Inner Weather

I am forever surprised at how my inner weather moves. Not feeling very poetic these last few weeks, feeling , well not quite stuck, but in a calm, a quiet calm, yet, not really…an inner storm ? Occasionally. Indifference ? Sometimes. Kind of like…well, waiting for my Muse to return from Safari. Her Safari would be a visual one, a painterly one.

June has never been an easy month for me, feeling the Summer’s seasonal shift has been historically uncomfortable. Do you relate to your inner shifts with the changes within Nature too ? Is there a month that is just , different in tone and presence ?

For a few weeks this month ( until the 20th) I am exploring the element of Air as it relates to the obvious shifts in natural air flow movement as well as the metaphoric. Wind, breezes, gales….tornados….stifled air… all the while taking that Air element into conscious consideration , allowing Air to support my mental activities, noticing my stop and go patterns.

Words travel upon the Air. Over the Air Waves….planes ….now that is an idea….Planes are lifted into the Air as if by Magic. Then we get to Magic Carpets…

Something did happen…something always is happening. Someone else’s magic carpet delivered a gift, this gift was full of surprise. The surprise is requiring some integration by me, and here I am feeling abandoned by my Muse.

We Intentional Creativity devotees follow our Muses very very closely, in fact, our Muses more often than not are the ones who have taken control of our lives. However, when she goes on Safari, it takes some effort to call her back.

My favorite audible book this month is “Smoke Hole” by Dr. Martin Shaw; Smoke, another Air quality, something that become within it…very mysterious from wood to Air to ash. He narrates the most beautiful rendition of “The Handless Maiden” that I have ever heard. I wept. Several moons ago, I painted my Handless Maiden.

And like the Air that moves , swirls and plays, so do my words and thoughts. How to summon my Muse this June ?

As a creative with an intention of Devotion to Art as a Sacred Practice, I challenge myself to keep showing up. I notice the threads of many coded keys of Being tugging at my consciousness. The Shadow Keys of Inertia and Indifference , for instance…

A willingness to be awkward with my writing may call the Muse back. A willingness to continue to step into the next moment , may call her back. Even if she doesn’t return as I wish, I am still Cosmic Smash Booking today.

Here is the link if you would like to join me;

Releasing Your Genius

I am going to be Releasing My Genius onto the page, transforming my Air Shadows, honoring awkwardness.

ps: there is an evening session tonight too….Smash the Shadows….Release Your Genius ~

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