Clinging Fire 8/2011

prompt: Create a soul poem, using the following words:

Clinging Fire, Longing, Radiance, Light, Desire, Rapture, Water, Fire, Release, Surrender, Harmony, Burning, Yearning, Balance

“The original meaning of Li is “radiance in all directions,’ “beauty” or “illumination”…The original Chinese character for beauty portrayed the eyes of a deer and represented the sun and the moon. Light from the sun and moon brightens the earth.

Because of this light, we are able to enjoy beauty. But beauty must cling to something: It cannot exist independently of an object. A tree is beautiful because of its form, the shape and color of its leaves and its fruit and flowers. 

On a practical level, this hexagram instructs humanity in the uses of brightness or mental illumination for the guidance of others.  When one cultivates brightness, once light will illuminate all directions. Those who receive brightness will also reflect it.  To perpetuate brightness is to radiate warmth in all of one’s actions”  from I Ching  Hua-Ching Ni

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