Awakening the Marrying Maiden


Stars of Aries: Hamal ; Sheratan; Mesarthim; 41 Arietis             Mythology: Golden Fleece

Human Design Gates of Aries:                                Gene Keys of Aries the Gifts

Pisces/Aries  25 Innocence                                      Acceptance        

Aries  17  Following                                                    Far-Sightedness

Aries  21  Biting Through                                           Authority

Aries 51  The Arousing                                               Initiative

Aries 42  Increase                                                       Detachment

Aries/Taurus 3  Difficulty at the Beginning            Innovation

Stars of AriesAt this phase of the journey several days, before the New Moon and the razamatazz of the Spring Vernal Equinox with the the Solar Eclipse, the influential electrical planet Uranus had just had its culminating rendezvous /ˈrändəˌvo͞o,ˈrändāˌvo͞o/ with Pluto. 

Uranus is informing the Gate of Awakening,  applying it’s reputation for spontaneously electrifying our consciousness and our nervous systems  to  Gate 51.1 which finds its natural home in the zodical sign of Aries and is already naturally agitated and bursting with life force.

My quest is to connect the Gene Keys with the Real Sky Constellations, in our real time of 2015. I have been on this quest for several years now, not quite satisfied with the current sets information. The sets of information being that of what has come before in terms of research and setting the context for Celestial inspiration. Naturally for this 5th Line, there is a story to be told here.

Many years ago I connected with a delightful Australian drumming woman, Morning Star. As I recall, she came to a pilgrimage in Santa Fe at our Venus Gate gathering. ( click the image for that site info).



I walked up the hill top above what used to be the Santa Fe Polo Field and there she was, her hips wrapped in kangaroo skin including tail and one of those Aussie hats. Her presence called to my heart. I had the pleasure of hosting her for a few days at my home. We pow wowed, hand stitched doe leather medicine pouches and in between the inhale and exhale of conversation she played the Peruvian flute….

we dreamed and shared our vision of DNA from the stars, knowing somehow there was more information, more imaginative dreaming. I shared with her my insight of the Gates and Keys…she shared her Star Charts with me….it was a serendipitous and sweet time.

source unknon

Song for Morning Star ~ source unknown

This reflection ties into what is happening now since Swan Deva in riding the tail of The Fishes this new moon cycle demanding that I pay attention to spontaneous insights and write, paint, express all that is coursing thru my mind.

Grief has revisited me also this past few weekends since the shift, many losses although mourned have risen up again from the deep caverns of my heart. Oddly, I was going to write more about the Marrying Maiden this morning, perhaps this will all tie together. The grief is actually coming out of my bones, somehow it made its way from my heart into my bones and now I will cry and croon over these bones.

Morning Star died a Shaman’s Death. A few weeks after our meeting, after she had touched many hearts in our Santa Fe community. Whilst in the woods she was struck by a falling tree and that was that. To this day I imagine her twinkling in the night sky, as brave hearted woman star.

My life is certainly a vision quest, I track and hunt knowledge compelled by an inner force beyond my understanding, I simply want to Know.  Consequently signs and wonders appear leading me into new directions adding more depth and layers to my gypsy skirts.

Gypsy and Tambourine ALois Han Schram c.1885

Gypsy and Tambourine
Alois Han Schram c.1885


noun: initiation; plural noun: initiations
  1. 1.
    the action of admitting someone into a secret or obscure society or group, typically with a ritual.
    “rituals of initiation”

                         Gene Key 51                  Siddhi:  ( magical powers )    Awakening  

                                                                 Gift        ( radiant genius )      Initiative

                                                                 Shadow  ( slower vibration )  Agitation

whilst Pluto is transforming and informing the Gate of Ambition in the guise of the

Marrying Maiden 54.1

Chinese Marriage

Chinese Marriage

                             Gene Key 54              Siddhi:  ( magical powers )   Ascension

                                                                  Gift        ( radiant genius )      Aspiration

                                                                  Shadow  ( slower vibration )  Greed

The First line, is the foundation line in the story-field of the I Ching / Gene Key/ Human Design. Perhaps these two planets have met up in their last loving tryst to compel us to connect to the  awakening aspiration of  our consciousness as a collective. Clearly the shadow of Greed and Agitation could use some transformation.

The story is not over as Pluto will be making way through the various “Lines” of the Marrying Maiden for several months. There will be a return to the 38th Gene Key for a bit, but then back to the new household of these times. The 38th represents, Struggle, Perseverance and Honor. From here it looks like we are transforming our Identity, personally and collectively thru not only the Shadows agitation, struggle, greed yet also at has is our radiant genius of Aspiration and Initiative. The good news is that we are at a new foundation point. It is essential that we recognize the pathway set by the First Line, the Marrying Maiden will have quite a journey in front of her as she enters her new household, the First Line is her first step. Spring has come refreshing and reigniting us as we awaken from our Winter Dreaming, leaving the cozy slumber of our nesting grounds.

Remember that if we are to create a new Myths for our species, for us individually as well, that we are here to write new stories, we can weave the wisdom of our past with the delight for our future, for Venus was born into our mythology as the Daughter of Heaven and Sea, the child of Uranus and Gaia.

The question may be asked, what is her relationship to the Marrying Maiden ? To the Ram ?  How is she influencing this band of time, your band of time,  from now until May, when she will reveal another face of the feminine ?  She was in the Gene Key of Innocence 3.4 full of heartfelt presence during the trysts between Uranus and Pluto then on the Spring Equinox of Light Balance, she made a fox trot thru Gene Key 51 for a few days to shift to a waltz thru the 27th Gene Key of Selflessness, naturally her dance card is full as she moves quickly thru her partners for as of today she is doing the cha cha on the horns of the bull in the feminine divine Gene Key 2 of Orientation.


How is the Divine Feminine Initiating You ? Which direction is she taking you ?

  In the importance of the times we are wise to acknowledge our ancestors, the ghosts and the blood from whence we have come in establishing the new identity that is will take for us to transform our world/community participation as we are made of stars and the intelligence of those stars flows thru the planetary bodies which then inform us. Whether real time sky or zodiacally symbolic, the energies are coming deep from within the planetary body of Gaia Sophia as well as from without, at this point I can only imagine and hold that deep Galactic Center is source point.

New Look 2015

     My Site has a new look

sometimes we need an update, I think they call it, re-branding or perhaps it is just like getting a

new dress, a re-do, a re-invention.

For several years now I have immersed myself in a transformational process (since when have I not…) but this one was new and different, since it has embraced paint and brush, pen and ink, in way that required a deeper set of attention.

Being a Pisces, a fish of mercurial nature, I have always naturally tracked the mystical and transformational realms, ever seeking to understand the contradictions and dualities that this earthly presence provides. Now, I don’t actually “know” that being a Mermaid of the starry realms has anything to do with it, but my Venus resides in the sparkling “Gaze of the Goatfish” while Queen of the Heavens also shines her light on me as a “Double Crowned Aquarius Venus Star”

I am certainly curious enough to keep pondering that information !

Yes, I seek Mystery….hunt Mystery as tho my breath depends on it…so now I am painting mystery and am slowly but surely creating programs for you to come and delve into the mystery with me.

As we each have an individual mystery to follow in this awakening time, it is my intent to offer some guidance as there is a wealth of treasure to still uncover.

Tonight I finally, came up with a plan…to paint our sacred geometry…our divine feminine geometry within various frameworks of Venus; Divine Cosmic Rose including The Venus Sequence and the Prime Gifts…now if I could only find the focus to get the process filmed and uploaded…this year it is happening. Perhaps this post is a challenge to myself and that is probably a good way to enter into the task at hand.

In the near future, more on Shiloh Sophia McCloud and the Intentional Creativity movement, more on sacred feminine geometry, more on Musing with the Moon….

Until next time ~


Taming Talent; Awakening Invincibility

Yummy synchronicities are lining up today with  Conscious Sun in 9th Gene Key bonded in play with the 16th Gene Key in Conscious Earth….mmmm, talent in the detail ” The Taming Power of the Small” 1….with a chance of pulling ones Self out of Inertia, into Invincibility…evoking sheer Determination ~ “Skills and Enthusiasm” 1 ~ The Shadow-light frequency of Indifference has the unseen opportunity to shift into its gift of Versatility as it reaches towards Invincibility.


Meanwhile on the holodeck ( sounds like holly hock )  of the Unconscious Self… pulses the beating heart drum of the 37th Gene Key (Unconscious Sun) to the 40th Gene Key ( Unconscious Earth)  with an unconscious activation of the channel of the 40-37 adding unknown elements of Willpower in a bond with the cycle of the emotional process of the Solar Plexus….may be experienced like a roller coaster ride…

Holly hock 1


The 37th Gene Key in its glory meets the day with Tenderness yet may cycle into the Shadow-light of Weakness, although it can hold steady in the Gift of Equality;  bonded with  the 40th Gene Key in the Stream of Community 2 the 40th Gene Key frequency may find itself strangled by Exhaustion ( consider the pull between “Aloneness/Deliverance”1 and  “Friendship/Family”1)  yet a shift of perspective can lead to Resolve, illuminated by the Siddhi of Divine Will.   These juxtapositions are at play today in the heavenly weather of our collective consciousness as neutrinos of intelligence from the stars of the way beyond stream through our Gaia Sophia and us as well.


…take up your Prime Gifts ( click here to obtain your profile)…create an imaginal overlay to contemplate the inter-relational dynamics of these time flows, keeping in mind that Uranus is in the 51st Gene Key…  collectively emanating the electrical current of Awakening…identified by the Shadow-light frequency of Agitation….evening out in the Gift of Initiative.


Radiant Dark

StarWomb of Light

we emanate our Frequencies

our mindful Hearts in sweet attention

can shift our perceptions, create new realities, even miraculous environments 

merging new understandings of the nature of feminine time



“And woo her with some spirit when she comes. Say that she rail; why, then, I’ll tell her plain, she sings as sweetly as a nightingail: Say that she frown; I’ll say she looks as clear As morning roses newly washt with dew: Say she be mute and will not speak a word; Then I’ll commend her volubility, And say she uttereth piercing eloquence: If she do bid me pack, I’ll give her thanks, As though she bid me stay by her a week: If she deny to be wed, I’ll crave the day When I shall ask the banns, and when be married.” 
― William ShakespeareThe Taming of the Shrew

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Kendall Sarah Scott

 I am the Red of the Night

The Virgin

Night’s Fire Light of Passion

Creative in the dancing flame of Ruby gems

Tickling, blood red tendrils of downy hairs at the nape of your neck

I am the Red Pause at dawn after the night’s sweat through Love and Fear

 I am the weaving Red Thread which gathers you in a journey of time/space

as you unwind solemn woundings of disbelief in your uncertain Heart 

I am  Red Heart Flame warming your  eyes open to the soft Truth of your suffering 

 I am Red Gentle that then soothes new awareness with a Soft Rose Kiss  

2012 Red Madonna Cantos kssred rose


footnote (1) human design keynote

footnote (2) integral human design


Dirt, Curves, Obsession

 And so it begins,

with the Muse of Spring calling us to transform our gardens, both internally and externally, as we integrate the emerging renaissance of the Divine Feminine and Healing Masculine ~ we won’t need to sacrifice our inner male this year…nor ignore our demanding and chaotic ever ~changing, always creating, Feminine Voice of the Muse as she rides the Bull.



Today’s celestial weather…most appealingly  ~ finds the Sun in the Venusian 2nd Gene Key, reflecting the light of the Earth basking in the neutrino field of the 1st Gene Key…it is a beautiful set of pillars to contemplate. Smack in the middle, the signet is set – creating the “Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx”  ~ home to the Manitou and The Lion.

 Pack your medicine bag in preparation to receive the dreaming of the Lion in the 7th GK  who may soon awaken, after a nap under a yum-yum tree, with illuminating divine guidance for the journey into Summer  initiated under the gaze of the goddess quest in the 13th GK.


Emile Friant "Woman with Lion"

Emile Friant
“Woman with Lion”


It all really starts with the dirt…orienting ourselves with the soil, honoring it’s make up, it’s needs….remembering to feed the soil, the Mother Earth, as we would also nourish ourselves….then come the curves…womanly curves, cloud curves…the curves of shovel….add the obsession to get it going….dig, toss, turn….to create the freshness of the Beauty Way with the radiant discernment of a master gardener who , indeed, experiences Empathy within Unity .


Garde bed