Flowing with Beauty 2011

This solar eclipse of  June 1st marks a new cycle while many endings of completion are also taking place.

Venus is currently in the 23rd Gene Key   while Mars is in the 2nd Gene Key

23rd Gene Key                                             2nd Gene Key

Siddhi of Quintessence                                Siddhi of Unity
Gift of Simplicity                                       Gift of Orientation                                                       Shadow of Complexity                            Shadow of Dislocation

Today the 23rd Gene Key is flavored by the 2nd Line  while     Mars in the 2nd Gene Keys flavored by the 3rd Line

Questions to contemplate today:

Where are you unaware of your complexities that twist in the shadows….what natural illuminations of Simplicity are peaking through the prisms of your inner crystalline light ?  Are you aware of the strength and maturation of the Gift of Orientation that Mars is bringing you with joy and laughter or are you shadow dancing in a field of dislocation unaware of the true qualities Beauty offers in Quintessence and Unity ?

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