Long awaited and well received, The Dream Arc course is here !

I invite you to check out the new course and the Gene Keys as well. This is a magical aspect of the Golden Path Journey and one I hope that you will enjoy. Read more here and on the site too !

Dream Arc Sage, Richard Rudd and Guide, Rosy Aronson

My inner cosmic smashbook muse is looking forward to getting started with this journey as well !

Unrest still ripples thru the lands, fires here in New Mexico create collective agitation. Some days have a peaceful quality, some days not so much. My creative projects are blooming, with more on the way. Creativity an ever giving well of potential.

Prayers continue for Ukraine, I recommend a global Clubhouse social media room called The Big Picture the international contributors and participants reflect a balanced knowledge of global affairs and history. Seeking connection to the situation in Ukraine which began at the end February, I returned to Clubhouse ( after a time out ) and The Big Picture club immediately captured my attention. This room was begun by Pyotr Kurzin, to inform, discuss the situation. This room speaks to the topic.

Pyotr Kurzin and Anna Olizarivska

Read more here on the Clubhouse blog https://blog.clubhouse.com/

Clubhouse can be joined via and app on your phone.

Pytor has begun a top notch podcast https://theglobalgambit.buzzsprout.com/