I enjoy tracking my inspirations and signs from the natural world. For instance, I am kaleidoscope inspired , especially attracted to the vibrant purple in yesterday’s image…this led to organizing my watercolor paints to find which purples that I have on hand.

Today tho, the color search led to fruit…blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.  When blended together with Bing Cherry yogurt, they make a very colorful delicious smoothie.

Kendall’s Art Smoothie

Heaping serving spoon of Bing Cherry yogurt

Handful of frozen wild main blueberries

Handful of mixed frozen strawberries & raspberries

One small banana

Ground flax seed

Blend til smooth & enjoy !


3 thoughts on “Blueberries

  1. This sounds amazing! My blueberry & raspberry bushes are loaded this year, I just have to wait until they are ripe…….luckily I have a little of last years harvest still in the freezer. LUNCH!


  2. Hi Lori, I keep my ground flaxseed in the frig until ready to use, I don’t taste it all all in my smoothie. I think whole flaxseed might need refrigeration too ? Enjoy your oatmeal !!! Sounds good.


  3. Wow! that sounds delicious. Lately, we’ve been having oatmeal with blueberries and strawberries and that’s a real treat. Do you find that the ground flaxseed tastes a bit “fishy”? I made some crackers with flaxseed (my first try eating flaxseed) and we needed to throw them away because the aroma was Sooooooooo fishy. Now I’m hesitant but I have this big bag of flaxseed just sitting there… 😉


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