New Look 2015

     My Site has a new look

sometimes we need an update, I think they call it, re-branding or perhaps it is just like getting a

new dress, a re-do, a re-invention.

For several years now I have immersed myself in a transformational process (since when have I not…) but this one was new and different, since it has embraced paint and brush, pen and ink, in way that required a deeper set of attention.

Being a Pisces, a fish of mercurial nature, I have always naturally tracked the mystical and transformational realms, ever seeking to understand the contradictions and dualities that this earthly presence provides. Now, I don’t actually “know” that being a Mermaid of the starry realms has anything to do with it, but my Venus resides in the sparkling “Gaze of the Goatfish” while Queen of the Heavens also shines her light on me as a “Double Crowned Aquarius Venus Star”

I am certainly curious enough to keep pondering that information !

Yes, I seek Mystery….hunt Mystery as tho my breath depends on it…so now I am painting mystery and am slowly but surely creating programs for you to come and delve into the mystery with me.

As we each have an individual mystery to follow in this awakening time, it is my intent to offer some guidance as there is a wealth of treasure to still uncover.

Tonight I finally, came up with a plan…to paint our sacred geometry…our divine feminine geometry within various frameworks of Venus; Divine Cosmic Rose including The Venus Sequence and the Prime Gifts…now if I could only find the focus to get the process filmed and uploaded…this year it is happening. Perhaps this post is a challenge to myself and that is probably a good way to enter into the task at hand.

In the near future, more on Shiloh Sophia McCloud and the Intentional Creativity movement, more on sacred feminine geometry, more on Musing with the Moon….

Until next time ~


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