Creative Changes…

Collectively we have been tightrope walking.

There I said it, we pray for change; it does come, although change seems to be guided by the hands of Nature and Folly, perhaps the Fates really do exist. I am praying for good changes. Am grieving for the difficult changes. The tightrope of duality is more than obvious these days.

So….sigh. This is what I am doing …I am creating gatherings, creating altars and prayers. Adapting better selfcare practices and reinventing my environment. I am also guiding and teaching classes which brings my heart so much joy and lightness, while also grappling with my cranky ornery side. ( as in “some hogs are just mean and ornery”)

This weeks schedule:

Thursday, April 22 ” Reveal Your Genius” Cosmic Smash Book class , this week’s theme “Gifts of Caring”

We are going to activate our “Planetary Healer”

“The 27th Gift has many insights for us. It is a profound and magical Gene Key. The most important Gift it brings is this unselfish attitude that comes from knowing the connectedness of all life. If we have the 27th Gene Key, or feel mysteriously drawn to it, then we’re fortunate. We’re a carer, a planetary healer.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways

Saturday, April 24th Gates of Taurus – Creative I Ching will begin at 11:00 am MST

Sunday, April 25th Moon Wisdom Creativity Gathering Moon Circles & Cosmic Smash Book

Gigi & Cookie, napping by the computer

I am learning so much about Social Media marketing, much has changed in technology and there is a lot of ground to cover, yet I am steady on track with my efforts. I think that my cats, Gigi and Cookie, think that the computer is another pet !

Cosmic Smash Booking is becoming quite popular ! A big shout out to its founder Catt Geller for sharing about the teachers of this fun and effective healing art form, my email list swelled and I still haven’t learned how to manage Mail Chimp !

Oh, one other note. Last night, I was, well, you know. I was scrolling on my Iphone…on Instagram there was this post…I clicked, I listened, I was captivated by this embodiment of loveliness. The voice and presence of Melody Gardot, a true instrument of Beauty.

I leave you with this charming video, listen twice…or more….

“If The Stars Were Mine”

Signed in Stardust,

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