Discovering Frida along the Creative Path

Along the Creative Path, Artists meander, linger, emulate, learn, express….stumble, discover, reveal , complete…and repeat.

This Friday Evening July 2nd, Celebrating Frida event ( Free ) and on Saturday, July 3rd, a painting workshop delivered in two sessions. You will discover that creating in two sessions activates and inspires more of the Muse !

Thru the month of July, you are invited to join me energetically and sometimes online in the discovery of iconic energies that we find along the Creative Path. This month I am following the spirited icon known as Frida Kahlo.

To prepare for the journey ~

Suggestions :

Go wild and google Frida Kahlo , find her images, photos and paintings on Pinterest too !

Over these next few days, attune yourself to your environment, to see what shows up…what synchronicities are aligned with the discovery of yourself with Frida ?

Prepare an inspirational Altar for your Creative Self and Frida.

Begin a visual and written journal dedicated to this month.

Inner Weather

I am forever surprised at how my inner weather moves. Not feeling very poetic these last few weeks, feeling , well not quite stuck, but in a calm, a quiet calm, yet, not really…an inner storm ? Occasionally. Indifference ? Sometimes. Kind of like…well, waiting for my Muse to return from Safari. Her Safari would be a visual one, a painterly one.

June has never been an easy month for me, feeling the Summer’s seasonal shift has been historically uncomfortable. Do you relate to your inner shifts with the changes within Nature too ? Is there a month that is just , different in tone and presence ?

For a few weeks this month ( until the 20th) I am exploring the element of Air as it relates to the obvious shifts in natural air flow movement as well as the metaphoric. Wind, breezes, gales….tornados….stifled air… all the while taking that Air element into conscious consideration , allowing Air to support my mental activities, noticing my stop and go patterns.

Words travel upon the Air. Over the Air Waves….planes ….now that is an idea….Planes are lifted into the Air as if by Magic. Then we get to Magic Carpets…

Something did happen…something always is happening. Someone else’s magic carpet delivered a gift, this gift was full of surprise. The surprise is requiring some integration by me, and here I am feeling abandoned by my Muse.

We Intentional Creativity devotees follow our Muses very very closely, in fact, our Muses more often than not are the ones who have taken control of our lives. However, when she goes on Safari, it takes some effort to call her back.

My favorite audible book this month is “Smoke Hole” by Dr. Martin Shaw; Smoke, another Air quality, something that become within it…very mysterious from wood to Air to ash. He narrates the most beautiful rendition of “The Handless Maiden” that I have ever heard. I wept. Several moons ago, I painted my Handless Maiden.

And like the Air that moves , swirls and plays, so do my words and thoughts. How to summon my Muse this June ?

As a creative with an intention of Devotion to Art as a Sacred Practice, I challenge myself to keep showing up. I notice the threads of many coded keys of Being tugging at my consciousness. The Shadow Keys of Inertia and Indifference , for instance…

A willingness to be awkward with my writing may call the Muse back. A willingness to continue to step into the next moment , may call her back. Even if she doesn’t return as I wish, I am still Cosmic Smash Booking today.

Here is the link if you would like to join me;

Releasing Your Genius

I am going to be Releasing My Genius onto the page, transforming my Air Shadows, honoring awkwardness.

ps: there is an evening session tonight too….Smash the Shadows….Release Your Genius ~


A big thank you to all the responses to my website this past month ! April certainly brought a lot of sweet surprises. I learned about branding, I restructured my website and am actually learning how to work Mailchimp. For each question of “how do I do that” there is a training, boy it is quite a spinning whorl to shake off once you have gone thru it.

This coming week, May 12th a special Cosmic Smash Book class is planned “Reveal Your Genius” with Value as our theme. Read more here on the class page. More events are brewing in my Cauldron of Creativity that will be announced next week. ( maybe even in a newsletter ! )

“Reveal Your Genius”

I wish you a blessed healing weekend .

With Stardust Love,


How does today’s artist have the opportunity to stretch beyond their limitations ? Take my website for instance. It began as a vanity site for me to voice my thoughts regarding my various interests, then it became an endeavor in braiding those interests into the visual world, now , as with the seasons, my site continues to refresh and reorient itself to take itself into the marketplace.

Am I the captain of my ship ?

Where does our creative self meet the page and the circle ? At home, we meet the circle of our family…(in my case, my cats) Now, that we have been home alone for a bit, many of us very much isolated, what inner circle did we meet inside the home of our Soul ? Some of us lost our jobs, our community of colleagues ( I did ) . All of us have lost friends to the end of life, or softly said “over the rainbow bridge”. I can only guess at the pressured changes for those who were outside the home, creating homelike circles within their working areas, such as our healthcare providers and all the supporting retail staff a the markets and cafes.

How do we come back from all of this under turning ? Can we give ourselves and our communities the time we need to rebalance and regenerate from the ever churning belly of change ?

I had thought that I would pour myself into artmaking, such as actually at the canvas. Instead my focus went into riding the waves of 2020 in daily surprise, resting quite a bit and exploring the next steps. I did consistently work in my watercolor journals and my comic smash books. There also seemed to be endless amounts of time and uncertainty. Seasons continued to shift , the earth continued to rotate , now I am in an active unfolding of so much dreaming that my schedule is almost out of control.

As an artists we can stretch even further to gather circles in our virtual neighborhoods. Making art doesn’t require perfectionism or judgement…getting to the page with color & crayon, moves our energy, helps the body and soul. Writing doesn’t have to be exquisite…although I do wish that I could turn a phrase like Martin Shaw !

Artwork on this page is that of Kendall Sarah Scott ©2021

Creative Changes…

Collectively we have been tightrope walking.

There I said it, we pray for change; it does come, although change seems to be guided by the hands of Nature and Folly, perhaps the Fates really do exist. I am praying for good changes. Am grieving for the difficult changes. The tightrope of duality is more than obvious these days.

So….sigh. This is what I am doing …I am creating gatherings, creating altars and prayers. Adapting better selfcare practices and reinventing my environment. I am also guiding and teaching classes which brings my heart so much joy and lightness, while also grappling with my cranky ornery side. ( as in “some hogs are just mean and ornery”)

This weeks schedule:

Thursday, April 22 ” Reveal Your Genius” Cosmic Smash Book class , this week’s theme “Gifts of Caring”

We are going to activate our “Planetary Healer”

“The 27th Gift has many insights for us. It is a profound and magical Gene Key. The most important Gift it brings is this unselfish attitude that comes from knowing the connectedness of all life. If we have the 27th Gene Key, or feel mysteriously drawn to it, then we’re fortunate. We’re a carer, a planetary healer.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways

Saturday, April 24th Gates of Taurus – Creative I Ching will begin at 11:00 am MST

Sunday, April 25th Moon Wisdom Creativity Gathering Moon Circles & Cosmic Smash Book

Gigi & Cookie, napping by the computer

I am learning so much about Social Media marketing, much has changed in technology and there is a lot of ground to cover, yet I am steady on track with my efforts. I think that my cats, Gigi and Cookie, think that the computer is another pet !

Cosmic Smash Booking is becoming quite popular ! A big shout out to its founder Catt Geller for sharing about the teachers of this fun and effective healing art form, my email list swelled and I still haven’t learned how to manage Mail Chimp !

Oh, one other note. Last night, I was, well, you know. I was scrolling on my Iphone…on Instagram there was this post…I clicked, I listened, I was captivated by this embodiment of loveliness. The voice and presence of Melody Gardot, a true instrument of Beauty.

I leave you with this charming video, listen twice…or more….

“If The Stars Were Mine”

Signed in Stardust,

Golden Keys

April days are so very beautiful, I am enjoying a sense of renewed warmth and keeping busy with creating courses ! Last Autumn a new cycle began in my world as I began to offer classes and now the Moon Wisdom / MoonCircles ™ monthly class is gaining popularity. .

Soon, I shall announce the next offering of this “Human Design – The Basics”. We journey thru the Human Design Bodygraph of the Self/Not Self, with one on one guidance, group interaction and creativity prompts.

All my work and offerings involve Intentional Creativity, from journal to canvas with a good dose of collaging in the round with JourneyCircles™ and Expressive Arts Integration including ( yes ! ) Cosmic Smashbooking. The nicest aspect of working with these approaches, is that No Experience is needed ! We simply begin where we are at.

I would like to invite you to join into an exploration around the Sacred Circle, the wheel which holds many codes.

Creative I Ching and the Nine Petal Path ~

This month: day one: Presentation day two: Merging with the Moon Wisdom Creativity Circle , time slots are scheduled for two hours .

Saturday, April 24th am MST ; we shall explore codes, symbols & stories embedded within the month of Taurus.

Play and explore with rising

Suggested Donation: $ 64.00

Sign up here:

Read more here:

Journey Circle™ story cards…

As the spring days lengthen and before we change signs. The new moon will be in Aries soon. I am contemplating this season of The Ram .

Within the Circles of Wisdom, code holders such as the I Ching, the Zodiac…and all matters of secret knowledge….there are also Mythic Codes, Story Codes…many under the guardianship of the patriarchy…which , as I understand is now gone. Yes, declare it conquered; gone.

How can that be ? Is the patriarchy really gone ? Let us imagine it so. As a speed boat leaves waters in its wake…so does the patriarchy leave a wake of reverberating patterns and stories. In years to come, let us integrate those changes tugging at the edges of our awareness venerate what needs veneration and create new sacred pathways, lay reclaim to nourishing habits and re-imagine our unfolding futures… now that is a funny phrase…re-imagine our unfolding future ?

Yes, our past often pulled into a recreation cycle creates our present, our Now…so lets ( if we are into it), lets re-imagine, reclaim, restore and renew. While I move forward, I enjoy looking I went to Ancient Greece to pull a story.

Here is a delightful rendition of Jason, Medea and the Golden Fleece.

My inquiry…what is the Golden Fleece to me ? I am not sure of my answer…just letting this percolate for a bit…if you watch the video you will see that a dragon is guarding this mystical hide…hmmm….

Signed in Stardust,