How does today’s artist have the opportunity to stretch beyond their limitations ? Take my website for instance. It began as a vanity site for me to voice my thoughts regarding my various interests, then it became an endeavor in braiding those interests into the visual world, now , as with the seasons, my site continues to refresh and reorient itself to take itself into the marketplace.

Am I the captain of my ship ?

Where does our creative self meet the page and the circle ? At home, we meet the circle of our family…(in my case, my cats) Now, that we have been home alone for a bit, many of us very much isolated, what inner circle did we meet inside the home of our Soul ? Some of us lost our jobs, our community of colleagues ( I did ) . All of us have lost friends to the end of life, or softly said “over the rainbow bridge”. I can only guess at the pressured changes for those who were outside the home, creating homelike circles within their working areas, such as our healthcare providers and all the supporting retail staff a the markets and cafes.

How do we come back from all of this under turning ? Can we give ourselves and our communities the time we need to rebalance and regenerate from the ever churning belly of change ?

I had thought that I would pour myself into artmaking, such as actually at the canvas. Instead my focus went into riding the waves of 2020 in daily surprise, resting quite a bit and exploring the next steps. I did consistently work in my watercolor journals and my comic smash books. There also seemed to be endless amounts of time and uncertainty. Seasons continued to shift , the earth continued to rotate , now I am in an active unfolding of so much dreaming that my schedule is almost out of control.

As an artists we can stretch even further to gather circles in our virtual neighborhoods. Making art doesn’t require perfectionism or judgement…getting to the page with color & crayon, moves our energy, helps the body and soul. Writing doesn’t have to be exquisite…although I do wish that I could turn a phrase like Martin Shaw !

Artwork on this page is that of Kendall Sarah Scott ©2021

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