The 11th Gene Key and the 56th Gene Key are found in the human design, Channel of Curiosity  where they come to meet one another with electromagnetic wonderment.  The 11th resides within the pulsating birthing womb of galactic center protected by the mighty being of the Sagittarian Centaur. When the 11th rubs next to the 56th, the channel of curiosity comes alive thru a variety of qualities, which can be discovered as stories in the making.

One could well imagine that as shooting stars of ideas, epiphanies burst forth from the Great Mother, the Centaur effortlessly shoots arrows of light knowing into the starry skies, which then burst in a firework shower withing our imaginative potential.

With transformational intensity the Sun in Scorpio illuminates the intelligence of the 44th Gate

This season of so much planetary excitement, squares and challenge hold within gentle surprises of the Divine Feminine Love Light as Venus makes relationship through the Divine Light of the 11th Gene Key. With wise womb knowing, she meets with a Divine Masculine  guardian of exploration , the Centaur ~

Venus currently flirts with the Centaur Sagittarius in the 11th Gate

Venus Standing

Gate 11

Ideas / Peace

“A harmonic condition in the individual of society that permits assessment before renewed action”  Rave I Ching

The Channel of Curiosity 11-56

sagittarius12 Gate 56

Stimulation – The Wanderer

“The perpetuation of continuity through the linking of short term activity”  Rave I Ching

The Sun currently illuminates

Gate 44


Coming to Meet

“The Success of any interaction is based on the absence of any preconditions.”

                Rave I Ching

 Venus’ position in our early November night sky.

“Only one planet is easily visible at nightfall around the world in early November 2013: Venus. Venus beams mightily in the west at dusk, as seen from across the Earth. You can’t miss it. It sets roughly two-and-one-half-hours hours after sunset at mid-northern latitudes in early November, and close to three hours after the sun by the month’s end. Venus! It’s the beautiful “evening star.”

As posted by EarthSky


Shadow and Light

11th Gene Key                                        56th Gene Key

Siddhi  ~ Light                                       Siddhi  ~ Intoxication

Gift     ~   Idealism                                Gift      ~  Enrichment

Shadow ~ Obscurity                             Shadow ~ Distraction


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