Covid Time has redefined how I spend my days, as I am sure it has affected so many of us in reorienting our time and focus.


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