When I was young, if I can recall that far back, I think that I thought all was possible. The world was full of magical wonder, my parents were larger than life…my story as I learned later was even larger than life, for me anyway.

My Mom was pure enchantment. There are more story lines wrapped around her aura and mine, those are for another time. I recall how much she enjoyed the material world…books, books, books, dresses, fine china, good furniture. excellent design and Art.

I was about 9 years old when she got me my first calendar book which featured many masters, Picasso, Monet, Degas, Kandinsky… I wanted to be one of them…from that age. When I was even younger, she brought me all sorts of language books…I also wanted to be multi lingual….

Seated Harlequin Picasso Metropolitan Museum of Art

In school, 1967 we learned a bit about drawing, I recall collaging Veruschuka…her image had been on Life Magazine…..( mom adored magazines ) I cut the image in half and drew her in pencil on the other side…Perhaps as any curious 10 year old does…I moved on into Brownies , Girl Scouts…etc… When I tried to draw again…I couldn’t make anything look real. Every attempt was abstract and bizarre…

And the story continues, Art, Art Making, developing confidence, continuing exploration, mistake making…Art History, trying to find Women in the Arts, which now is much easier than in 1970’s….

This weekend in my Moon Wisdom group, we gathered in Circle, talked story, shared , drew animal totem cards and laughed, cried and created. In my personal creative practice, I am in a course exploring Lost Child Archetypes. I was having trouble coaxing them into presence…collage is the medium used as well… as I am the hostess of the Moon Wisdom Circle…I am present for all 6 hours of creating…this devotion builds focus as I create more pages…asked more questions…guess what, a Lost Child revealed herself…the one that enjoys water, Summer and fun even as her older self reaches for rungs on the ladder.

I discovered the quilting genius of artist Crisar Bono

Our gifts of art and wisdom inspire one another…the times are more than interesting..may your gifts be shared widely and your devotion to your passions continue.

Blue Flowers by Kendall Sarah Scott©2021

Stardust Blessings,

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