Sighs, Sorrow, Hope

Writing a blog is not so easy.

What more is there to say in this world of non stop information ? I wonder as I free write this morning.

Well, as ever, there is always more to express.

This week my community felt the sorrow of mass shooting. It was more close to home than was comfortable as tho any violence anywhere is comfortable.

Our tears are flowing. The city and campus grieving. Praying from a state of shock and prayer that my area would be spared, as the city just didn’t know the next unfolding eruption of violence. Sheltering in place, lights out, I reached out to long distance friends for support, am so thankful that it was there. Then the arc of concern grew as the news revealed the sorrows that families will bear for those who were harmed, killed & injured in the physical statement of ones life ending. For those in close proximity to the event, they will be dealing with reverberating fears for some time to come, perhaps forever.

Take your sorrows, sighs and hope to the Creative Page

How do we live thru changing times, within this compression of experiences in this mystery of expansion & becoming ?

Can we weave hope into our communities thru the sorrows of the mental illness & trauma that grips our psyches and cities ?Becoming into wholeness takes intentional focus, self care and patience.

Ponder resilience.




  1. 1.the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”the remarkable resilience of so many institutions”
  2. 2.the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

The Sigh

by Ted Kooser

You lie in your bed and sigh

And the springs deep in the mattress

Sing out with the same low note

Mocking your sadness.

It’s hard.

Not the mattress, but life

Life is hard. All along

You thought you could trust in

Your own bed, your own sorrow.

Your thought you were sleeping alone.

Then we take to the page, either written or visual, perhaps it is to music making, we take our feelings to Creative Expressions to transform, to express, to work it out, to land into a new sense of being and Self. A place to connect with our Soul.

Next New Moon Magic Creative Circle, Monday 2:00 pm EST

We gather monthly in the dark creation fields of lunar essence to create on the page, together, expressing our unique approach to emerging symbolic topics of the time.

sign up here class is offered via Zoom

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