Creative Cartography ™

What is Creative Cartography™?

As story arises as if out of the ethers, so does your creative expression resulting in your Creative Cartography™ practice.

During this renaissance of transformational times, we are becoming more collectively aware of the story within our genetic codes, our Bones Stories, thru various archetypal and ancient wisdom teachings our underlying stories are waiting to be told.

Sometimes they are obvious, on the surface, sometimes they are deeper.  Even when we have been working on ourselves for many years, finding ourselves (now ) at the chopping wood carry water state of being and service.

We often think, I‘ve done it all….yet, life has a way of being a mystery and within that mystery are deeper layers and ways of knowing.

This is where Creative Cartography ™ weaves a blend of Art, Science & Transformational Wisdom Teaching into a tapestry, your tapestry of the mysterious wonders with the Body/Mind connection with the Divine ~ For you to discover your Living Mythologies. You are a living myth full of Archetypal stories, your Anatomy holds the keys and clues , and will reveal more of your Story Path.

Story Prescription™ founder Melanie Weller and I have teamed up to present Finding your Sacred Voice, the first in our series of Sacred Anatomy/Sacred Story offerings.

 The curious thing is , only you hold the secret treasures of your Sacred Voice yet yours is a vital voice in the chorus of Humanity.

Please join us for three weeks of Creative Exploration  of Finding your Sacred Voice   Begins on April 29th.

Click here to link to the sign up page.


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