Pathways, Heartbeats & Silent Dark

I came home at the new time of dusk this early evening
angled light shining through my western window.
I sat, and waited.
The Sun went down, I didn’t turn on the lights. I just sat, feeling the pulse of the days vibrancy calming…the excitement of being a creative pours thru my bodyheart….half the time I don’t know what I am doing…half the time I know exactly…this digital world is so responsive, exciting , alarming.
So I sat in the dark, no keyboard, no voices…just my heartbeat.


I follow a path, in truth I follow several…actually the paths are mutli-dimensional…all my friends know this about me…my inner life is more complex than a 3 Dimensional Chess board…I like it this way. Truly, imagine gathering five 3-D Chessboards around me…now double them in height expand them a hundred fold…this is where I live on my inner plane, this is where I reach from to my outer reality…

Miranda and the Tempest 1916 J. W. Waterhouse

Miranda and the Tempest 1916 J. W. Waterhouse

I am often off in the cosmos of complexity…working to simplify…to communicate…this is the 5th Line element of my being…I weave my awareness through the fields of cutting edge of transformational languages~ ancient yet contemporary.

               I experiment.

                              I implement.

                                                  I explore.

                                I am a wave riderQuan Yin Red Dragon

We know better. I think that is the current shame of the world. We know better. We know better than to condone the unthinkable.

We know better than pretending that we don’t know any better.

Those in powerful position, with potent means, they know better too.

That is what the darkness says to me tonight. The soft black the holds my being in calm suspension.

Are we pretending not to know better ?



The 11th Gene Key and the 56th Gene Key are found in the human design, Channel of Curiosity  where they come to meet one another with electromagnetic wonderment.  The 11th resides within the pulsating birthing womb of galactic center protected by the mighty being of the Sagittarian Centaur. When the 11th rubs next to the 56th, the channel of curiosity comes alive thru a variety of qualities, which can be discovered as stories in the making.

One could well imagine that as shooting stars of ideas, epiphanies burst forth from the Great Mother, the Centaur effortlessly shoots arrows of light knowing into the starry skies, which then burst in a firework shower withing our imaginative potential.

With transformational intensity the Sun in Scorpio illuminates the intelligence of the 44th Gate

This season of so much planetary excitement, squares and challenge hold within gentle surprises of the Divine Feminine Love Light as Venus makes relationship through the Divine Light of the 11th Gene Key. With wise womb knowing, she meets with a Divine Masculine  guardian of exploration , the Centaur ~

Venus currently flirts with the Centaur Sagittarius in the 11th Gate

Venus Standing

Gate 11

Ideas / Peace

“A harmonic condition in the individual of society that permits assessment before renewed action”  Rave I Ching

The Channel of Curiosity 11-56

sagittarius12 Gate 56

Stimulation – The Wanderer

“The perpetuation of continuity through the linking of short term activity”  Rave I Ching

The Sun currently illuminates

Gate 44


Coming to Meet

“The Success of any interaction is based on the absence of any preconditions.”

                Rave I Ching

 Venus’ position in our early November night sky.

“Only one planet is easily visible at nightfall around the world in early November 2013: Venus. Venus beams mightily in the west at dusk, as seen from across the Earth. You can’t miss it. It sets roughly two-and-one-half-hours hours after sunset at mid-northern latitudes in early November, and close to three hours after the sun by the month’s end. Venus! It’s the beautiful “evening star.”

As posted by EarthSky


Shadow and Light

11th Gene Key                                        56th Gene Key

Siddhi  ~ Light                                       Siddhi  ~ Intoxication

Gift     ~   Idealism                                Gift      ~  Enrichment

Shadow ~ Obscurity                             Shadow ~ Distraction


La Luna ~ The Moon 2012

The Moon is reflecting the 16th Gene Key this Christmas ~ Crisp clear and glowing La Luna floats as a luminescent beacon in our winter sky.

Adj. luminescent – glowing, shining, fluorescent, radiant, luminous ~ emitting light not caused by heat.

The 16th Gene Key

Siddhi : Mastery

Gift: Versatility

Shadow: Indifference

The moon lends a reflective glow to our emotional patterns ~ skimming with her light our sacred water nature, gifting us today with the potentials of Versatility ,  sending moonbeams of light to shine on our talents encouraging involvement with the Divine Light of the Season.

Venus ~ Spring Equinox 2012

Tuning into ourselves to notice how we orbit our cosmos, inward to outward, our personal spaces extend to our outer communal reach. We bend, twist, flow or take a direct path into the various nooks, crannies and open spaces of our lives considering where we may add spaciousness.  

Venus, magnetizes ~ ponder ~ allow for the mystery of our individual / collective experience of what, who and how our essence is magnetizing our experiences. As our voices speak into the March winds of change, what radiance is being emitted into the atmosphere from our co-creative individual/collective thoughts and activities ?

The 2nd Gene Key is the most feminine of the 64. It resides in the G center, the higher self / direction / love chakra of the bodygraph. While the 24th resides in the Ajna, our third eye ~ with an openness into Knowing.

Venus is currently beaming her Evening Star energy in the 2nd Gene Key as she travels with Jupiter which is in the 24th Gene Key.    (click here to see here photos)

2nd Gene Key                                                                   24th Gene Key

Constellation:  Taurus                                                   Constellation: Taurus

Siddhi:                Unity                                                       Siddhi:               Silence

Gift:                      Orientation                                           Gift:                    Invention

Shadow:             Dislocation                                            Shadow:            Addiction

This season of the Annunciation beams angelic messages as heavenly lightwaves, The Mother and The Son ~ Isis/Horus.  Beloved of the Mother, the Lover ~ we seek our own connection with our inner flame, light of our Soul, beloved connection to the cosmos balancing in our beings Heaven and Earth.

Shadow diving leads us into the areas of Dislocation, the spurned, the Addicted, spinning out of control , gobbling resources, compromising Values stuck in the lower vibrations of grey density.

Yet the gift of the Springtime ~ as  Gaia nourishes the land ~  Orients our Inventiveness whilst naturally orchestrating  bursting springtime sprouts, leaves and blossoms, giving us a chance to Orient ourselves with Inventive  impulse to forward our highest purposes  in a blend of unconditional Love and insightful awareness across the threshold into Unity and Silence.

"Romeo and Juliet" Dicksee

~ Soft Days of Being ~ 2012

Occasionally we find ourselves in a soft day of Being ~ a day wherein the ebb and flow of our thoughts  soften to find sweetness in Being, suggesting that we might consider that Being~ness is higher that Doing ~ to beg the question would we ever “Do something that would compromise our Being,  indeed sacrifice our Being for Doing. “ quoting Hawaiian wisdom

Sometimes these types of days may translate only as moments of fleeting insightful observation within the scope of our awareness, yet as we breathe more deeply, time may embrace us in an experience of elongated thought or timelessness.

This week the 19th Hexagram, the Gate, the I Ching….is illuminated by the Sun. It is a Gate that resides in the constellation of  Aquarius and finds its earthly home in the Root Chakra.  In the bodygraph the 19th links as a channel to the 49th Gate, yet its programming partner is 33rd gate , which resides in the constellation of Leo.  Describing and understanding the 19th Gene Key / Gate is a bit difficult.  It feels quite cool, yet  full of passion hinting at the promise of relationship. 

In the Gene Key perspective the Shadow  is  Co-Dependence; the Gift – Sensitivity ; the Siddhi – Sacrifice.  Surely, as a culture we are quite familiar with Co-Dependence, but are we Sensitive ? Do we understand the healing or positive nature of Sacrifice ? Do we have the courage to identify and elevate the Shadow ?

The Rave I Ching (Ra Uru Hu) identifies this Gate as Wanting/Approach – ” That all things are interrelated is apparent and manifested through the action of approach.”

  Line 1 – Interdependance ; Line 2 – Service ; Line 3-Dedication; Line 4-The Team Player; Line 5-Sacrifice;Line 6-The Recluse

The Classic I Ching , refers to this hexagram as Advancing.

One might consider in the lower frequency the entangling nature of enmeshment / co-dependence .  While also considering the subsequent costs in relationship when there is a lack of mutuality,  one might also consider ones Wanting…in all matters of relating and interaction.

Now, what could all of this mean to the qualities of Beingness ? We can only look into our hearts to determine how we interrelate, are we pulsing with the Shadow of Co-dependence ? Are we illuminated by  Gifts of Sensitivity ; are we Wanting….are we Approaching…what is Wanting us ? What needs are present , how are we connecting , through distortion or clarity ?

Some of us carry these lines as definition in our charts, those of us who don’t carry the lines are subject to being “informed” or “conditioned” by the lines. As ever,  an opportunity lies in  contemplation and observation, the more intriguing the question, perhaps, mores the mystery that lies therein. 

As we endeavor to “raise” our awareness, the underbelly of the shadow may bite our sweet selves in a challenge which reminds us that we often times  inadvertently trap ourselves within delusions of  perfection,  finding ourselves innocently trapped in the shadow of co-dependence…. at that tender moment it may be best to recall that a breath of forgiving acknowledgement, may  perhaps “Advance” our “Sensitivity” allowing for direct self honesty in our navigation of this gate of perception.

Miranda and the Tempest 1916 J. W. Waterhouse