Discovering Frida along the Creative Path

Along the Creative Path, Artists meander, linger, emulate, learn, express….stumble, discover, reveal , complete…and repeat.

This Friday Evening July 2nd, Celebrating Frida event ( Free ) and on Saturday, July 3rd, a painting workshop delivered in two sessions. You will discover that creating in two sessions activates and inspires more of the Muse !

Thru the month of July, you are invited to join me energetically and sometimes online in the discovery of iconic energies that we find along the Creative Path. This month I am following the spirited icon known as Frida Kahlo.

To prepare for the journey ~

Suggestions :

Go wild and google Frida Kahlo , find her images, photos and paintings on Pinterest too !

Over these next few days, attune yourself to your environment, to see what shows up…what synchronicities are aligned with the discovery of yourself with Frida ?

Prepare an inspirational Altar for your Creative Self and Frida.

Begin a visual and written journal dedicated to this month.

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