~ Soft Days of Being ~ 2012

Occasionally we find ourselves in a soft day of Being ~ a day wherein the ebb and flow of our thoughts  soften to find sweetness in Being, suggesting that we might consider that Being~ness is higher that Doing ~ to beg the question would we ever “Do something that would compromise our Being,  indeed sacrifice our Being for Doing. “ quoting Hawaiian wisdom

Sometimes these types of days may translate only as moments of fleeting insightful observation within the scope of our awareness, yet as we breathe more deeply, time may embrace us in an experience of elongated thought or timelessness.

This week the 19th Hexagram, the Gate, the I Ching….is illuminated by the Sun. It is a Gate that resides in the constellation of  Aquarius and finds its earthly home in the Root Chakra.  In the bodygraph the 19th links as a channel to the 49th Gate, yet its programming partner is 33rd gate , which resides in the constellation of Leo.  Describing and understanding the 19th Gene Key / Gate is a bit difficult.  It feels quite cool, yet  full of passion hinting at the promise of relationship. 

In the Gene Key perspective the Shadow  is  Co-Dependence; the Gift – Sensitivity ; the Siddhi – Sacrifice.  Surely, as a culture we are quite familiar with Co-Dependence, but are we Sensitive ? Do we understand the healing or positive nature of Sacrifice ? Do we have the courage to identify and elevate the Shadow ?

The Rave I Ching (Ra Uru Hu) identifies this Gate as Wanting/Approach – ” That all things are interrelated is apparent and manifested through the action of approach.”

  Line 1 – Interdependance ; Line 2 – Service ; Line 3-Dedication; Line 4-The Team Player; Line 5-Sacrifice;Line 6-The Recluse

The Classic I Ching , refers to this hexagram as Advancing.

One might consider in the lower frequency the entangling nature of enmeshment / co-dependence .  While also considering the subsequent costs in relationship when there is a lack of mutuality,  one might also consider ones Wanting…in all matters of relating and interaction.

Now, what could all of this mean to the qualities of Beingness ? We can only look into our hearts to determine how we interrelate, are we pulsing with the Shadow of Co-dependence ? Are we illuminated by  Gifts of Sensitivity ; are we Wanting….are we Approaching…what is Wanting us ? What needs are present , how are we connecting , through distortion or clarity ?

Some of us carry these lines as definition in our charts, those of us who don’t carry the lines are subject to being “informed” or “conditioned” by the lines. As ever,  an opportunity lies in  contemplation and observation, the more intriguing the question, perhaps, mores the mystery that lies therein. 

As we endeavor to “raise” our awareness, the underbelly of the shadow may bite our sweet selves in a challenge which reminds us that we often times  inadvertently trap ourselves within delusions of  perfection,  finding ourselves innocently trapped in the shadow of co-dependence…. at that tender moment it may be best to recall that a breath of forgiving acknowledgement, may  perhaps “Advance” our “Sensitivity” allowing for direct self honesty in our navigation of this gate of perception.

Miranda and the Tempest 1916 J. W. Waterhouse

One thought on “~ Soft Days of Being ~ 2012

  1. Dear Kendall,
    I loved your writings on the l9th Gene Key and it’s meaningful relationships, which brings new depth of slowing down time to BE even while do ing.
    Thank You for your Being!

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