Wind, Ships, Sails, perhaps futuristic Airships too ?

How do we navigate now ? 2021 is well underway with more mystery and wonder into new ways of being.

We deepen into our personal themes of practice, whether they be sitting in stillness, reorganizing our households, establishing / continuing / expanding an inquiry or creative practice. Many of us are multi tasking, embodying several new frameworks of self expression. We will know more next year, when we reflect back as we create in the now.

I read a new piece of information this past week ( I paraphrase here and this is how I took the information in ) basically due to the way the light is measured, the dance between the Sun and the Moon happens in such a way that we see it 8 minutes after the fact…so we are seeing all time into the past… such a two step that life is, moving forward , projecting on ward, reflecting back.

Art supports a sense of visual record keeping as well as serving as a method for moving our stories, our emotions and memories. I think this allows for more “space” in our bodies ( our emotions too !) , more openness for us to breathe into.

These past months I began teaching / guiding a Living Your Design group, with inquires and discussions of what is a 9 Centered Being, what are the details, the hows and why that matters and how we integrate that awareness into our lives. Many moons ago, I called this the Path of the Nine Petals; that is how I saw it then, a lotus unfolding, the petals connected , each of us flowering into our unique ways of being.

Here is a link to our next step: The Creative I Ching ~

Monthly Moon Wisdom Creative Circle Free Cosmic Smashbooking/MoonCircles ™ gathers Sunday March 28th 3:00 to 4:30 PST

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A new round of The Art of Living Your Design will be posted soon, I think they will be taught in several smaller modules , please sign up for my newsletter for announcements.

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