2020 Summer Soltice

New Portals opened these past few days.  Keeping up with the rapid pace of change finds me moving in Time my own way. I am simply unable to race with the changes.

There actually is no competition with Time, even tho it may seem so.

Many years have been spent contemplating my Human Design , I contemplate this knowledge with the Gene Keys wisdom, always working the weave of insights which are more pertinent in the Now.  Well, as close as I can get.

Waiting.  Yes, the insight to the concept of waiting.  Meditation can take you so far on the waiting game as you watch and wait for your next inhale or images from monkey mind to cloud your thinking as you sit, watch and wait.     Human Design has Profile, each Profile has its strategy and authority, the majority of us are Generators, we are designed to respond….and in that learning , we also can attune to the the Waiting , our response waits to be felt in our being , our body, deep within the belly.

Feminine Time,  yin energy, Goddess of the Pause. She allows spaciousness to enter this compressed world of yang , go go go….Covid Time…..we enter into a stop gap, an opportunity for Pause.  Reconfiguration time, as national shadows are turned, just as the ocean turns the deep to the surface.  We learn, struggle, suffer.  We all are suffering the great shift in our year of 2020,  with the gains of more possible applied wisdom strategies for a more fair tomorrow.

Ok, I wasn’t going to write all that. I just wanted to mention that I wanted to note that we crossed a threshold.   I am going to draw a medicine wheel ( in my new journal )  to mark make, so that I remember.  And this post is a mark, to remember.   Link posted below to listen to Richard Rudd’s Solstice Meditation to also note the mark.

There is more to come, a teaching site, a guided Living Your Design course, so you can access Human Design basics.  Guided Creative Cartography videos in the making….and a bit more.

Stay safe, take care, onward…..






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