Golden Keys

April days are so very beautiful, I am enjoying a sense of renewed warmth and keeping busy with creating courses ! Last Autumn a new cycle began in my world as I began to offer classes and now the Moon Wisdom / MoonCircles ™ monthly class is gaining popularity. .

Soon, I shall announce the next offering of this “Human Design – The Basics”. We journey thru the Human Design Bodygraph of the Self/Not Self, with one on one guidance, group interaction and creativity prompts.

All my work and offerings involve Intentional Creativity, from journal to canvas with a good dose of collaging in the round with JourneyCircles™ and Expressive Arts Integration including ( yes ! ) Cosmic Smashbooking. The nicest aspect of working with these approaches, is that No Experience is needed ! We simply begin where we are at.

I would like to invite you to join into an exploration around the Sacred Circle, the wheel which holds many codes.

Creative I Ching and the Nine Petal Path ~

This month: day one: Presentation day two: Merging with the Moon Wisdom Creativity Circle , time slots are scheduled for two hours .

Saturday, April 24th am MST ; we shall explore codes, symbols & stories embedded within the month of Taurus.

Play and explore with rising

Suggested Donation: $ 64.00

Sign up here:

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Journey Circle™ story cards…

As the spring days lengthen and before we change signs. The new moon will be in Aries soon. I am contemplating this season of The Ram .

Within the Circles of Wisdom, code holders such as the I Ching, the Zodiac…and all matters of secret knowledge….there are also Mythic Codes, Story Codes…many under the guardianship of the patriarchy…which , as I understand is now gone. Yes, declare it conquered; gone.

How can that be ? Is the patriarchy really gone ? Let us imagine it so. As a speed boat leaves waters in its wake…so does the patriarchy leave a wake of reverberating patterns and stories. In years to come, let us integrate those changes tugging at the edges of our awareness venerate what needs veneration and create new sacred pathways, lay reclaim to nourishing habits and re-imagine our unfolding futures… now that is a funny phrase…re-imagine our unfolding future ?

Yes, our past often pulled into a recreation cycle creates our present, our Now…so lets ( if we are into it), lets re-imagine, reclaim, restore and renew. While I move forward, I enjoy looking I went to Ancient Greece to pull a story.

Here is a delightful rendition of Jason, Medea and the Golden Fleece.

My inquiry…what is the Golden Fleece to me ? I am not sure of my answer…just letting this percolate for a bit…if you watch the video you will see that a dragon is guarding this mystical hide…hmmm….

Signed in Stardust,

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