Touch the Heart

Each Morning I awaken with many thoughts or lyrics singing across my mind. Does this happen for you ? These past months the songs activate memories, whether long ago or the recent past. This Summer I am most grateful for the return of songbirds. A family of finches has made their home in hanging lanterns on my porch, even when the sun’s hot heat is beaming on them, they rest and pause during the afternoons. Their morning song merge with my imaginal songs as the day begins.

I discovered an abandoned birdbath in the backyard and relocated it to the front, where now the birds can play and drink more easily. My cats, Gigi & Cookie observe the birds quite closely as if they are watching tv screen. The weeping willow across the street was removed last week, it stood there so courageous in its nakedness this year, it had died during the winter…now that it is gone, I marvel that it was even there…I miss her swaying branches of sparkling leaves.

Still in shock over the massive changes that we are collectively experiencing, these simple pleasures of birdsong and memorable soundtracks bring comfort. As stepping into each day feels, well, different.

This week I am contemplating 31st Hexagram. The 31st Hexagram is called Mutual Attraction. If I usually have an idea when I start my explorations into the rabbit hole that is the I Ching/Gene Keys/Human Design archetypal world, that I “know” what I am choosing to study, I soon discover that….

No, I don’t .

If I approach with beginners mind I will find that I will be surprised.

According to Master Huang-Ching Ni: Guidance of the 31

Guidance: ” Mutual Attraction brings joyful love. One will benefit by being upright and persistent. Marriage brings good fortune” Lake is above Mountain, Mountain is the youngest son of Nature. Lake is the youngest daughter. Therefore mutual attraction of love occurs naturally. Lake represents Gentleness. Mountain represents strength and firmness” Lake’s movement is downward and Mountains is ascending. They meet in a movement of Communion, while each retains their natural characteristics” he goes on to say ” The ancient sages called this interaction “to touch the heart”

The Lines of this Hexagram resonate to our forms:

“Good Fortune will result from remaining centered”

Line One: “Attraction begins at the toes

Line Two: “Attraction reaches the calf: disturbing, Now is the time to remain calm”

Line Three: “Attraction reaches the thigh. One who is too anxious and responds quickly meets trouble”

Line Four: “Attraction reached the heart. A correct response occurs and remorse disappears.”

Line Five: “Attraction reaches the upper back. Neither response nor trouble”

Line Six: ” Attraction reached the mouth. Conversation is brought about.”

Now this journey leads me to the Gene Keys, where the Gift of the 31st Key ( Hexagram) is called Leadership, truthfully, I am not to clear on how the Mountain and the Lake meet here in the ” Key of Sounding Your Inner Truth” within exploration of this Gene Key. What I am imagining within, is that the flow of receptivity between strength and gentleness takes us to a place of ebb and flow, give and take. Human Design identifies this as a Gate, the Gate of Leading. Shall we lead with our hearts ? Shall we lead with our Minds ? How shall we balance the two ?

I began to this blog post with a title, Feminine Leadership., perhaps, it still is…”Feminine Leadership to Touch the Heart”. I enjoy exploring and contemplating Wisdom teachings across time to find, discover, rediscover my truths and to jog my thinking.

You are welcome to join me this Saturday as I visually explore these questions in my Cosmic Smash Book

Creative Contemplation on July 24th

Come to the Story Community :

Stardust Blessings,

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