Venus ~ Spring Equinox 2012

Tuning into ourselves to notice how we orbit our cosmos, inward to outward, our personal spaces extend to our outer communal reach. We bend, twist, flow or take a direct path into the various nooks, crannies and open spaces of our lives considering where we may add spaciousness.  

Venus, magnetizes ~ ponder ~ allow for the mystery of our individual / collective experience of what, who and how our essence is magnetizing our experiences. As our voices speak into the March winds of change, what radiance is being emitted into the atmosphere from our co-creative individual/collective thoughts and activities ?

The 2nd Gene Key is the most feminine of the 64. It resides in the G center, the higher self / direction / love chakra of the bodygraph. While the 24th resides in the Ajna, our third eye ~ with an openness into Knowing.

Venus is currently beaming her Evening Star energy in the 2nd Gene Key as she travels with Jupiter which is in the 24th Gene Key.    (click here to see here photos)

2nd Gene Key                                                                   24th Gene Key

Constellation:  Taurus                                                   Constellation: Taurus

Siddhi:                Unity                                                       Siddhi:               Silence

Gift:                      Orientation                                           Gift:                    Invention

Shadow:             Dislocation                                            Shadow:            Addiction

This season of the Annunciation beams angelic messages as heavenly lightwaves, The Mother and The Son ~ Isis/Horus.  Beloved of the Mother, the Lover ~ we seek our own connection with our inner flame, light of our Soul, beloved connection to the cosmos balancing in our beings Heaven and Earth.

Shadow diving leads us into the areas of Dislocation, the spurned, the Addicted, spinning out of control , gobbling resources, compromising Values stuck in the lower vibrations of grey density.

Yet the gift of the Springtime ~ as  Gaia nourishes the land ~  Orients our Inventiveness whilst naturally orchestrating  bursting springtime sprouts, leaves and blossoms, giving us a chance to Orient ourselves with Inventive  impulse to forward our highest purposes  in a blend of unconditional Love and insightful awareness across the threshold into Unity and Silence.

"Romeo and Juliet" Dicksee

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