Dirt, Curves, Obsession

 And so it begins,

with the Muse of Spring calling us to transform our gardens, both internally and externally, as we integrate the emerging renaissance of the Divine Feminine and Healing Masculine ~ we won’t need to sacrifice our inner male this year…nor ignore our demanding and chaotic ever ~changing, always creating, Feminine Voice of the Muse as she rides the Bull.



Today’s celestial weather…most appealingly  ~ finds the Sun in the Venusian 2nd Gene Key, reflecting the light of the Earth basking in the neutrino field of the 1st Gene Key…it is a beautiful set of pillars to contemplate. Smack in the middle, the signet is set – creating the “Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx”  ~ home to the Manitou and The Lion.

 Pack your medicine bag in preparation to receive the dreaming of the Lion in the 7th GK  who may soon awaken, after a nap under a yum-yum tree, with illuminating divine guidance for the journey into Summer  initiated under the gaze of the goddess quest in the 13th GK.


Emile Friant "Woman with Lion"

Emile Friant
“Woman with Lion”


It all really starts with the dirt…orienting ourselves with the soil, honoring it’s make up, it’s needs….remembering to feed the soil, the Mother Earth, as we would also nourish ourselves….then come the curves…womanly curves, cloud curves…the curves of shovel….add the obsession to get it going….dig, toss, turn….to create the freshness of the Beauty Way with the radiant discernment of a master gardener who , indeed, experiences Empathy within Unity .


Garde bed











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