Child of the Universe

The simple fact is that the world energies are immensely challenging.

The messages of the days are not always upbeat and cheery, that just isn’t real.


There is a continuum of expression within our Being.

My vocation is that of Depth Work.

Thru excavating  depths within, I find my Light and Radiance. Deep Diving.

Active participation with the mysterious Wheels of Life.

There is a popular notion that we are to become Embodied …what does that even mean ? Embodied into what ?  Release the Light within ?  Claim the Divine ?

This is where Art and Image come to Dance with Wisdom Codes.

Wisdom Codes around the Wheel of Life  unlock contemplative inner quests of Magic and Mystery.

Now , if I had all my IT  ( internet technologies ) together, I would link like mad to other resources.  This current website process is an Emergent One.  Just like our environment, our current world circumstances, they are Emergent, Quantum….Mysterious.   As the step is taken the stair appears.

We become Story Catchers.

We become Creative Cartographers with a Legacy.

                                                                                 This Summer, my world will become , as will yours.

Gene Keys Mandala

As we move into questioning and contemplating these notions  by embracing playfulness , a spark of embodied consciousness might reveal itself, I think this is called, Self Awareness.  Our evolution of Self and Other.

Some mornings I awaken with certain poetic memories floating thru my mind.  This one came the other morning.  I truly longed to hear it.  Today, I share it with you. It is at the end of the post.

I listened to this; became very sad.   Grief comes and goes.  Important to acknowledge one’s tears and pain within the HeartSelf.  I will go paint my tender grief today, and it will become expressed.  Expressive Art making supports moving energy thru and out of the body, embracing the flow of the moment to arrive to an expressed balance place.

And if that stirred me then this poetic video that is at the beginning of my postcame forth, and I really began to cry.  I am reminded of all those whom I have loved and continue to adore.  Tender , tender tender memories.  So, I will mark make on my canvas with my tear water, and paint my prayers into the canvas.  Prayers and memories.  Joys and wounds will make their way into a work called “Artifact”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This is the poem which tugged at me this morning….what is tugging your Imagination ?  Your Heart ?

Creativity isn’t a step by step process.  It is emergent, messy, touching….inspiring.

Creativity Spirals, like Feminine Time.  Deep Spirals , calling forth more for the journey within and without.

   Stardust Blessing,


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