New Kind of Time

Wowza ~ it has been a new kind of Time and a new kind of Different. Firstly, prayers and compassion to all going thru various shades of change. Joy/Grief vibrating in the same moments almost in the same breath.

What is the Color of Love ? Our Cosmic Smash Booking community has pulled together a Valentine’s Day Hop for this coming Sunday, February 14th, the classes are our gift to you.

Even if you don’t have a Smash Book, come join us ~ grab some paper and coloring crayons , no experience needed ~

Here is the reminder sign up link for the group.

I’ve been creating more and more in my Cosmic Smash Book, I do have some classes coming up, the technology gremlins have me in their grip, so I am delayed in announcements.

The class Art of Living Your Design has been so much fun, this first wave of Human Design based classes blending Art as Process & Cosmic Smash Booking will be ongoing.

Would you like to be kept in the loop ? Please sign up for my NewsLetter , once the gremlins release me, I will be able to create with more ease.

Until then, Signed in Stardust ~

ps, I almost forgot ! Every day I am learning how to integrate these platform of website and social media ~ I have a website just for purchasing my art. Now that I am a stay at home for a long time lady, I have a chance to focus on bringing my work out into the world…that includes my art work too…there are a lot of playful products on this site that Fine Art America produces with my original images as well as art reproductions for your walls. Also, Greeting Cards are available , will be uploading fresh images soon ( yes, once the gremlins let me ) Hopefully, my Esty store will get linked in soon. In the meantime here is


As a young girl, I tried out for the balance beam…I wasn’t good at gymnastics, however, I could walk a balance beam. Seems that it is really necessary now to activate all of our balance beam skills.

My creative practice, from housekeeping to art making , is what gives my world structure and pleasure…hmmm, perhaps I could change the order of those words…pleasure and structure. Artistic processes bring me satisfaction, however the processes usually unfold as a sacred journey of trials along a winding pathway !

A few months ago I declared a to offer a class. As is the new way in conscious creating, you build the canoe as you are floating down the river….in this case, I am floating with a black swan, my canoe seems to be out for repairs.

As I was promoting my class in Living Your Design ~ The Basics to my groups, the desire and interest to actively create in a Cosmic Smashbook became a hot topic. So, now my LYD will be with Cosmic Smashbooking: Here is the copy I wrote for the event page, when I realized that Facebook changed their event policies…and now I have to go learn all that ! Adding a paddle or two to the canoe ~

In any case, here is the course description ~

Discover your 9 Centers thru Art and Inquiry of Cosmic Smashbooking, a unique approach of Intentional Creativity and self exploration applied to the Human Design System.

Embodiment thru knowledge and applied creative experience, grounds the Body, relaxes the Mind to move into the Flow of this New Age.

Classes Begin Saturday January 23 11:00 am MST scheduled for 9 weeks with class break on the week of February 20th

Class schedule will include: Visualization, Living Your Design presentation, Art Lab after presentation with room for sharing, questions and discussion. Plan for two hours.

Class Dates:

Jan 23rd, Jan 30th, Feb 6th;Feb 13th (Feb 20 no class )Feb 27th, Mar 6th, Mar 13th, March 20th Final Class.

Your journey into Human Design can be approached in a few ways. You can follow a straight path or meander. Whichever road you take, a wise navigator learns to read their map. Learning your Openness and where your conditioning is influenced reveals the legend to your Map.

We shall be working with the traditional IHDS LYD course .

No Art experience needed, I shall be guiding our group thru the process, step by step.

Click this link to register for the class via Paypal ~ Zoom links will be provided the week of the class.

Special Pricing for our time $ 150. (Course Price regularly $ 350 )

This is  9 week journey thru the Bodygraph of Human Design System, interactive with journaling processes for supportive integration.

We shall celebrate the Rave New Year in a free call on January 21st 11:00 am MST

This link it to the FREE Call, were we will hangout & introduce ourselves.

Payment plans available, please inquire.

email :

Classes Begin Saturday January 23 11:00 am MST scheduled for 9 weeks with class break on the week of Febru

Moon Wisdom Circle

Honoring this December’s Full Moon

When: Sunday Dec 27th

Zoom Registration:

Join in an hour of creative circle to discover energies within
this last Moon of 2020 will be in the nurturing sign of Cancer.

How will the Moon speak to you ?
Supplies needed:

To begin, cut out 6″ in circles to represent the Moon ( or any size round of your choice ) or use MoonCircles™card

Bring your collage materials, scissors, glue, images

This is a monthly complimentary offering , no fees.

Moon Wisdom FB page :

Time Zone Note:
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm PST

5:00 pm to 6:30 pm MST

She Would Become

She would stumble, trip and fall
that is how she would learn to walk a new path
She would scribble and scrawl

mix her words, make up new grammar,

even learn a little syntax;

one day… she would learn to write, to paint, to soar with the Muse
She would throw paint….finger paint….

scribble again and again;

one day She
would claim her Creative Self

         courageous, outrageous,stubborn

                   She would become
more of herself with each day, with each step, each scuffle,

brushstroke and mark


Contemplating the blanket of early morning snow as dawn kisses our southwest high desert mountains, it feels like this will be a long white winter. I often imagine my posts before I write them, waiting for inspiration to find me, which means sometimes that could be months or even years. Yet today, I feel an extension of Thanksgiving prayers, gratitude, and reflection.

This morning began with a good hot cup of coffee and reading Martin Shaw stories…which led to ordering a book…which led to being on Facebook…it is not even 7:00 am !

Yesterday, I moved bookcases into one room, shifting how I’m going to enter 2021 in my physical space, which we know is a shift from within the bodymind…rearranging furniture…a bit more clearing of clutter and poof, into the new days. Books represent history and friends for me, each holding memories, stories, knowledge. The day was spent in slow motion rediscovery with winter promises of deep time reading.

Let’s loop back to what was revealed to me so quickly this morning…and I shall add some links here for you too…

Heart wrenching article of 17th Century female artist Artemisia Gentileschi …..


Touching beauty of Andrea Bocelli…

Rhythmic prayer song of Ashana…

To end this post, my prayers to each of you , thank you for reading my blogs and signing up too along the way. Extended prayers for those in grief and loss, may our memories bring us succor and time bring us ease.

You are invited to join a creative Moon Wisdom circle this Sunday. It is a free event, the details are in the invitation link.

Onward ~