Pulses of Change 10/2011

We all know by now of the public call for social change .  Hopefully the heart warmth of our dreams will also enter the public arena, perhaps the 100th Monkey will tip the scales towards a more loving and equitable system.  Birthing something new, as we know, is usually messy business.

I have been very quiet about posting for several months, learning for myself how to navigate the mysterious transformational times in which I  find myself .  I am in deep water and not alone I am…with all of you. It is clear to me that I am still in the mists, yet more comfortable with the Mystery.

There certainly will be questions for us in days to come as the miraculous sometimes peculiar transitions of consciousness infuse our world as these changes are unprecedented.  

For several years I have been enchanted with a teaching called The Venus Sequence . Like the planet herself, the transmission appears to also have a cosmic rose pattern…the teaching disappears behind the Sun to re-emerge in her own timing. Shining bright as a morning star….disappearing from the sky….then reappearing as the Evening Star.

Patterns in our lives seem to run a similar orbit. Today I want to share the 55th Gene Key. For those new to the Gene Keys or for a refresher for the old timers.

The 55th Gene Key sets the stage for shifting the Shadow of Victimization to that of Freedom. 

Clicking this above link or the photo will take you to the original article by Richard Rudd on the 55th Gene Key

Pandora by Arthur Rackham

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