New Look 2015

     My Site has a new look

sometimes we need an update, I think they call it, re-branding or perhaps it is just like getting a

new dress, a re-do, a re-invention.

For several years now I have immersed myself in a transformational process (since when have I not…) but this one was new and different, since it has embraced paint and brush, pen and ink, in way that required a deeper set of attention.

Being a Pisces, a fish of mercurial nature, I have always naturally tracked the mystical and transformational realms, ever seeking to understand the contradictions and dualities that this earthly presence provides. Now, I don’t actually “know” that being a Mermaid of the starry realms has anything to do with it, but my Venus resides in the sparkling “Gaze of the Goatfish” while Queen of the Heavens also shines her light on me as a “Double Crowned Aquarius Venus Star”

I am certainly curious enough to keep pondering that information !

Yes, I seek Mystery….hunt Mystery as tho my breath depends on it…so now I am painting mystery and am slowly but surely creating programs for you to come and delve into the mystery with me.

As we each have an individual mystery to follow in this awakening time, it is my intent to offer some guidance as there is a wealth of treasure to still uncover.

Tonight I finally, came up with a plan…to paint our sacred geometry…our divine feminine geometry within various frameworks of Venus; Divine Cosmic Rose including The Venus Sequence and the Prime Gifts…now if I could only find the focus to get the process filmed and uploaded…this year it is happening. Perhaps this post is a challenge to myself and that is probably a good way to enter into the task at hand.

In the near future, more on Shiloh Sophia McCloud and the Intentional Creativity movement, more on sacred feminine geometry, more on Musing with the Moon….

Until next time ~


A Golden Path, Visionary Woman, Red Thread

Hi Dear Followers of Visionary Woman ~

It has been along time since my last post , I have struggle often times beginning posts with so much to say , then nothing to say. So I stopped, just like a stubborn mule, I stopped writing and sharing, but never stopped diving in this mysterious path called Life.

Now I am embracing a more artistic life, moving into another expression of myself as a visionary woman. A new site is evolving to weave Intentional Creativity with the Gene Keys ~ with a sense of passionate play visions are being called forth from the ethers waiting for me to pull them into reality.

I paint more now as a spiritual practice, create more altars ~ ponder more mysteries and sleep more deeply. The rains are creating a music tonight in the sweet August air of New Mexico ~

~ I will approach its evolution as a creative project not a final expression, as a very spontaneous being if I tried to actually finish it to be “ready” I will never ever get it together.

More sweet news in my world is that Richard Rudd, friend and mentor, has completed restructuring his site, so a new journey begins from the vantage point of the Gene Keys, The Golden Path.

Richard has begun a pilot Affiliate program which I am blessed to be included in at this stage of development click the butterfly.

guidingHands copy

I have found particular elements of the work to be exquisitely helpful on my own journey, these elements I call the Golden Keys which I am connecting to mystical element of  The Red Thread.

Richard has brilliantly fleshed out the language of the “Lines” which I refer to as the Golden Keys, these keys serve in unlocking dark and stuck places within our creative and emotional environments.

Over these months I have cultivated a creative process embracing these “Lines” to support us in the cycles of creative unfolding whether we are painting, drawing , writing or have a good old tussle with our shadow self.

( I have a name for the process too but where did I place that magical notebook full of mysterious revelations…hmmmm, have to wait until the reveal !)

My unfolding journey with the Gene Keys became challenging when I truly wished to find a way to open a portal for you to feel them without us getting so in our heads with it all and too intellectual , consequently I went on another journey…with another mentor, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, I have enjoyed several courses over the years ( simultaneously with Gene Keys) which naturally led this past year to the Certification program The Color of Woman, which then has led to The Red Thread Nation. The scope of the possible is breathtaking and heart expanding.

More later ~

With Abundant Blessings,


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