My visual theme for July is Kaleidoscope.  Do you recall having one as a child ?

Mesmerizing and magical, the kaleidoscope provides visual surprises, perhaps inspiring Mandala making with vibrant paints or paper play.

Coined by its Scottish inventor David Brewster, “kaleidoscope” is derived from the Ancient Greek word καλός (kalos), “beautiful, beauty”, εἶδος (eidos), “that which is seen: form, shape” and σκοπέω (skopeō), “to look to, to examine”, hence “observation of beautiful forms.” (Source Wikipedia )”Kaleidoscope by William Leigh, sold at London Christie's in 2000 ...

Today’s post, short and visually vibrant…..Sunday is my day to ponder and fuss, not to think so much.  The winds have picked up with a surprising strong breeze, a good afternoon rain will come…perhaps I will be fussing with my water color paints to find the purple that is in this image below ;  or I may print this image and create a collage …. What creative endeavor will you be inspired to express today ?

2 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope

  1. You brought back wonderful memories! How I remember my kaleidoscope I’ll have to get one for my GGdaughter, I’m sure Lia would love it!


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