Pathways, Heartbeats & Silent Dark

I came home at the new time of dusk this early evening
angled light shining through my western window.
I sat, and waited.
The Sun went down, I didn’t turn on the lights. I just sat, feeling the pulse of the days vibrancy calming…the excitement of being a creative pours thru my bodyheart….half the time I don’t know what I am doing…half the time I know exactly…this digital world is so responsive, exciting , alarming.
So I sat in the dark, no keyboard, no voices…just my heartbeat.


I follow a path, in truth I follow several…actually the paths are mutli-dimensional…all my friends know this about me…my inner life is more complex than a 3 Dimensional Chess board…I like it this way. Truly, imagine gathering five 3-D Chessboards around me…now double them in height expand them a hundred fold…this is where I live on my inner plane, this is where I reach from to my outer reality…

Miranda and the Tempest 1916 J. W. Waterhouse

Miranda and the Tempest 1916 J. W. Waterhouse

I am often off in the cosmos of complexity…working to simplify…to communicate…this is the 5th Line element of my being…I weave my awareness through the fields of cutting edge of transformational languages~ ancient yet contemporary.

               I experiment.

                              I implement.

                                                  I explore.

                                I am a wave riderQuan Yin Red Dragon

We know better. I think that is the current shame of the world. We know better. We know better than to condone the unthinkable.

We know better than pretending that we don’t know any better.

Those in powerful position, with potent means, they know better too.

That is what the darkness says to me tonight. The soft black the holds my being in calm suspension.

Are we pretending not to know better ?


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