Spirals, Circles & Squares

Under “stay at home ” , I am at home.  As we know,  there are many many details that make a home.   Now many of us have home offices; our family members now have work/schools spaces ; creatives also make their art spaces sometimes carving space out of no where .  We call these spaces our Studio (someday I will have a 1000 sq foot studio maybe even more ! )  With some surprise arranging,   I re-imagined my workroom and created several  art making surfaces.  I ordered a firm table ,currently I use card tables,  the table should arrive next week , then I can film some demos for the blog.

I have two cats, Cookie and Gigi; well, Cookie found my cleared space just perfect for her lounging !  There is an invisible vortex phenomena.  The space is clear, all is in order and in a blink of an eye, there is chaos..

Yesterday, the morning revealed a spark of inspiration, happily I got to my work table;photographed images and went to the computer to document my collage.

Which led me to a spiral experience, first I had to unwind the files….clear out to make space on the computer…I tripped into ancestry files, cleared and organized those, then on to the image files to back up the system this weekend.  Before you know it, Gmail sent me a notice that my storage was full and please clear those files.

I was working in circles.  I have noticed that if I don’t fight it , I find a flow .  I didn’t get the collage made, but it might get done during this post.  If I relax from working in a straight line, allowing myself to move from what is arising, then circle back , holding the vision, while surrendering to response in the now, I do get somewhere, even tho there are linear mini steps along the way.   This is like scribble art,   allowing the pencil to move direction with a non destination destination.  You know it when you get there.  You step into the unknown , something magical happens. Quantum Alchemy , where you have created space to express; to achieve, to just be and then you just know what you may not have known before. You have entered the Pause, the Wave, the Flow.

I work in several collage styles to work with Expressive Arts, one of them is with Journey Circles™, another is in a Cosmic Smashbooking.  I keep many many visual journals, processing my dreams and feelings thru visual expression.

Working with image is a uniquely individual experience, we can create our own fresh, or use magazine or digital images. I keep a good printer to replicate images for collage, as magazines aren’t always accessible.

Creating anytime can be nourishing. Creating thru Covid Time, may be a way to keep record of the experience. 

2 thoughts on “Spirals, Circles & Squares

  1. If your like me, you must be excited about your new table. When I first started sewing I used the dining room table. When hubby built me a 60″x 144″ work table I was in heaven Love all your creations!


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